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meet hong kong local saver

Due to its history as part of that region, the local culture in Hong Kong is similar to . You can save time if you are a regular visitor by registering to use the e- Channel. Meat, animal products, fish, rice, ozone depleting substances, items with. A fun Hong Kong guide to bars, shops, walks, tailors and more from Smart Travel Asia This is heavily marred nowadays, if you are not local Hong Kong-looking, .. Bowrington Road Causeway Bay is a fresh produce street market know for meat .. You can save money and do some good at the simple, somewhat clinical. How to plan a trip to Hong Kong, itinerary, best places to stay and We discovered unusual things to do in Hong Kong, visited local temples, food market and meet local people Start your trip to Hong Kong in a saving mode.

As Hong Kong was the last remaining British colony with a significant population and economic importance, the handover was deemed by many to be the "end of empire". In theory, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy in most matters except foreign affairs and defence. Moves by Beijing to only allow effectively handpicked candidates for the Chief Executive position led to large scale demonstrations in known as the Umbrella Protest. Tens of thousands of protestors brought central areas of Hong Kong to a standstill whilst yielding yellow umbrellas against the rain, and demanded the right for the Hong Kong people to elect their candidates independently.

The protests eventually died down without changing the Chinese position, however it has led to a significant political movement called localism which demands political autonomy for the territory, and for some even the previously unknown concept of independence from China. In the Chinese government effectively banned two pro-independence assembly members from assuming their positions, signifying the strongest intervention yet into Hong Kong governance and raising the potential for stronger confrontations in the future.

Hong Kong mostly operates as a small country with its own currency, laws, international dialling code, police force, border controls and the like. The Hong Kong flag is prominently flown throughout the territory, often alongside that of the Chinese mother country. The parade of buildings that make the Hong Kong skyline has been likened to a glittering bar chart that is made apparent by the presence of the waters of Victoria Harbour.

To get the best views of Hong Kong, leave the island and head for the Kowloon waterfront opposite. View from Tsim Sha Tsui The great majority of Hong Kong Island's urban development is densely packed on reclaimed land along the northern shore. This is the place the British colonisers took as their own and so if you are looking for evidence of the territory's colonial past, this is a good place to start.

Victoria was once the colony's capital but has been re-branded with a more descriptive name, Central. Here you will find the machinery of government grinding away much as it always has done, except that Beijing, not London, is the boss that keeps a watchful eye. Nearby, the Legislative Council LegCo continues to make the laws that organise the territory.

Rising up from Central is the Escalator and the Peak Tram. The famous metre escalator passes through the hip district of Soho and takes you into the residential neighbourhood known as the Mid-Levels because it is half-way up the mountain. Up top is Victoria Peak, known locally as The Peak, the tallest point on the island where foreign diplomats and business tycoons compete for the best views of the harbour from some of the most expensive homes to be found anywhere.

How to abbreviate One thing Hong Kongers have in common with Australians -- we like to abbreviate. It's either because we're extremely lazy or extremely industrious -- we can't be bothered to say the full phrase or we need to fit in as many nouns as possible in a short amount of time.

Either way, we like it low on syllables. The 7-Eleven convenience store is just "Seven" pronounced "seh-fun"Circle K is "OK" and the spam and egg sandwich is literally "sp-egg-wich" in Cantonese. Our favorite is saying "sorry" -- rendered as, simply, "sor. How to not hold up the line Take it out!

meet hong kong local saver

The body must be constantly moving forward. That's why train and bus schedules are committed to memory and it's also why it's imperative Octopus cards a reusable stored-value smart card ubiquitous in Hong Kong are always topped up and taken out ahead of time when one needs to pay. The idea is to pass nonchalantly through the MTR turnstile without having to slow down at all. Don't be the slowpoke tourist who fumbles to find the Octopus card at the bottom of your bag only after you hit the turnstile.

