Olympic tennis route to finally meet

Tennis - Final word on Serena Williams' season

olympic tennis route to finally meet

Ten to watch: meet Team GB's sporting superheroes he progressed through the semi-final and came third in the final, some way behind the. Official Olympic website with videos, photos, athletes, sports, events & news. Today, LA is inviting the world to follow the sun on a journey of sport and. Murray said the final was one of the toughest he had played in and cast Earlier, Japan's Kei Nishikori claimed his first Olympic medal by.

The very same cauldron that had been used at the Games — also held in the Californian city — it stood over 45 metres high. IOC After making the journey from Greece to Bangkok ahead of Seoulthe flame arrived on Korean soil on the island of Jeju, to the south of the peninsula, from where it sailed to the port of Busan on a ship named Olympia Involving 1, people of all ages, among them celebrities, artists and athletes, the Torch Relay that followed saw the flame travel right across the Republic of Korea on foot and by car, bike, motorbike and horse on a zigzagging route from east to west and north to south, finally arriving in Seoul in the suburb of Incheon.

Relay goes galactic No one who saw it could ever forget the lighting of the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony of Barcelonaheld on 25 July. Taking up position in the centre of the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo took hold of a burning arrow lit by the flame and fired it at the cauldron, setting light to it.

olympic tennis route to finally meet

The Relay also took in the Canary Islands and the Balearics. IOC Atlanta marked the centenary of the modern Games, a landmark celebrated by the initial relay from Olympia to Athens, which was followed by a ceremony at the Panathinaiko Stadium, where representatives of the host cities of the 17 previous Olympic Summer Games each received a lamp containing the Olympic flame, which they duly took home with them so that tribute could be paid to it.

The starting point for the American leg of the Relay was Los Angeles, from where it embarked on a 26,km journey around the country, with some 12, torchbearers taking part. The Atlanta Torch Relay also saw the flame go into space for the first time, aboard the shuttle Columbia. IOC What made the Sydney Torch Relay unique was the fact that it took place mostly at sea, with the torch voyaging from one Pacific island or nation to the next en route to Australia: In late June that year, the flame even went beneath the waves for an underwater leg at the Great Barrier Reef.

A special torch also went up into space, with the shuttle Atlantis conveying it all the way to the International Space Station. IOC When it finally reached Australia, 11, torch-bearers took it on a tour of the entire country. Bethy Cuthbert, Raelene Boyle, Dawn Fraser, Shirley Strickland, Shane Gould and Debbie Flintoff-King each took turns to carry the torch before Indigenous Australian track and field star Cathy Freeman completed the very last leg, climbing a flight of steps, stepping into a circular pool of water and light a ring of flame, which then rose into the air above her, as fireworks soared into the Sydney night sky.

The Torch Relay that hailed the return of the Games to Athens in was the first to go right around the world, across the five continents, mirroring the five Olympic rings.

IOC On its way to Beijing inthe torch made it right to the top of the world, with a team of climbers taking it to the summit of Everest via the Chinese side. After then arriving at Hong Kong, it passed through 31 Chinese provinces and autonomous regions before reaching Sichuan, which had been hit by a devastating earthquake on 12 May.

After completing a full airborne lap of the stadium, he lit the cauldron to the roars of the crowd. Unfolding on water in myriad craft that included rowing boats, yachts and steam shipsrail, road and by air, it followed a course that passed within no more than an hour of 95 percent of the population of the UK, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

Elizabeth Swaney of Hungary. As you'd imagine, plenty of legitimate i. Plenty of other skiers who just missed the cut and are forced to watch from home likely aren't amused, either. But, if you take an alternative perspective, Swaney's Olympic qualification can also be somewhat of an inspiration. She may not have the jaw-dropping athletic talent, but she had the brains and the determination to find a way to make it all the way to the Olympics.

She strategized and she executed. Ultimately, she was able to achieve the real American or Hungarian? Scamming the system to achieve your life goals while doing the absolute bare minimum to get there.

Not all heroes wear medals.

Meet Elizabeth Swaney, the American skier who scammed her way to the Olympics

Her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, says that after every tournament, after every season, he and Williams break apart her game to look for areas in which she can make even the tiniest of improvements. He calls her a consummate learner, someone who is never satisfied. I can't imagine that changed after the final.

olympic tennis route to finally meet

They are thinking about ways to rekindle the flames that once fired them, tap into the motivations and talents that carried them to the peak of the game. More than early in their careers, older players have to draw on wisdom and experience rather than aggression, determination or any new tactics or strategies.

Olympic Flame - The Amazing Story of the Olympic Flame

At this stage, "improvement" for Serena means finding a way to be as alert, energetic, strong, focused and motivated as she once was. It's about the right mental and emotional approach. Williams will be motivated to improve until the day she decides to walk away from tennis.

Because she doesn't know any other way, she made sure we saw that this year. The motivation to win, to be the best in the world is so ingrained in her, it doesn't matter how far down the rung life pushes her, she will make her way back up -- and quickly at that -- to reclaim her spot at the top of the ladder. It's going to be challenging.

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Before, it was just tennis. Now, Serena has a beautiful daughter and a husband. Tennis is probably a third priority. It has to be difficult -- at this stage of her career and this moment of her life -- to juggle all of her responsibilities. And still, she was able to reach two Grand Slam finals. Give us your Serena Grand Slam forecast Maine: Sure, she didn't win a title inbut we're still talking about Serena Jameka Williams here.

olympic tennis route to finally meet

Having likely improved her fitness, worked out some of the trouble spots and nerves, coupled with some downtime to rest and recuperate, expect her to be back -- and with something to prove in Australia.

So much so, you can mark me down now as predicting Serena to win Grand Slam title No.

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From there, it's anyone's guess, but between the French Open catsuit ban and her disappointing finishes at Wimbledon and the US Open, she'll be playing with some extra fire, so it's certainly possible she could rack up another trophy or two. Plus, how adorable would those championship pictures with Baby Olympia look? Serena Williams failed to win a major title for the first time since Since winning her first Grand Slam title inWilliams has contested only six seasons without winning at least one major title, and was only the second in which she lost in the final at back-to-back Slams was the other.

So while time might not be on her side, history certainly is. InWilliams, 37, lost in the final at the Australian and French Opens and rebounded to win two of the next three Slams before announcing she was pregnant.

More than she is filled by wins, Williams is fueled by losses.

olympic tennis route to finally meet

It is no secret that she returned with the goal of winning at least two more Slams and owning Margaret Court's all-time record outright. Those two finals losses provided a lot of fuel for the future. I have to think that the upcoming year will be one of reckoning for Serena, following this comeback year of experimentation and probing. I'm not sure she was really all-in during or created the ideal conditions to flourish. Now the testing is over.