Usatf high performance meet 2011

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usatf high performance meet 2011

salonjardin.infoional Junior Indoor Pole Vault Record Holder Erica Ellis Chooses Penn State salonjardin.infoke Haney To Race for Canada. - Earned USTFCCCA first-team All-American. and Pac mark of all-time in the m at the High Performance Meet as he won with a time of Also posted wins at the Oxy Invite (), against USC () and vs. Flotrack will be on hand to provide video coverage of races and interviews at the Oxy High Performance Meet put on by the USATF and Occidental.

What about Senior Olympics? State and local events usually include a track meet, which serves as qualifying meet age 50 and over for the National Senior Olympics aka National Senior Games.

The meet will be in Minneapolis. What is automatic timing good for? AT redundantly called FAT, for fully automatic timing helps when comparing yourself with other masters. It also means the meet management is probably sharp enough to send results into National Masters News or this Web site.

Hand-timing is generally two-tenths of a second faster. WMA has established a set of standards and formulas for comparing performances of people in different age groups.

Originally, this was done to help score multi-events like the decathlon and heptathlon. Through age-grading, you can see how your marks fare against older or younger athletes.

Typically, you want to know what your mark is equivalent to in open competition folks in the age range. How do I determine my age-graded marks? Use the age-graded converters online or multiply your time or metric mark by factors posted on the WMA site.

usatf high performance meet 2011

Who keeps masters records? A better reference is Wikipedia. I think I set a record! How do I go about getting it ratified? If you set a record in a masters nationals or a world championship, meet organizers will take care of paperwork. But if you set a record in most any other meet, you need to get the forms filled out just so and shoot off the application lickety-split. So what are the weights of masters implements? So where do I buy these implements?

These retailers maintain websites and ship stuff like your usual mail-order catalogs. No need to insure shots, however. What about hurdle heights and distances? And see a comprehensive discussion on where to put the barriers on the track. A one-day event, men do the long jump, javelin,discus and outdoors and the 60 hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump and indoors. Women do the hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and outdoors and the 60 hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and indoors.

Other so-called combined events are detailed here. How do I start?

USATF Junior Outdoor T&F Champs

I last ran track 30 years ago. How do I start again? Your head and heart tell you a second should be a breeze. Your aching limbs and strained muscles will tell you otherwise. Work up to full speed carefully. Stretching and easy striding are key. Where do I train? Many high schools and colleges leave their gates open to the track. But many masters spend lots of time in health clubs, on home treadmills and just charging up the 50m hill at the local park.

I do field events. Sometimes you have to buy some PVC pipes to make your own hurdles or high-jump standards. But the pit is still the one at the high school.

Where can I get coaching help? Should I join a local track club? Most track clubs are misnomers, unfortunately. Many cater almost exclusively to distance runners and road runners. But a group calling itself a masters track club generally is. But masters clubs offer support at home and nationals. John Seto oversees American and world seasonal lists in all age groups and events at mastersrankings. He offers a self-serve function honor system but also imports results from around the world when submitted in the proper format.

National Masters News prints seasonal lists periodically. How do I qualify to compete in the nationals? The USATF indoor and outdoor masters nationals are open to all men and women 30 and over, with no qualifying mark required.

You simply pay your fee, air fare, motel costs and compete. Medals generally go to top 3, with ribbons for 4th, 5th and 6th. What about the WMA regional and world championship meets? All men and women 35 and over may enter after paying entry fee and housing, air fare, etc. What about national teams?

Controversial Race - Men's 100m Final USATF Outdoor Championships 2018

The USA has no traveling national masters team, but European countries do. They compete in dual and triangular meets, with members chosen by their national organizing group. The USA should have one, too. Do standards exist for elite performances? All-American certificates and patches are awarded those who can document they met one of the U.

USATF time to toss Hightower - stevestandf

These standards are stiff. National Masters News lists them by five-year age group for men and women. Do masters athletes get drug-tested? Yes, but on a microscopic scale. USATF began drug-testing at national masters meets in WMA has random drug-testing at world meets and regional meets. Even so, the cost of testing for substances on the IAAF bannned list is expensive. So only 40 or 50 drug tests are done every two years at the WMA world meet. He has been a loyal and dedicated solider for you for years; and, just because he holds a different belief than yours about the direction of the organization, you think you are allowed to write a letter like this to bully him.

