What chapter does naruto meet the tailed beasts

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When naruto vs tobi (Obito Uchiha) in the fourth ninja war. Naruto and Gaara wouldn't want anyone capturing the tailed beasts and would free them Do Shukaku and Gaara meet up and talk at times, they have some of Naruto and Kurama's chakra when he shared it with the army. Tailed beasts are some of the most powerful creatures in the Naruto universe. broken in battle, one to A, and the other during the fight against Ten-Tails. His tentacles grow back when they are cut off, the discarded bits can.

A long sleeveled jacket and pants, and long black boots.

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Also, it seemed like he had some kind of big tattoo over his nose and cheeks. He was sitting with his eyes closed on a rock beside the pond. Then, the last one… He couldn't tell exactly how old he was.

The only thing he knew was that he was enormous, more than 6'6'' and that he couldn't see anything but his brown eyes. Everything else was covered by either cloth or some kind of red armour, and… Was that a chimney on his back? It let out smoke… He was standing with his eyes closed and his arms crossed, leaning against a tree, also near the pond. He swallowed even more.

He was so nervous. But it seemed that they had noticed his arrival, or maybe they had heard him swallow. All he knew was that the old man had opened his eyes and focused his gaze on him. He raised one of his hands and waved it weakly. They began to walk towards the centre of the courtyard. He instinctively approached them as well.

The Hokage had told him that the camp's 'supervisors' were going to be the two grown ups of their group.

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The two's stares immediately focused on him, since he was the first one who had approached them. You're the host, after all. Now, gather around, children.

Everyone obeyed, some more slowly than the others.

what chapter does naruto meet the tailed beasts

The last one to reach the group was the kid with the dark skin, who had to use some willpower to stop writing things on his handbook. When they were all gathered around him, the man started observing all of them one by one.

Just a little reminder of the rules, then we will begin the introductions. His voice came out a bit muffled, obviously. But it was clear and strong. We won't ask you anything that you will not want to let us know. We'll be fine with a name and the number of your tails. It was a metal plaque… From a forehead protector, Naruto recognized. I am a ninja from Iwa. I host the four tails. Only that my demon has five tails. He then used his eyes to look around the younger ones around him.

He flashed them one of his better grins. I'm from Konoha, and… I have the Kyuubi. Your demon is nutz! The dark skinned boy. Holding his right hand out with index and pinky fingers stretched. Naruto was the one to comment everyone's thoughts, more or less. Noticing the attention, the dark skinned boy continued. I'm the Killer Bee! Eight are my tails, from Kumo I hail! My name is Yugito. And I house the two tailed beast. The two boys were staring at them both, the one with pink eyes a bit more absent minded… Or better, he seemed unfocused, even if his gaze was fixed on them.

The older one decided to talk first. My name is Utakata. I have the six tailed beast. He houses the three tailed beast. Feeling everyone's attention on him he smiled nervously.

I'm the Kazekage's son. I have… The Ichibi. The young girl… Who a few moments before had started reading again the little book she had put away. Suddenly feeling silence around her, she lifted her gaze from the pages. I wanted to know how it continued…" She said, laughing while rubbing the back of her head, embarrassed.

She closed the book and put it back in some kind of weapon pouch. She clapped her hands and bowed. I host the seven tailed beast! I come from Takigakure! It's nice to meet you all! Try to learn all the names in these ten days. After all, some of you will stay here for six years. He slightly patted his own head. I forgot to say. This camp is for non genins only. So, that means that you will our guest this year only, Kirabi.

Nude of Ben Stiller! But they really didn't have that great of an effect. Mostly because most of them didn't know what a 'buzz', a 'filler' and 'Ben Stiller' were. Roshi just shrugged them off. After that, lunch… And then we'll talk about our 'training sessions' that we will do all together. But before that… You've been split up into little groups for the barracks.

