Well meet again colbert video

'The Colbert Report's' Sing-Along Finale: 'We'll Meet Again'

well meet again colbert video

Updated with video: Not only did Stephen Colbert not get killed off by the Grim “ But, I know we'll meet again some sunny day,” Bill Clinton texts. “Well folks, we' ve finally come to the end of The Colbert Report,” Colbert says. The Colbert Report aired its final episode tonight and it was as funny and over- the-top as everyone expected. But the best part had to be the. Watch Every Celebrity Ever Sing 'We'll Meet Again' on the Colbert Report Finale. December bill-clinton-tweet-colbert-report-well-meet-again.

well meet again colbert video

Mala suerte, - вздохнул лейтенант. - Не судьба. Собор закрыт до утренней мессы.

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