You are right, the organization has seen tremendous growth both in membership and in revenue, and this came about from the tremendous work and the volunteerism of thousands of hard working members of USATF. In fact, in the youth program alone we have seen an increase of over 30, new members in the last 8 years. The growth in revenue has resulted directly from Maxs hard work to bring home the bacon, which helps our committees develop the tools to get the job done.

By comparison, you have been little more than a bystander. In fact, you have divided this organization into the Haves and the Have-Nots. As a constituent leader, I have an obligation to this organization and to the youth membership better known by all as my 85, babies to protect their rights, and to make this sport of track and field better than the way I found it.

And I know Mr. Baker wants the same; but, your reckless behavior and bullying tactics with folks who do not see eye-to-eye with you are not in the best interest of track and field as a whole. Although he did not vote, Mr. Baker was not acting any differently than the 85 percent who have disagreed with you, in every voting session of the Law and Legislation committee. I fear that you are starting to believe that as long as people disagree with you, they are not doing what is in the best interest of USATF.

I fear that you are starting to rule like a dictator instead of respecting the democratic process, which has defined our organization for longer than I can remember. Your goals are different from the goals of the rest of the organization.

Its all right to disagree, but it is not all right to use your position as president of this organization to BULLY and intimidate anyone, let alone loyal and dedicated members of this great organization. You are probably wondering why I am writing this letter to you and responding rather than Mr.

I am writing this letter because I will not allow anyone to be bullied in any way whatsoever. The letter you wrote to Mr. Baker is offensive, plain and simple. This man has worked too hard for this sport and deserves to be treated with greater respect than you have shown him. If you decide to remove him from the committee, as he was your appointment, that is certainly your choice.

USATF Junior Outdoor T&F Champs - Coverage

However, this is not your committee and this should not be a case of agree with me or else. Hightower Track and Field. How dare you send this man a letter in this tone. The tone of this letter reminds me of October 20, ; it was known as the Saturday Night Massacre. As memory serves, President Nixon was removed from office as a result of his abuse of power. You may view that as a threat or a history lesson. Either way, I dont care. What I do care about is the integrity and leadership of USATF; hopefully, you will find it in your heart to display more of both.

Yours in Track, Lionel A.

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There is guaranteed minimum of six female members. Each member is elected by the Congress for a period of four years. It has the power to provisionally elect or suspend a Member Federation, and to take urgent decisions. It submits a report and a budget to Congress every two years. It promotes a Development Programme for the benefit of Member Federations who require assistance.

Instead, that memo should heighten those concerns. Let me point out some of them: There has never been any political content to my presentations.

They are purely informational, and the constituent committees have always welcomed the opportunity to hear about current IAAF developments and to share their concerns through comments and questions. Diack as Senior Vice President.

In the latter election I received more votes than any of the other three vice presidents and was thus named Senior Vice President not by Mr.

Diack, but by the Council. The IAAF Constitution gives that power to the Council and in recent years, it has become the practice to designate as Senior VP the individual who obtained the most votes in the election.

But the implication that there is meaningful risk of my not being elected ignores reality. I have been a candidate in 8 IAAF elections dating back to I have always been one of the highest vote getters in the category that I was running for. The last election for vice president was particularly significant given the others on the ballot. The fact is that I am very highly respected internationally; the IAAF voters have repeatedly demonstrated that. There is no reason in the world to suggest that I might not easily be re-elected this year.

A few occur to me immediately. The Juniors last year were the first time that U.

usatf high performance meet 2011

This, of course, had a unique benefit to American athletes. The creation of the Diamond League was another major action. It expanded the former Golden League beyond Europe, and significantly increased the number of events in which athletes had opportunities for good prize money.

I participated in many of the discussions involving the creation of the Diamond League, and particularly in the inclusion of two U. I also championed the creation of a World Championships wild card for the Diamond League event winners.