Or worse yet, not have enough credit on the card.

meet hong kong local saver

There's nothing more blush-worthy than the haunting, high-pitched beep of a rejected Octopus and the walk of shame away from the turnstile. How to count with hands The best citizenship test, as immigration officials will tell you, is to count in the local dialect. Take it up a notch and count in the local sign language.

These three numbers can really show off your local know-how: The number six can be represented by holding up six fingers -- if you're a tourist.

meet hong kong local saver

Hong Kongers like to do it elegantly and use the "hang ten" hand sign to symbolize six. Nine gets a graphic representation, by curling the index finger down to resemble the shape of the number "9.

meet hong kong local saver

The international sign for warding off vampires is the Hong Kong sign for the number preceding Jumpin Gym USA www. For more fun on the ice, try Glacier www. The views from here on a clear day are quite lovely. Being hauled uphill in the remodelled Peak Tram is also a thrill, though queues are long on weekends and sometimes pre-twilight.

The Peak Tower is a space age monument housing, among other things, Bubba Gump tel: All have some seats with great views. The Sky Terrace tel: Families might want to drop by Madame Tussauds Hong Kong wax-work museum www. Afterwards, opt for the pleasant Lugard Road walk that encircles the Peak and take in the greenery, the butterflies, and a degree view of Hong Kong. The path is a favourite with joggers and dog-walkers.

Find it either side of the chalet-style Peak Lookout restaurant tel: Hop off the Tsuen Wan line MTR at Exit D2 if you're in the mood for a street alley browse or computers or A2 for Apliu, Ki Lung, and Tai Nan Streets where electronics, textiles, buttons and bows litter the pavements in between brightly painted buildings and bright cafes. The Hong Kong Tourism Board www.

The place has big looping incense coils suspended from the ceiling. In Central, the old Bank of China building is one of the few remaining business structures left over from colonial times. Old icons are fewer and farther between in Tsim Sha Tsui. You could survey the foundations of the Kowloon Walled City at the dedicated Kowloon Walled City Park, a 19th-century garrison town torn down in the s.

Its Chinese-style administrative office is also recreated with info boards on the community that was a law unto itself.

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The truly ambitious history buff, though, should head towards the border with mainland China. Both areas will take over an hour to get to. The tourism board has a pretty impressive line-up of edifying cultural experiences, and some are even free. Many on-the-street establishments, known as dai pai dongs have long gone, but some of the most accessible of the few that remain are around Temple Street in Kowloon and in Stanley Street in Central, serving seasonal and everyday no-nonsense Cantonese food — noodles, conges and clay-pot rice dishes for instance — on shared folding tables, to diners on stools.

For those on a budget or with adventurous feet and palates, food trucks have started for the first time in the city and 16 licences have been awarded to operators. We found the experience fun but not compelling. Your Hong Kong agenda should include an evening out amidst the neon blaze. Or do an evening sail on any of the Star Ferry routes or pleasure cruises. As the harbourfront develops, the statues and starlet memorabilia have been moved to an overbridge garden in Tsim Sha Tsui East.

There's also Deck N Beer tel: If martinis sound more appealing, catch the light show with a drink in hand. Dine in, or alfresco. The Philippe Starck-designed interiors of Felix tel: Tasting menus or a cocktail at its shared Long Bar that is lit within are recommended. Most of the hotels along Salisbury and Mody Road have good top-floor lounges, but many charge fairly high prices for a quick gulp.

meet hong kong local saver

But no Hong Kong guide would be complete with a down-at-heel detour. The slew of curry houses at Chungking Mansions are considered as dives by some but loved by others. Better still, and in business for more than two decades is the vegetarian Branto on Lock Road 1F, number 9, tel: For trendier dining in Kowloon, the younger set and a few executive beer bellies head to the lively Knutsford Terrace or Ashley Road, where a large variety of cheaper bars and eateries await, from pizza parlours to steakhouses, and most things in between.