He coughed a little embarrassed. So… Hmmm… First barrack: Nine, One and Three. We just knew your ages and gender, you know…" "Ah. Then, you two are with me! Gaara smiled weakly, while the younger boy just stared immobile.

what chapter does naruto meet the tailed beasts

But suddenly, he turned his head to Utakata, who nodded to him. He turned his head back around and began to walk to the barrack, surprising Naruto a little. She got caught again. She then turned to Yugito and extended her hand for her to shake, only to find that the kumo student was already on her way to their barrack.

Your acquaintance is welcome to me! Shacked together we will be! Or at least, he should maybe just save it up for battles. It was a fine damn way to annoy enemies, but in social relationships… Utakata didn't seem fazed at all, though.

He just bowed politely in acknowledgement. When all the younger ones were gone from sight and earshot, the two Jinchuuriki from Iwa began to talk again. What do you think of them? It was a custom of him to always ask for a more experienced one's opinion first, in case he could have it.

Roshi 'hmmm'ed before answering. Yagura just opened for him right after. Seems like it, but… Tsuchikage-sama was right about that other thing. But even if it is true, I don't think he himself knows about it. Otherwise, give his personality, he would have boosted about it… What do you think about the other children's attitudes? What you'd expect from ninjas from Kiri… Even if they're just kids. It will take some time… The two from Kumo…" Han sighed at that.

The Kazekage's son…" Han stopped when he managed to get a glimpse of the boy he was talking about closing the door of the barrack. Even more than a normal children of that age. And finally, the girl from Takigakure… She seems pretty normal, but she could just be faking it… Really good, if that's the case. Also, I'm curious about her obsession about that book. He just put the tobacco into the rectangular slit and rolled it into a perfect cylinder.

He then put it to his mouth… In a few seconds, smoke started to leak out of his closed mouth. He took the hand-made cigar out of his mouth and blew out smoke. She put another cover on it…" -Breakline- "So… You're from… Ehm… I know you're from another villages, but I don't know which ones…" We'll let slide Naruto's grammatical error and focus on the fact that he talking with Gaara and Yagura, asking them about their homes.

Yagura was watching something out of the window near his bed, while Gaara was sitting in front of Naruto on his own, still clutching his teddy. He decided to speak first, though. Naruto's mouth opened in a 'Ohhh'. What's your village like? Is it full of sand? The only sand I've ever seen is the one in the playground…" Gaara seemed a bit fazed by Naruto's cheerfulness, but he quickly composed himself. The redhead chuckled a bit at that. The mountain is basically a big circular wall.

Was he deliberately ignoring him or what? He hopped on his bed and crawled to him to the window. Just what the hell are you staring at?

He just kept on staring out of the window. Naruto puffed out his cheeks and then followed the boy's gaze… Finding out that he was staring at a flower, again. There was a single, big, yellow flower just out of the window, behind the barrack. He was staring at it with such intensity… "The flower? Mostly because he didn't understand the reason of such interest.

He turned to Yagura to see him nod slightly. So, he labelled the small silver-haired child as totally nuts. He turned to Gaara again. He wanted to play with him? But his father had said… Naruto noticed his really surprised stare. Naruto blinked at that… And then came something to his mind. They were all like him, in that place… And maybe, because of that, they had gone through the same things as him. Gaara began to tremble a little.

At that Gaara's eyes widened and looked up at Naruto again. What he did was unintentional, but he knew that it was caused by how people treated him. So, why did they still upset him so much if they knew he would freak out? That sounded… "Stupid… Yes…" "Yeah!

Now that I know that you can hurt him, I'm so not going to upset you! Gaara looked up at him and smiled, taking it, blushing a little. Let's go out and play! Most of the time in her village she trained. She knew that many villagers feared her, but she had learned years before to simply ignore them.

She focused on what she was supposed to do. Becoming one of the strongest ninjas in the village, just training all the time… So, he didn't really had a hobby or anything like that. They had given them some time before lunch to get acquainted with the place, they said. But the problem was that she didn't know how to invest it, since she had already explored the whole settlement right after she had arrived. So… The blonde's eyes fell upon her roommate, who had done nothing but read that book she seemed so engrossed with.

