Davenport iowa swap meet motorcycle parts

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davenport iowa swap meet motorcycle parts

Motorcycles fill Q-C for swap meet Fall National at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport. to find parts for bikes, everything.” Now I'm looking for some parts that I need for my bikes,” he said. Copyright The Quad City Times, E 3rd St. Davenport, IA | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. Its located in Davenport, Iowa, at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, and its home to hard to find parts and some of the rarest vintage bikes in the world. Coker. The fast-arriving Labor Day weekend marks Iowa's biggest antique Motorcycle swap meets and held at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport. motorcycles, a dirt track for vintage racing at its best, a parts swap.

We left at 9: We later learned that quite a few people stake out in the parking lot Wednesday evening and rush in for the best pickings the first thing Thursday morning.

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After searching a while for a camping spot, we ended up staking our tents out in the field, fairly far from all the action. The Vintage Bike Show In addition to vendors swapping and selling, scattered throughout the fairgrounds are tons of vintage and antique bikes to view.

The Vintage Bike Show top competition was in an enclosed building, some-what like a large warehouse. We were pretty much hooked on spending most of our time strolling and looking at all the vintage bike eye candy and kibitzing with owners and restorers. Three of the original Indian Scout bikes used by the Wrecking Crew were on loan and displayed throughout the evening.

Machine Gun Willie, the band that played the music for the movie soundtrack performed.

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Phooey for missing that opportunity! It was elected the Iowa Tourism Out-standing Attraction inwith over motorcycles and years of memorabilia on display. We stopped by, but we got there at 9: Friday for dinner, we found a good Mexican restaurant in Davenport, minus the margaritas, darn it, but we had best make it back to the fairgrounds safely.

The swap meet rally has changed over the years.

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The meet is also different in that rather than all weekend with Saturday being the main day, Thursday and Friday are the two main days for viewing and vendors. Some people begin packing up even on Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon, half the people and vendors have left. That is a bit strange, being as vendors came from as far away as California and Canada. Do you own other antique motorcycles?

I have old Indians, some complete and some parts bikes.

davenport iowa swap meet motorcycle parts

Do you come to Davenport every year? Pretty much every year.

davenport iowa swap meet motorcycle parts

I enjoy the whole thing—the people, the bikes, the parts, the races. To me, these are the best flat track races in the country. They even have classes for board track bikes and hand-shift bikes. The people here are like a big extended family. You really have a terrific bike here. Thanks for telling us about it. Through the courtesy of Matt George, I was admitted to the pits to shoot photos and talk to the riders.

A classic Ducati racer was ridden by an old friend from my high school days, Doug Stewart, who now lives in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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Watching these wonderful old Harleys, Triumphs, BSAs, Bultacos, and the like roar down the straights and slide through the turns, sometimes separated by inches, is almost like traveling back in time.

The riders are a bit older now, but just as crazy.

Davenport Iowa, Antique Motorcycles Swap Meet, 2014, part 2

The classes include c. Even without the other great Davenport attractions, these races would be worth the trip.