Global meet conference call options

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global meet conference call options

Have questions about GlobalMeet pricing? Contact a PGi meeting expert HD Multipoint Video; HD Audio; Avatar Images; Call Me & Dial-in Phone Options. GlobalMeet combines high quality audio with online content sharing, HD video, and collaboration tools. Get more accomplished with your teams, host interactive . GlobalMeet is an award-winning video conferencing & online meeting software solution for global Learn more about conference calls with GlobalMeet.

Using traditional phone services: Call the first person you wish to have a three-way call with. Place that person hold on while you quickly press and release the switchook or use the Flash button Dial the third person for your three-way call. Using Nortel IP-based phone services: The Action soft key will be available. Press the Action soft key to enter the In-Call menu. Dial the number of the person you want to add to the call, then press the Send soft key; at this time, you can talk privately to the person you are adding to announce the conference.

Press the Join soft key, then select Conference to merge the calls.

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Instructions for making a three-way conference call using IP-based services are dependent upon the IP phone manufacturer and model.

Additional User Guides and online training videos are available for IP phones available at the University. See Create or edit audio providers.

global meet conference call options

Add a dialing sequence. For hosted accounts, the Adobe Connect server uses the dialing sequence to join the audio conference, when the host joins the meeting. In this step, you set up the conference number, DTMF tones, and pauses for dialing into an audio conference.

Test the dialing sequence. To verify that the dialing sequence works as expected, you can execute the steps, including the user-defined steps, and then adjust the dialing sequence accordingly.

global meet conference call options

For any audio provider in your account, you can create one or more audio profiles for setting up audio conferences. See Create and use audio profiles. Create a meeting and select an audio profile. You create a meeting using the Meeting wizard, but instead of entering audio conference settings manually, you select one of your audio profiles. These audio profiles contain the conference settings for the audio provider.

See Associate an audio profile with a meeting. Start an audio conference hosts Enter the meeting room. Hosts start the meeting, and participants receive an invitation by email or instant message to join the meeting.

See Join a meeting. Start the audio conference. From the meeting room, hosts start the audio conference so that Adobe Connect can join the conference. See Start meeting audio. Meeting hosts can configure an audio profile to automatically start with the meeting. Hosts do not have to manually start the audio profile. For more information, see Change Audio Conference Settings from within a meeting.

global meet conference call options

Optional Record the audio conference. Hosts can record telephone-based audio along with the web conference.

global meet conference call options

The audio is played back with the audio conference. See Record a meeting. Best practices to start a universal voice conference If a host starts an audio conference, as a moderator and then leaves the meeting room, the conference ends for all participants. However, if a host starts the audio conference as a participant and then leaves the meeting room, the audio conference continues for the remaining participants.

Depending on your audio provider, you may need a moderator code or a leader pin number to start an audio conference. To avoid ending the audio conference if you leave the meeting room, do the following: Create an audio profile that uses a participant code to start the audio conference.

For user-configured providers, make sure that the dialing sequence includes a participant text box. This text box appears when you create an audio profile based on that provider. Enter the Adobe Connect Meeting room, and start the audio conference. Use a telephone to dial into the meeting.

Enable audio in meetings Start meeting audio Audio for a meeting is not enabled by default.

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Meeting Hosts can configure an audio conference to auto-start when the meeting is first launched. Depending on the configuration, the audio conference starts with or without prompting the user. If these settings are changed during a meeting, the changes are effective from the next launch of the meeting. To start an audio conference and set its preferences, do the following: Navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting. Click Enter Meeting Room.

From the Audio menu, choose one of the following: Microphone Rights for Participants This option appears if there is no audio profile attached to the meeting. Choose this option to enable audio conference using VoIP.

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Start Meeting Audio This option appears if an audio profile is attached to the meeting. You can specify one or more of the following. If Universal Voice is configured, you can select both options. Start broadcasting to enable participants to hear any telephone-based audio through the computer speakers and broadcast their voices to telephone users using the microphone. When you stop broadcasting, VoIP users are audible to phone users, but phone users are not audible to the meeting users.

Once meeting audio has been started, attendees join the audio conference. Join audio conference After a host starts an audio conference, depending on the settings for audio conference, a notification window may appear to all attendees. The following options are possible: Dial in and dial out information is presented to attendees. The audio conference preset by the host starts. Additionally, hosts see the dialog to start audio conference and to configure the Audio Conference settings in the Preferences.

After choosing the appropriate option if necessary, attendees can then broadcast their voices via their telephones or computer microphones. Join audio conference from in-meeting Audio menu You can join an audio conference from the pop-up menu items, using the following steps: To connect to conference audio, click the telephone button in the main menu bar.

In the Join Audio Conference dialog box, select one of the following: Dial-out Receive a call from the meeting on the telephone number you enter. Dial-In Dial in using the number and instructions provided in the text box. If a dial-in token is provided, hosts can mute specific attendees.

Without a dial-in token, hosts must first merge attendees with the related phone number in the Attendees pod. See Merge two listings for the same caller in a conference call. If audio is broadcasted in a meeting, meeting users are given an option to Listen Only, in the pop-up dialog box. When you click Listen Only, you are passively placed in the audio conference.