Meet a couple

Meet the couple behind the New Year's Eve 'Possum Drop' in Georgia | MPR News

meet a couple

New York City's Times Square has a ball drop on New Year's Eve. Tallapoosa, Ga., rings in the new year by dropping a taxidermied opossum. Whether it's on her own or with her comedy partner Mel Giedroyc, Perkins brings the LOLs and is loveable AF. Another lovable thing about. MEET Queenslands newest property moguls — the Harley Davidson-riding grandparents who bought a deserted town.

He decided that the right time would be when we had a night in Miami, USA. After an amazing dinner we took a walk by the pool. It was the perfect — the sun was setting and there was no one around.

How did you go about venue hunting? It was a bit daunting when we first started.

meet a couple

There was a lot to think about. Which location do we choose? Should there be accommodation? Should we have the ceremony and the reception at the same place?

These were the questions that we were trying to sort through for weeks. To say we were blown away by the wedding would be an understatement. The venue and surroundings were absolutely beautiful. I could imagine taking our wedding pictures in the garden. Everything about the wedding was simply dreamy.

meet a couple

From that day the venue search was over. The team made us feel relaxed from the beginning — from first tour to deciding on a date and even which of their two venues to choose. It was so easy to say yes to this venue! Do you have any advice for couples still looking for venues?

We discovered many places.

meet a couple

We try to meet every three months. We manage our relationship through social media, especially via video call and chatting through Google Hangouts. We share songs and pictures also.

Meet the couple behind The Green Book Project

Sumaiya and I love to travel very much. As Local Guides, we also love to arrange meet-ups together and do social work and community activities. So you connect over Local Guides together? Yes, we use Local Guides community and Maps to plan activities and date nights.

Sometimes, we celebrate our special days through mapping.

Meet The Couple: Leigh-Ann & Gershwyn | Hudsons

We plan to visit new places and compare our points. Mapping and meet-ups are our favorite part. Every day we discuss Local Guides. When Sumaiya arranges a meet-up, I try to help her. When I arrange one Sumaiya helps me lot. We discuss our contributions, photo views, quality reviews, etc. Local Guides helps us to spend more time together.

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Local Guides makes our relationship closer. Why did you both decide to join Local Guides? Personally I love traveling, taking photos, and eating at different restaurants.

As a traveler and explorer, I use Google Maps almost every day. I love to discover new places and I love to take photos.

Meet the Couple That's Visited Nearly Every Michigan Winery

With Local Guides, I can help any other travelers also. I feel I am helping people in my community. Local Guides are like my family. Pavel introduced me to Local Guides back in I joined in March because I love technology, traveling and photography. With Local Guides, I can do something positive for my society; that's why I was interested to join.

We recently did a post about seven kinds of Local Guides.