She decided that she might as well make a little… 'Small talk'. She turned around to face Yugito, still not completely sure that she had really interrupted her. She found the blonde staring at her, waiting for a response. She blushed and laughed a little. Yugito had noticed that the orange-eyed girl had showed a high level of focus while reading that book. She would never admit it, but she seemed to be able to focus even better than she could.

The book had another cover over the original one, a hard, orange one. She couldn't see the title. It's my favourite book! Yugito didn't voice her thoughts, since she reasoned that insulting something she liked so much wasn't exactly a good idea. She had guessed that much.

Unknown to Yugito, she had never had anyone to talk with about her favourite book. Yugito waved her hand in front of her. I wouldn't want to steal your source of. I have two copies! Same hard cover, same weight, same number of pages.

The kumo jinchuuriki slowly took a hold of it. And Yugito had the feeling she had just put herself into something… Weird. So, what's it like, in your country? You bite the dust much? Because he just couldn't understand what Kirabi had just said him. He thought about it for a few seconds, it seemed, before finally closing his mouth. Where you raised like that or what? Utakata seemed to think about the reply for a little while, before answering.

My village isn't know for its liberality, after all. He knew the infamous nickname of the hidden mist, 'bloody mist'. He could just imagine how worthy of that name the place was. Kumo was no joke when it came to training ninjas, but from what he heard about Kiri, most of the ninjas in that place were downright psychotic. While he thought about it, he saw the black haired boy pick something from his backpack. It looked like… No, it was a pipe. He just brought the tip of the long thing to his mouth and started puffing into it… Only for bubbles to come out of it.

It's an exercise I do daily. What kind of exercise it was to make soap bubbles with… No, wait a minute. He could feel some chakra coming from the little things that were floating into the air in front of him.

And not just any kind of chakra. It was… "Does it have to do with the powers of your 'guest'? Another rhyme had just surfaced in his mind. Naruto had seen some tables like those ones in picnic areas. Table and bench fused together.

How cool was that? He had even been delighted when he found that half of his lunch was made out of bowls of ramen. His cry of the name of his favourite food had actually brought out of hiding the two ANBU from Kiri, just to discover that the supposed enemy 'with a food's codename' was, in fact, food.

Tailed Beast Mode!!

And even the usually silent Han had to stay agape at the amount of food the boy had managed to put in his stomach. Jinchuuriki had higher metabolism than normal people and needed to eat more, yes, but he was ridiculous. And the thing was probably a bottomless pit or something, looking at how it wasn't even swelled.

The others had already finished their smaller meal or were about to finish it and that said all on its eating speed as well. Since they were all together in one place and at ease he thought they could start with the first lesson. He had already thought of a metaphor too. He breathed in and out deeply. He hid it well. But not well enough. They had decided that it would be Yashamaru to tell him because he had also been the one appointed to take care of him and as such, the person closer to him.

The same goes for Kirabi. It seemed that when they were together, Utakata took upon himself the task of talking for the both of them. That meant a very young age. He turned to Fu who for once wasn't reading… Even if the book was still open on the table. The only one left was Naruto. He took a few seconds before answering truthfully. So, it didn't really count. He relaxed and the sighed. The Sarutobi in my memories wasn't this stupid… "Alright.

Judging from the feeling of your chakra and from what you've told me, I can understand who has already been 'trained' in complying with their guests and who hasn't. But believe me…" He aspired some smoke from the handmade cigar he had just made before puffing it out in little clouds of smoke in various shapes. Your villages' teachers have just stories, theories and suppositions to go by.

We both have years of experience. As in, they each have a different personality and things the like and dislike. As in, there are opponents who are able to go toe to toe against us even without possessing the power of a tailed beast. What good does the Bijuu's power do us? The more the tails the more the chakra they give out.

