How did jason lee meet kevin smith

Kevin Smith Explains Why Ben Affleck Hasn't Spoken to Him in Years

how did jason lee meet kevin smith

Prepare yourself for Kevin Smith's walrus movie 'Tusk' with a look It's a fusion of three of the actors who also auditioned for Jason Lee's role but did not get the part. For Chasing Amy, Smith insisted on having Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and “And so I had a meeting with [Miramax head] Harvey [Weinstein]. including Jason Mewes, Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck and So here's a lexicon of running jokes to look out for in Kevin Smith's films. the more realistic view, that they're more like “Bill and Ted meet Cheech and Chong. While Jay and Silent Bob are played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. In his five-part interview with Kenneth Plume, Jason Lee discusses being one more film with Kevin Smith and possibly Smith's Fletch prequel, We did a video with Super 8 film photography scored entirely with jazz music.

Now, just about everybody who rides a skateboard is either sponsored or professional and competing. Is there a difference about how you felt as a skateboarder then and how a skateboarder might feel today? Again, there were fewer professional skateboarders. There was a lot more individualism within skateboarding. People were sort of into their own thing.

It seemed like it was skateboarding back than. The simple act of riding your skateboard. I think I got out of it at the right time. Very kind of jazz influenced We did a video with Super 8 film photography scored entirely with jazz music.

Really, really innovative stuff.

how did jason lee meet kevin smith

I just slipped out through the back door at the perfect time. I just wanted to cut the line completely. I wanted to be looked at for the skateboarder that I was.

Interview with Jason Lee (Part 1 of 5)

I didn't want to be the year-old skateboarder who's still holding on while owning a company at the same time. I wanted to make my mark and travel and accomplish a few things here and there and then get out. He's a great businessman. His name costs a lot of money now. So there are exceptions. Professional skateboarders, I'd say, anywhere from 19 to probably A year-old skateboarder who's been at it his whole life may be banged up some, but he's still got some juice in him.

When I was skateboarding, I was in really, really good shape. I find myself having to kind of move around a lot and walk and things like that, otherwise my muscles get sore. Skateboarding everyday is unbelievable exercise. Yeah, and you have to. You haven't skateboarded in three days? Oh my God, man. The sport fosters that, though, doesn't it? At what point did you decide that you were going to stop skateboarding? I'm just going to end it now. I burnt out completely. Skateboarding is what it is now.

Before it burned you out completely?

14 Running Facts About 'Chasing Amy' | Mental Floss

Yeah, before it really burnt me out. Just hanging on to it and being around it all the time. Just be an actor when I'm acting, and that's it. In the end, it's the people who have other interests. He's one of those skateboarders who has real human qualities to him, and skateboarding is just one of the many things that he does.

Those are the people that I associated myself with.

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

How did the audition process for Mallrats come about, since you were still skating at the time? I moved into a loft in downtown LA with a couple of guys that knew these guys from this band that had also moved from Huntington Beach into that same warehouse.

how did jason lee meet kevin smith

He wasn't a professional skateboarder, but he knew some pro skaters. He introduced me to the Ribisi family. I had traveled," she said in It just created these insecurities and fights and problems. A lot of the scenes, he would write and give to me, and I knew they were apologies. Guinevere Turner starred and co-wrote 's Go Fish, which The Advocate called a "sassy, sexy, irreverent lesbian movie.

Jason Lee (actor)

Turner also befriended Clerks producer and co-editor Scott Mosier. Smith wondered what would happen if the two fell in love. He urged Mosier to write a movie about that idea, and when he didn't, Smith did.

When he finished his script, he gave it to Turner to proofread. Turner made a small cameo in the film, despite the advice of her manager, who was worried that his client would ruin her career if she kept playing lesbians.

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Smith thought about it for a time and wrote some scenes. Ethan Suplee was going to play one of the main characters, but then Smith changed his mind.

It was just like, that's the last movie I make that doesn't have anything on its mind. It was really nice to be involved from the beginning, for somebody to put that much faith in me.

Miramax sent a note suggesting to Smith to "open it up a bit. According to Jason Lee, there were four five-day weeks of rehearsal, followed by four five-day weeks of shooting.

Lee said it was "one of the smoothest" productions he had ever been a part of. To Smith, Chasing Amy's "Jaws scene," in which Alyssa and Banky compare sex scars, represented "everything that is great about independent film: Alyssa's youngest sister is Tricia Jones Renee Humphreythe year-old sex book author in Mallrats. Tricia had sex with Affleck's character Shannon Hamilton in the movie.