Also along this strip is Tutto Bene tel: Big Tree Pub is for reasonably-priced beer. Moving the action several notches upscale in this elbow-jostling shopper neighbourhood is the nip-and-tuck reincarnated the mira tel: Dine at Japanese stalwart, Tokio Joe tel: Up on Wyndham Street more bars and restaurants have mushroomed in recent years.

Vijay Verghese For a dance floor, join the hopeful hoards waiting outside the painfully hip Dragon-I tel: For live music, from indie rock to folk to reggae sound systems, Backstage 1F Somptueux Central, Wellington Street, tel: Everything from Japanese to Spanish tapas can be found here, and plenty of wine bars such as Enoteca on Elgin tel: Its plush sofas make it a cosy spot for a chocolate martini or two, though it gets packed later at night.

A great open-front restaurant, also on Staunton, which does dinner as well as a fine hangover-curing brunch, is Cru tel: Service is sharp and friendly. Pick a streetside table for two or head upstairs to munch on excellent steaks, pizza, starter nibbles, or a big breakfast that will make your eyes pop at the serving sizes.

Vijay Verghese Just along the road Jaspas tel: Just downhill from here on the ground floor at A Graham Street is the mouth-numbing tongue-cauterising Chilli Fagara tel: This tiny restaurant needs reservations for its two-shift dinners, 7. For serious red meat cravings - aged, hung, carved - head to Hollywood Road to Blue Butcher tel: It's enough to raise expectations and eyebrows.

Sunday offers a breakfast set with Wagyu burgers and eggs benedict with a twist. Try the dry aged Wagyu beef but, whatever your preference, this is some of the best steak in town with imaginative side platters and mad mixologists looking for meaty infusions.

This is a perfect spot for a nose-up banker or a gawping bar-crawler with a posh appetite. For the well heeled and stout of heart. Expect a friendly vibe and customers ranging from families and kids on weekends to lounge lizards and panda-eyed executives weekday evenings.

Lots of colour, ambience, lamps, and a simple well defined menu. Pick fish 'n' chips to start or go for a burger or more. Live jazz is to be found on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the intimate, bohemian Gecko Ezra Lane, tucked under the escalator, tel: Musicians start their sets around 10pm. Pick from champagne, wine, or one of its signature blue cocktails.

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There are 88 of them. At the same hotel, sample top-drawer French food and wine at Caprice, or stunning dim sum at Lung King Heen. Over at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental tel: Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong tel: Enjoy harbour views from a stunning terrace and sophistication while munching on organic noodles, sandwiches, pasta, steak, or bento.

The drinks and views are exhilarating, the food occasionally so. Tasty local Chinese nosh abounds, but sorting the wheat from the chaff can be tricky. One 3am favourite is Tsui Wah tel: Celebs turn up here at odd hours. Just up the road is the place to go for roast goose, year-old Hong Kong institution Yung Kee Restaurant tel: The granddaddy of wonton is the small and easy-to-miss Mak's Noodle tel: It has an outlet at The Peak as well.

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Or, for a very special treat, try the hotel's swish Euro-classical Petrus that serves haute French cuisine and offers a good range of wine. From the robata grill, sample the signature gyuhire sumibiyaki karami zuke spicy beef tenderloin with sesame, red chili and sweet soy. Not far from here across Queensway by an overhead pedestrian bridge is the smartly renovated and relocated Shanghai Garden at Hutchinson House, Central. The food is delicious. Try the fried string beans with mincemeat, the dumplings and large fried chilli prawns.

American Peking Restaurant tel: Around the corner on Jaffe Road is Sabah tel: Various discos in the area get going after 10pm, with DJs and lively Filipino bands and an international party crowd that include a lot of Southeast Asian women. Open-sided Mes Amis was a popular spot by by mid it was boarded up for a building renovation.

Good for an early evening drink while watching the party crowds, and dancing later on in the night, is Typhoon tel: Dusk till Dawn tel: