Kingsman quartet meet me up in heaven someday soon

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kingsman quartet meet me up in heaven someday soon

The ten best albums by the Blue Ridge Quartet are as follows: This album had the vocal line up of Fred Daniel (tenor), LaVerne Tripp “I'm Going Home Someday”, “Because He Loves Me”, “When Jesus “In The Sky”, “In The Morning”, “Someday Soon” and “Shoutin' Time” all highlighted this album. , The Dixie Echoes - Up To The House Of The Lord , The Primitive Quartet - Lord You've Been So Good. , Jan Buckner . Vestal Goodman and Dottie Rambo - The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me. , - In The Sky. 31, The Kingsmen ft. . , Quentin Hardin - Someday Soon I'll Be Heaven Bound. The Kingsmen Quartet - Meet Me Up In Heaven Someday lyrics Lyrics for Meet But I never thought I'd meet my someday so soon, this way. Hello heaven in.

We really are best friends on and off stage.


Musically, we have really jelled as a group. With so many great hits in the group archives, Sellers finds it hard to name his favorite. What an awesome promise we have! He tells us about his start with the power quartet.

I had no butterflies whatsoever and I just happened to know the parts and the lyrics to all the songs we sang, even though we never had a chance to rehearse. To hear how sincere his prayers are, to hear him call a fan who is going through some trial just to encourage them and pray with them or to witness him going out of his way to make a situation better for someone else is to know the person he truly is.

And as Ray says often, I feel we truly have the best jobs in the world. We get to travel and do what we love most and meet wonderful people from all over the world all while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. He laughs as he shares about the rest of the team: When all is well, he is like a kid bouncing off the walls of the bus and chatting non-stop at the top of his lungs.

However, when something goes wrong, like the time he accidentally destroyed his cell phone, he just disappears into his bunk. I have seen him literally roll on the floor laughing, and his laugh is contagious. Brandon is very professional and has a lot of business sense, but he is also a lot of fun to be around.

Daniel is a teddy bear with a heart the size of Texas. His specific gifting in communication is drawn upon at a special time during each Kingsmen concert. He enjoys helping others draw closer to the Lord and find the same faith that he found almost thirty years ago. It is the spirit in which these guys sing, and the spiritual depth that is contained in their song selection that makes the difference.

Look What's Waiting For Me by The Kingsmen

Their genuine love for Jesus Christ and the passion with which they speak and sing about Him blessed our souls more than I could ever hope to put into words. It is one thing to "seem" spiritual while on stage, while performing, and while far-removed from the audience who listens.

It is quite another thing to show that same level of spirituality when the spotlight has dimmed, and you are standing face-to-face with the people who came to hear you sing. To be honest, I was curious as to what kind of reception and interaction we would find as we walked up to their product table, after the concert was over.

How relieved and grateful I was to find that these 4 guys are as humble and Christlike off-stage as they are on.

kingsman quartet meet me up in heaven someday soon

We found them to be gracious, humble, down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. Wouldn't you know, I forgot to take our camera, I know So we didn't end up getting a picture with all four of them, but, thankfully, we finally resolved our phone issues towards the very end, and we were able to get this picture of Zach with two of them.

We will always cherish, not only this picture, but our memories of that special evening with The Kingsmen. Smith, and Joel Lindseybeing played on the radio.

kingsman quartet meet me up in heaven someday soon

Battle Cry is the title of their latest CD, and also the number one song for the month of August!! I can't exactly put into words just what this song means to me. I can't think of any lyrics that could more adequately describe what is going on in the spiritual realm in these last, perilous days, and I can't imagine any song that could more fully articulate the personal burden that is upon my heart right now.

The Kingsmen - I'll Live Again [Live]

It is ever present with me. And, do you know what? I thank God for this burden.

Ten On Ten | Southern Gospel Views From The Back Row | Page 7

Because it shows that He has not allowed me to fall into a state of spiritual apathy. Feeling this alarm and concern makes me know that my spiritual eyes are wide open.

May they ever be! There is a battle cry going forth that cannot be silenced. God is sifting through His people, and soon, it will be clearly evidenced as to whose side each one of us is really on. Can you hear the battle cry? Will you respond to it?

kingsman quartet meet me up in heaven someday soon

Will you do your individual part to uphold the pure, unadulterated truths of God's Holy Word, swim upstream against the current of evil, and take a firm stand for righteousness? Or will you ignore the battle cry and choose to succumb to floating downstream and cave to the snare of political correctness?

Kevin and I have been huge music fans all our lives, and the other day, after listening to the Battle Cry CD all the way through, for the umpteenth time I might add, Kevin said, "I have never had a CD that I like this much!

In our family, we call Kevin the walking music encyclopedia. His remembrance of the old songs, who sang them, and interesting back stories and tid-bits is truly amazing. In addition to "Battle Cry", which is track 1 and which I can never say enough good about, there are 10 other tracks.