San diego zoo meet the pandas

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san diego zoo meet the pandas

Prized San Diego Zoo panda mom Bai Yun has given birth to her fifth cub, the zoo announced Bai Yun and Gao Gao meet only a couple of days a year. Here's your chance to visit our giant panda viewing area before it officially opens for the day! This new, small-group tour starts before the Zoo opens, so you can. However, as cute as Burley is (particularly when he decides to grunt at the crowd) , it's the real bears I've come to see this morning: pandas. San.

The San Diego Zoo has always had a strong history when it comes to animal welfare, being one of the first to set up open enclosures that mimicked the animal's natural environment and emphasised enrichment activities.

san diego zoo meet the pandas

Today, the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research supports over conservation field projects in 35 countries. Success stories include the pandas, but also the California condors breeding program, which helped bring the population back from just 22 wild birds in the s to birds in As much as the zoo is involved in conservation, it is also a refuge. Piling out of our buggy, we drive through the zoo and take the back door into the Conrad Prebys Elephant Care Centre, part of the Elephant Odyssey exhibit that opened in Grazing out in the paddock is one of San Diego Zoo's quieter success stories.

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Mila, an African elephant, faced an uncertain fate after crushing her keeper in a tragic accident in New Zealand. She was flown to Los Angeles and given a second chance at the Zoo, where she has settled in with her new companions.

Advertisement In many respects the care centre is almost like a retirement village for elephants.

Giant Panda cub thriving at San Diego Zoo

We view the quarantine and medical rooms set up for elephant procedures, and visit the most important room in the building, the elephant kitchen. Inside, popcorn makers, industrial tubs of beet pulp, oversized jars of peanut butter and boxes of pineapple and cucumber are stacked below a list of what each elephant eats.

san diego zoo meet the pandas

Wednesday, zoo spokeswoman Jenny Mehlow said. A second fetus had been detected, but Mehlow said it was probably absorbed in the mother's uterus. The pink panda newborn weighed about 4 ounces and is about the size of a stick of butter.

san diego zoo meet the pandas

Its gender won't be known for about a month, Mehlow said, and it won't get a name for days, in line with Chinese tradition. Mom and cub will lead private lives for the next four months or so, but they will appear on the zoo's live Panda Cam, which can be watched online.

San Diego Zoo: Koalafornia and Early Morning with the Pandas

Bai Yun, who weighs about pounds, was born in a breeding center in China and arrived in San Diego in The zoo announced just last week that Bai Yun was pregnant, based on ultrasound tests. The father is longtime consort Gao Gao, who has fathered three of Bai Yun's other cubs. The number of cubs makes the pair one of the most reproductively successful panda couples ever in captivity.

san diego zoo meet the pandas

Pandas are notoriously poor breeders — one reason their species is endangered — and females have only three days a year in which they can conceive.