What date did the breakfast club meet for detention

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Although The Breakfast Club was released in February , the 20 Facts About 'The Breakfast Club' In Honor of the 30th Anniversary of That Fateful Day in Detention The writer asked to meet with Estevez and some of the other kids . During filming, Gleason kept away a bit and when he wanted to. Five high school students meet in Saturday detention and discover how they have a "The Breakfast Club" Paul Gleason, director John Hughes Molly Ringwald in .. own glory days when we thought that life was BS, and that we had it tough. Since “The Breakfast Club” was shot on a closed set, it required a lot of lighting. “But a friend of John's from another school had a detention class called 'The Breakfast Club,' so Everything clicked into place when Burch and her team saw footage . What 25 Celebrities Wore To Meet The QueenDelish.

Say the word, just say the word. Instead of goin' to prison, you'll come here. I'm doin' society a favor. That's another one right now. I've got you for the rest of your natural born life if you don't watch your step!

You want another one?! You got another one right there! That's another one, pal! Not even close, bud! You got one more right there. You really think I give a shit? How many is that? That's seven including one when we first came in and you asked Mr. Vernon here whether Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet. Excuse me, sir, it's 7. For two months, I gotcha. Oh, I'm sure that's exactly what you want these people to believe.

You know somethin', Bender?

You oughta spend a little more time trying to do something with yourself and a little less time trying to impress people. You might be better off. I'm going to be right outside those doors. The next time I have to come in here, [John mouths what Vernon says] I'm crackin' skulls.

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How does one become a janitor? You wanna be a janitor? No, I just want to know how one becomes a janitor. Because, you see, Andrew here is very interested in pursuing a career in the custodial arts. You guys think I'm just some untouchable peasant? But following a broom around after shitheads like you for the last eight years, I've learned a couple of things. I look through your letters. I look through your lockers. I listen to your conversations: I am the eyes and ears of this institution, my friends.

what date did the breakfast club meet for detention

Well, Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch; all the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry, Mr. Here's my impression of life at Big Bri's house: Say, how would like to go fishing this weekend? But I got homework to do. You can do it on the boat! All right, what about your family? Retarded, big mouth, know-it-all asshole jerk! Go fix me a turkey pot pie! Is that for real? HuffPost Entertainment spoke to casting director Jackie Burch along with costume designer Marilyn Vance and director of photography Tom Del Ruth about what went on behind the scenes when they worked with the five high schoolers from most iconic detention session of all time.

It got so hot on the upper level of the set that cast and crew would often fall asleep and pass out in the heat. Since "The Breakfast Club" was shot on a closed set, it required a lot of lighting. According to Del Ruth, that meant the upstairs portion of the library where most of the cast and crew would wait between scenes was sometimes 95 or even degrees.

They'd start snoring," Del Ruth said. We had to hire two additional assistant directors to just work the second floor and keep the crew awake so they wouldn't snore and ruin the sound takes.

The title was originally going to be "The Lunch Bunch. Molly Ringwald fought to play Allison, even though she was cast as Claire. As Burch tells it, Hughes knew he wanted Ringwald for the part of Claire from the start, but Ringwald wasn't convinced she was right for the role.

I think it would have ruined the movie. I thought that was ridiculous.

what date did the breakfast club meet for detention

Molly Ringwald had a lot of influence over John Hughes once production started, and may have gotten one actress let go. Ringwald was very much Hughes' muse during that period in the mid-'80s, and he respected her opinion on and off set. Behind the scenes, Molly had John's ear. Judd Nelson stayed in character and taunted the rest of the cast. He was so rude to Molly Ringwald on set that he was threatened with being fired.

As Burch tells it, Nelson was simply trying to stay in character. Some of these kids were minors. But Molly had John's ear, you know. They were very upset that Judd was taking it too far. There was worry on set that the cast didn't include enough big names.

Themes[ edit ] The main theme of the film is the constant struggle of the American teenager to be understood, by adults and by themselves. It explores the pressure put on teenagers to fit into their own realms of high school social constructs, as well as the lofty expectations of their parents, teachers, and other authority figures.

On the surface, the students have little in common with each other. However, as the day rolls on, they eventually bond over a common disdain for the aforementioned issues of peer pressure and parental expectations.

Once the obvious stereotypes are broken down, the characters "empathize with each other's struggles, dismiss some of the inaccuracies of their first impressions, and discover that they are more similar than different".

Vernon, is not portrayed in a positive light. He consistently talks down to the students and flaunts his authority throughout the film. Bender is the only one who stands up to Vernon.