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ends meet farm chester ny map

Alstede Farms Location: 1 Alstede Farms Lane Chester, NJ Alstede Farms is located in historic Directions - Google Maps We're just minutes from Routes 80, 78 and and only one hour's drive from New York City. PLEASE NOTE: Courtesy Coach is available from the end of May to the end of October. New York State Route 22 (NY 22) is a north–south state highway that parallels the eastern The exceptions are its southern end in the heavily populated Bronx and New York City watershed in the northern suburbs of the city, to dairy farms After leaving Eastchester, NY 22 continues north into the village of Scarsdale. Interactive map of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Chester County (Chesco) is a county in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the census, . of the county's economy, and the number of horse farms is increasing in the county. .. Jon Matlack (born ), baseball pitcher for the New York Mets and Texas Rangers .

In the yearWashington expected General Howe to sail his army north to Saratoga in order to meet up with General Burgoyne. This would result in the Hudson River being sealed off.

However, Howe surprised Washington by sailing his army south to Philadelphia, conquering the Patriot capital. Washington was out of position and sought to defend Philadelphia, but to no avail. On October 5,Clinton's army did so. Along the way, the army looted and pillaged the village of Peeksill. The Continentals fought hard at the battle, but they were badly outnumbered and were fighting in unfinished forts. Washington's men were caught between defending Philadelphia and defending the Hudson Valley.

ends meet farm chester ny map

In the end, the British took the fort, as well as taking Philadelphia around the same time. However, Clinton and his men returned to New York City soon afterward. The chain that was by the forts was simply circumvented by the British army via attacking on the shores. The new chain, designed by engineer Captain Thomas Machincould have theoretically been lowered in order to let friendly ships sail down the river, but the chain was never tested, and was later discarded after the war.

The next morning, an outpost at Verplanck's Point fired on the ship, which sailed back down river. The Troy and Greenbush Railroad was chartered in and opened that same year, running a short distance on the east side between Troy and Greenbush, now known as East Greenbush east of Albany.

When the Poughkeepsie Bridge opened init became the longest single-span bridge in the world. Construction was slow, and was finally completed in ; the New York Central purchased the line the next year. During the Industrial Revolution, the Hudson River became a major location for production.

ends meet farm chester ny map

The river allowed for fast and easy transport of goods from the interior of the Northeast to the coast. Hundreds of factories were built around the Hudson, in towns including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Kingston, and Hudson. The river links to the Erie Canal and Great Lakes, allowing manufacturing in the Midwest, including automobiles in Detroit, to use the river for transport. Inthe North River Steamboat later known as Clermontbecame the first commercially successful steamboat.

Tourism became a major industry as early as With convenient steamboat connections in New York City, and numerous attractive hotels in romantic settings, tourism became an important industry.

Early guidebooks were providing suggestions on their itinerary. Middle-class people who read James Fenimore Cooper 's novels, or saw the paintings of the Hudson River School, were especially attracted. An 8-mile section was built from Ossining to Peekskill, now part of U.

Route 9 ; the rest of the highway was never built due to local opposition. The area is associated with the Hudson River Schoola group of American Romantic painters who worked from about to Hudson River School landscapes are characterized by their realistic, detailed, and sometimes idealized portrayal of nature, often juxtaposing peaceful agriculture and the remaining wilderness, which was fast disappearing from the Hudson Valley just as it was coming to be appreciated for its qualities of ruggedness and sublimity.

In gathering the visual data for their paintings, the artists would travel to extraordinary and extreme environments, which generally had conditions that would not permit extended painting at the site.

Today, The Brady Farm raises beef cattle, and also hosts weddings and special events. Learn more at TheBradyFarm.

Hudson Valley

Westtown Brew Works Westtown Westtown Brew Works is a true farm brewery, handcrafting small batch beer brewed with the farm's own hops and other ingredients grown by their farming neighbors. The farm's hops are naturally grown and hand harvested.

The farm-brewed ales are crafted naturally and feature local ingredients. The selections change weekly, but some of the core brews include: Sugar Shack, a robust porter fermented with local maple; and Three Hives, brewed with the farm's honey complimented by a generous amount of roasted malts.

Learn more at WesttownBrewWorks. Now, Josiah's great-great-great-great grandson Orrin Pierson is running the show, along with his wife and children, who represent the eighth generation of family farmers. The homestead was recognized as a bicentennial farm in by the New York State Agricultural Society and adorned with an historic marker.

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Pierson's is one of the oldest farms in Orange County. Today, the Piersons raise natural beef and dairy heifers, grow flowers in their greenhouses, host a pick-your-own pumpkin harvest in October, sell freshly cut Christmas trees in December, and have a gift shop filled with locally-made treats in their refurbished old wagon house. More information on Pierson's Farm at PiersonsFarm.


Lawrence -owned cement plant whose expansion was recently blocked by community activists after seven contentious years. A commercial strip with turn lane gives way after 1. Farther north, after passing through Kinderhookhome of another U. Shortly afterwards the first sign of the state capital, the Erastus Corning Towerstarts becoming visible. Routes 9 and 20 then cross the Hudson River via the Dunn Memorial Bridge into Albany as Corning Tower and the other buildings of Empire State Plaza loom ahead, and the two routes separate, with 20 heading west across the city.

There it intersects the two routes which have paralleled 9 up the west side of the Hudson. Just before reaching the northern suburb of Colonie9 returns to two lanes and follows Loudon Road through well-to-do residential neighborhoods past Albany Memorial Hospital and Wolferts Roost Country Club.

A five-way intersection marks Loudonville. Siena College in Newtonville is on the east side a mile past the junction, with the Colonie Town Hall opposite. Beyond, the road expands to four lanes and commercial property resumes. At the junction, 9 starts to trend eastward again, away from the Northway, and finally crosses the Mohawk River into Saratoga County via the Crescent Bridge at the northernmost point of Albany County.

This full cloverleaf is the main exit for Saratoga Springs. Tacking eastward out of town, 9 and 50 follow Van Dam Street until 9 returns to a northerly course on Marion Avenue, which becomes Maple Avenue at the city limit. The Palmerstown Range begins to rise on one side, anticipating the mountainous country to come.

At the Queensbury - Lake George town line, a massive wooden shingle lets drivers know they have crossed the Blue Line into the Adirondack Park. The route straightens out for the next 2. The two routes widen to a busy four-lane road past shops catering to a busy tourist trade. At the northern end of the village of Lake George, 9N splits via Lake Shore Drive to follow the western shore, and 9 itself takes a northwesterly turn to remain parallel with the Northway.

Accordingly, 9 remains a two-lane rural road, often very close to the Adirondack Northwaya section of Interstate 87throughout the park.

Development, traffic and population are minimal, the surrounding land is heavily wooded and the two roads cover very long distances between very small towns.

This exit serves only northbound traffic. A mile later, there is access to the other direction. Shortly after the county line, an access road leads to I again.