Gta vice city psp secret places to meet

29 Hidden Grand Theft Auto Locations That Casual Fans Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them)

gta vice city psp secret places to meet

Also returning from GTA Vice City is the literal easter egg hidden behind a wall, there are eleven small signs (twelve in the PS2 port) hidden in various places. Secrets and Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Rescue helicopter and hover to Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, you will find the gates open. easter egg in GTA: Vice City Stories is under construction, as it takes place 2 years. For Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on the PSP, GameFAQs has 76 cheat codes and the shooting range challenges at the Vice City Docks, outside Phil's place. Find and pop hidden balloons to unlock weapons at your safe house.

Not so lucky for them. The man was known as 'Infinity', but luckily he is never seen in the game else players would be a lot more on edge. His hidden messages are located across the game which would be a shame to ruin the locations of. However, there are a bunch of creepy clues located at the Infinity's house, in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. Reckon you have the guts to find his innocent victims? On the west side of Happiness Island, there is a random spawn that could be a car if players are lucky.

This is unusual as its pretty much impossible to get a car to this location unless it was somehow flown inso keep hold of it! V and onlineplayers can travel to a location far beyond the map using a helicopter, and at a certain point won't be able to travel any further. This proves the existence of the Bermuda Triangle in the game.

It's unlikely that players will survive this. At first, it may come into players minds that there might be a virus outbreak, and the GTA storyline was completely not what they thought, but it's just a normal guy wearing makeup. He can be found in the corner of Vinewood Boulevard, and will communicate if approached. The illustration of a mans face is located on Mount Chiliad, on the northern slope near the cable car station. It is best seen using a helicopter, where a closer inspection will reveal Jesse Pinkman's face thats been created with spray paint.

It's not connected to the Mount Chiliad Mystery, nor does it have any purpose whatsoever. So why is it there? Several of these bashed up looking Glendale vehicles appear in the woods of Back O' Beyond. We're wondering whose driving this ghostly vehicle It is said that because they spawn on the side of a steep hill, it automatically rolling down does not indicate a 'ghost' is driving, but what would be the point of this?

For every ten packages a player finds, they will be rewarded with weapons, armor, and if the final one is found, 50, big bucks. So it's definitely worth doing don't you agree? V, many sightings can be discovered in San Andreas, there is also an unlock-able alien story mission. There are many hidden Easter eggs and alien-related things hidden across the games, sending the online community mad in trying to link all the clues together.

There must be a reason for it all The stairs in the parking lot leads up to a platform overlooking the north of the lot. However, to get up these stairs players must use a car, and once at the top jump from it to the next building on the west.

Players must then jump down the wall, planting them in an alleyway. Follow the path and the rest will follow There is no evidence as to why its there, but it was likely built by miners to dig deeper into the mountains to hunt for gold.

The shaft can be opened by throwing an explosive at the door - inside there are railroads, closed exits, and all sorts of things that indicate it was used to mine for coal, not gold. It will remain a mystery Players haven't actually come one-on-one with the maniac yet, but chainsaw noises have been heard echoing in distance.

Its no surprise he hasn't been found yet - if we heard it, we most definitely wouldn't be running towards it! Using a helicopter, players must land on the illuminated 'H' shape building, and here they will find a hidden door.

Secrets in GTA Vice City Stories

On top the building players will see a hatch, down the ladder they will arrive in the bunker. Black with orange pinstriping. In front of any owned drug business driving around. Another muscle car type. Can be found as either a convertible or a coupe. Go to the dock area and you'll find one in no time. Solid color scheme with logos possible. In front of the Print Works, West Island. Like the name implies, it's just a rectangular box on wheels.

Parking lot behind of Malibu Club on East Island.

gta vice city psp secret places to meet

The civilian version of the Police bike. Looks like a touring bike with lots of compartments. In front of Biker Bar, southeast corner of Downtown. Your classic tough guy motorcycle.

gta vice city psp secret places to meet

Just like the bikes found at any biker empire, except in a solid color. Starfish Island, in the driveway of one of the houses. Looks a lot like a 80's Corvette. Starfish Island, alongside northern road. A sleek sports car, headlights on front bumper. Resembles a convertible Porsche. Vice Beach, South Side. This looks like a 80's Camaro or Firebird. But more like a Camaro.

Solid color with stripe down center. In Front of Mendez Bros. Four door sedan that appears to look like an old BMW. Has a spoiler on the back. Little Havana, at a warehouse across the street to the southeast of Umberto's house. Basic cargo van with storage area above the cab. The best motorcycle in the game. Vice Beach, east of central Police station, along road near beach. Has a wierd looking spoiler on the back of a hatchback car.

Lance's House east island, or Starfish Island north side house.

gta vice city psp secret places to meet

Fastest car in the game. Sleek sports car with headlights on the front. Outside shack in middle of Little Haiti, east of Print works. Looks extremely like a Chevelle, solid color. Inside Prawn Island Film Studio. Vic jumps over the car door to get in provided its shut.

Helipad northern side of Stadium. Civilian version of the police helicopter. Helipad southeast corner of Airport. Just like the Sea Sparrow, but has no weapons on the front.

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Under the bridge that leads from Leaf Links Golf Course to the west island, its near one of the bridge supports. The raft in the game. Has an engine on it. West Side of Interglobal Film Studio. Pretty self-explanatory, you go fast on it. A sailboat that has lots of rigging attached to it.