Meet prisoners tihar jail number

Department of Tihar Prisons

meet prisoners tihar jail number

NEW DELHI: From January 1, , Tihar jail will allow relatives to meet the inmates lodged in various jails only if they have booked their time. Among the nine jails in Tihar, the country's largest prison, jail number 7 is different. One, it is for 'adolescent prisoners only '– aged between ID Number. Email ID Incorrect Email ID Jail*. SELECT. Visit Date. Additional Visitors. Prisoner Name *. Father Name*. Prisoner Age. Gender *. SELECT.

The Legal Aid Cell are being regularly visited by secretaries of District Legal Services Committee who on their visit are ensuring that effective legal aid mechanism exist for the welfare of prisoners. It is also being ensured that every eligible prisoner is able to file his appeal at the State expenses and such prisoners are being regularly counseled by the prison authorities as well as by the visiting legal aid counsel.

A free Legal Aid Cell in each Jail in which the stationary items, typing material, books etc. Delhi Legal Services Authority deployed 27 advocates who are visiting the legal aid cells of the Jail and giving legal aid.

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The Law students from law faculty and national law university are visiting the Jail to help in legal aid activities. The matter for release of sick, infirm or old aged inmates are taken up with court. Custody parole to the convicts on the occasion of marriage, death, serious illness etc. Special Court organized on monthly basis at Tihar Court Complex for the minor offenders languishing in Jail.

During the year 11 Special Court During the year male prisoners and female prisoners were provided legal aid. The prison department has sent a proposal to the GNCT of Delhi proposing therein the initiation of Open Jail for the convicted prisoner at Tihar who has undergone two year conviction in the Semi Open Jail.

The main feature of this Open Jail will be that the inmates will be able to go outside Tihar Complex for work and will come back during the prescribed evening hours.

The proposal has now been accepted. Till date courts have been organized and cases settled.

meet prisoners tihar jail number

With the introduction of the new legislation with modern concepts of Prison Management, the jail functioning will be strengthened and reformation activities will get a boost. The draft of Delhi Prison Rules is under consideration of the Government. Creative Art Therapy Creative Art Therapy, which is psycho-therapeutic in nature, is used in several settings.

meet prisoners tihar jail number

In respect to prison setting, the therapy serves as a reformatory process in several ways. Firstly and most importantly, it helps to express, channelise and ventilate himself.

meet prisoners tihar jail number

One has to keep in mind that anyone convicted or otherwise exiled from the rest of the world is initially bound to have tremendous anger, aggression, sense of helplessness, hopelessness and emotional problems.

Therefore, by encouraging and promoting Creative Art, the individual is able to release his pent up emotions and realize his worth as 'self' having a positive desire of improving himself both consciously and unconsciously. System of Parole Parole is granted to the convicts whose appeal against conviction has been decided by the appellate court.

There is no restriction on a convict about the number of times he applied for parole. The parole is generally granted on the grounds of sickness, death, marriage, property dispute, education or any other sufficient reasons.

In Tihar prison’s 36 factories, prisoners learn skills for a new life

This is granted by the Hon'ble Lt. The parole is not admissible to the convict undergoing sentence in the NDPS cases. The period of parole is counted towards the total sentence of a prisoner. The interviews are generally permitted in the "Mulaquat Jungla" of a jail which is near the Deodhi. The duration of each interview is 30 minutes. The interviews are conducted as per the first name alphabet of a prisoner and these are so arranged so that each alphabet has two days earmarked in a week.

The interviews of sick prisoners are allowed either at the hospital or deodhi. Each prisoner is normally permitted three visitors per interview. During the interview, a prisoner is allowed to receive vegetarian food, fruits and clothes.

He is further allowed to receive coupons worth Rs.

meet prisoners tihar jail number

It was different for the jail officers too. On his first day in the jail on a winter afternoon in December last year, the man had a meeting with the jail superintendent.

Tihar jail launches e-visitor facility to help prisoners - The Economic Times

The inmate, who has wished to not be identified, told the officer he used to work in a perfume factory and that he could help teach other prisoners the art of making perfume. So far we have manufactured over 1. From cakes to biscuits, LED bulbs to pickles, and furniture to blankets and power looms to designer clothes, prisoners spread across acre of the jail compound are engaged different units.

When they are trained here by the staff or the fellow inmates, it increases their chance of rehabilitation.

Meet India’s only woman incharge of a men’s prison

The man had come to the prison in a case of alleged cheating. Since then, he has been released on bail. Jail officers also took help from professors at Delhi Technological University, who helped prisoners with designing the bulb and its specifications.

Started on December 28 last year, around 25 prisoners have found work in the LED bulb unit. Jail officers have already changed all old bulbs with the in-house LEDs. Once we get it, the bulbs will be sold in the market like our other products. We will be happy if they are reformed and can also find a job outside prison. Prison officials say that finding talent in prisoners is never a problem.

You will find all types of prisoners here. Prisoners work in a bakery unit in Tihar. Learning skills in the prison means a hope for a better life outside the prison. A skilled worker is a prisoner who is an expert at their job. The prisoner could be a baker or a perfume maker, who apart from working can also train fellow prisoners.

The daily wages are collected by the prisoner administration. The money is given to families or victims of crimes committed by the prisoners.

Jail officers say that one of the earliest factories set up was the paper unit.

meet prisoners tihar jail number