So that means… That the niibi is like, second to last in regards of chakra? But, as Han was saying, that's just one aspect. In the ninja world, it's not always the one with the most chakra who comes out as the winner of a fight. Even the sharpest blade is useless in the hands of a fool. Well, for example, my bijuu gave me… We could call it a unique Kekkei Genkai of the elemental kind.

You haven't even started the academy. They are not 'techniques' per se, since they can't be thought. They are something that comes with blood. Following us so far? Super cool power that you had to be born with. There are certain bloodlines that make the user able to mix two of these elements to create a completely new one. And finally, the last thing… There are two ways of using the bijuu's chakra. It was a habit which he obeyed to very often, it seemed. You should note that the 'strengthening effect' of the bijuu chakra is superior to that of normal chakra.

He had seen that coming, since they had been probably trained just in the first way, to that moment. You all start at one tail, and the more 'tails' of power you add the more powerful you become.

Thinking about it again… "… But there are risks with this method. Otherwise me and Han would always use it. Our body can only take so much before it becomes harmful. That means that Yagura, Gaara and Yugito aren't ever going to be faced with that kind of predicament. For all the others… From the fourth tail onward, you start tapping in the beast's real power. But at a price, since it starts damaging your body.

My suggestion is, in case you're facing a strong enemy and you need to power up, you can go with tries till the third tail… If you see that it's not enough, don't go through each of the other ones. It still wasn't over? These ones will always try to take over your conscious self and substitute it with their own.

And the more you tap into their power, the more you will lose yourself. There could the chance you can never go back in control ever again. People able to suppress a bijuu's power are rare. Take your time to think about what you've learned today.

He turned to face Naruto and nodded to him to signal to him to talk. Roshi rubbed his sore nose while thinking that the boy was probably the first Jinchuuriki in history who had not been trained in ninja arts since young days. But after all, that was the first time someone ever managed to seal the Kyuubi. As in, as much as the others knew, he wasn't there.

They had been observing the activities during the first day of the camp. The Shukaku's protection is… Less effective, here, if not absent. In a place without sand like this… It's doubtful he will put up much resistance.

It was doubtful that the ones from Kiri would do anything if they didn't target one of their own weapons. The two containers from Iwa had the responsibility of their younger counterparts, it was certain that they would jump in at any sign of danger. They would help as well.

A relatively strong one would force at least the ANBU to get away. In different directions, so that they are forced to split up and leave the camp to intercept them. They will not risk to bring the fight near the camp.

After all, I was supposed to do the job alone. After all it would raise suspicions if you weren't there fighting the summonings as well. You should maybe go one each with the two Jinchuuriki, to hinder them… And it's not like I would need any help to take care of the child. His name says all. As long as he's surrounded by sand… He's protected. But without sand…" He crushed the piece of humus in his hands, sending drops of it flying everywhere.

I think on the seventh day… After all these days of tranquillity, they will be calmer and more relaxed… They will be more likely to jump into the trap. We will use these days to slowly prepare the summonings. Make sure to do so on your guard strolls. After all, children weren't supposed to wake up at 6 am. The tiredness from being woken up at that hour didn't spare anyone.

So, before having breakfast, we'll do a little stroll in the surrounding forest. Let's say… An hour or so. Oh, come on… Why?

Your guests will give you power and abilities, but it will up to you how to use them. That means that you still will have to train your own body and chakra. A daily morning run will do good to your resistance and heart and lung capacity. So, get moving, boys. Han was already outside. He would watch on their stroll along with the various ANBU.

They had contacted them and agreed to help with their training. They had been notified of the track they would follow so to better guard it.

Ichibi (One-Tail)

The young ones followed Roshi's pace. It was a steady one, but not tiring at all. They could follow it with relative ease.

Of course, the one with the most problems in following it were the younger ones. From Fu to Yagura through Naruto and Gaara. But even them were keeping up. We'll change our pace.

They had arrived in front of a rather large clearing… No, it was more like a road made in the forest. With a good eye, one could easily notice that it had been created just recently. She felt a bit ridiculous. After twenty minutes of that, everyone in the group had at least deepened their breath. In the end they arrived upon a smaller, round clearing. In the middle of it, seven different stones were sitting, some bigger than the others.

Roshi pointed at them with one of his hands. I wrote your name on it. It was quite heavy, but not as much as that she couldn't hold it in her hands. The others felt the same while raising their own ones. The bigger one got picked up by Kirabi, the smaller one by Yagura, of course. Roshi had started hopping forward, going back in the direction they had come from. Stopping and hopping on its place, he turned to them again. If you don't go all the way back like this, you get no breakfast.

And we will not sit down and eat till everyone is back at the camp. Hopping while carrying around that stone in his hands was downright a torture. If coming from the camp while doing zigzag through the trees had fatigued them and took around thirty minutes, he was fairly sure that they had been at that for almost an hour. The first to distance himself from the group was Kirabi, being the oldest and physically strongest one of the group.

He was then followed by Utakata and then Yugito, who despite not having the same muscular tone of the first two, was still older than them. They finally could see the gate, and the only ones left were him and Gaara, who were 'hopping' side by side. Fu was in front of them, and Yagura behind. That man… Is… A sappist… Or something… "Nnngh…" Fu really felt the need to drop unconscious right there… But every time she felt like stopping, her favourite book came to her mind.

The gutsy ninja would not give up, so she would neither.

what chapter does naruto meet the tailed beasts

And the sight of the gates a 50 meters in front of her gave her the spurt she needed. She hurried up her hopping movement, and in another few seconds, she was behind the gates, inside the camp. She finally could let the stone fall to the ground and fall beside it, her whole body finally free to ache.

Now lay down there for as long as you like. Kirabi had returned to a normal heartbeat rate and breathing speed few minutes after stopping. As I figured… He has the most resistance out of them. Now, three more to go… He turned in the direction of the three remaining boys. He shared his thoughts, but he so was not going to show it.

We're almost done… Focus… On jumping…" Suddenly, a rather loud 'Thud' coming from behind them got the attention of the two Jinchuuriki. They stopped and turned around to find a heavily sweating and panting Yagura a few meters behind them, collapsed on the ground, over his stone.

I foresaw that it could happen. After all, he's only four… Oh, well. If we don't all go back, we can't eat breakfast! The blonde had went back to Yagura and put his stone to the ground. Then, he picked up the younger child and put him on his back, making him join his hands around his neck and locking the silver-haired child's legs around his body with his own arms.

Then, he kneeled down… And tried to lift both of their rocks. He was struggling to get them up. Roshi was the most shocked of everyone there. It had really surprised him, the boy's action. But most of all… "Naruto… You know that this is against the rules…" "S-Shut up! He's exhausted, old man! I'll just…" He struggled… And the rocks started to come off from the ground.

I'll… Just… Hop there… With him on my shoulders…" He basically screamed while he finally managed to raise the two rocks.

what chapter does naruto meet the tailed beasts

Physically, he knew that the boy shouldn't have ever been able to do something like that. And the livid colour of his arms told him he was right. You just got one try.

Otherwise, you'll really have to hop till here. With a shout, he started running forward, trying to cover all the 50 meters left in one try. Instinctively, the other Jinchuurikis behind the gates moved away, because they could see that he was already falling forward. He began to fall down right in front of the 'goal'. The very instant he crossed the line of the gates he let the rocks fall down, cue to him tripping and flying forward, basically, landing harshly on his face.

Everyone stared, surprised by the feat that Naruto had just accomplished, even if they could feel his really heavy pants. But Roshi was even more surprised than anyone around. Han shared his thoughts from the trees.

That boy… Just what level of stamina does he possess? Was the shared thought. Roshi's training was hard enough, but what he had just done was supposed to have spent him, he should have been wheezing, gasping for air… But he was just really fatiguated. Roshi had the suspect that the reason Naruto couldn't get up from his face down position wasn't because of the lack of energy, but because of the pain in his muscles.

Naruto panted a little more. Naruto managed to turn to his left side to look at the small child, who was staring at him. Yagura usually didn't bother to speak more than one or two words, and people's names… He barely used them.

Seemed like he had managed to get some ideas about new rhymes. Roshi snorted while the red-haired child started hopping as fast as he could, while he thought of a little idea that had come to his mind by watching Naruto.

Why not make them do all that while carrying something on their backs? He just had to find a suitable object… -Breakline- After Gaara had finished as well, they all sat down at the table in the middle of the camp, and like Roshi had foresaw, his one and Han's one were the only sets of jaws that ate normally.

All the younger ones were eating like there was no tomorrow. Gaara and Naruto risked a couple of times of suffocating.

And after finishing eating breakfast, we'll go to the nearby stream to catch some fishes. You will always have to catch your own lunch's main dish. Hosts of the One Tail tend to suffer from insomnia, getting large dark circles around their eyes. They also may become emotionally unstable. It looks like this bijuu is made of mounds of sand, with a single large tail. It is able to control several elemental chakra such as wind and earth, and can use them either offensively by spitting out projectiles, or defensively by covering itself in an impenetrable layer of sand.

He refers to himself as ore or ore-sama. According to Gama-kichi, his personality is "funky" and warlike. This bijuu has a longstanding rivalry with Kurama, the Nine tails, who he calls "stupid fox," because of Shukaku's theory that the number of tails determines the amount of power the beasts have. While he hates almost all humans, he liked Bunpuku because he treated him with respect and never blamed him. Shukaku also eventually warms up to Gaara.

As the only tailed beast not to have given Naruto a portion of his chakra while sealed in the Six Paths of Pain, Gaara had to pull him out himself. Ryoko Shiraishi Most Recent Jinchuuriki: It possesses immense speed, and can use and lend the ability to use Fire Release. Despite its power, this bijuu is quite refined and polite, referring to itself as watashi a more feminine, courteous word.

Yugito dies from being separated from her tailed beast. Despite its large size, Isobu is able to swim or roll at high speeds.

It controls Water Release, and can release a hallucinogenic mist, as well as create large shockwaves and tidal waves. This bijuu's armor is nearly impenetrable, and its one weakness is its eyes. Isobu's first known jinchuuriki was Rin Nohara, Kakashi 's teammate. In a plan to sabotage the Hidden Leaf Village, the Hidden Mist Village sealed Isobu inside Rin, hoping she would lose control of it and destroy the village. Rin opts to take her own life with the help of Kakashi, and Isobu is sealed inside Yagura, who establishes a partnership with it.

Son Gokuu Voice Actor: Hiroki Yasumoto Most Recent Jinchuuriki: He uses ore to refer to himself. Son Gokuu hates humans, but tends to like those that treat the bijuu with respect. He himself is also respectful to his fellow tailed beasts. He seems to have great knowledge of taijutsu physical attacksas well as Fire and Earth combined to make Lava Releases.

While at first belligerent, he warms up to Naruto after talking to him and discovering that he is a straightforward, good person. He offers Naruto some of his chakra. Mie Sonozaki Most Recent Jinchuuriki: This bijuu combines Fire and Water to use Boil Release.

Kokuou can also increase the heat of its chakra itself, giving itself or its jinchuuriki massive bursts of power and speed. Kokuou was the only tailed beast to be able to at least temporarily break free from Tobi.

After the war, it isolates itself in the forest to avoid more conflict. Miyu Irino Most Recent Jinchuuriki: It seems to be quite kind, although not much is known about it. This bijuu can expel sticky slime or corrosive gasses during combat. Saiken kills Utakata's teacher Harusame after Harusame tries to extract Saiken from Utakata's body in an attempt to save Utakata.

This move would have killed both Saiken and Utakata. Utakata dies anyways after Saiken is extracted from him by the Akatsuki. Kenichi Suzumura Most Recent Jinchuuriki: