Wglo swim meet results richmond

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wglo swim meet results richmond

YMCA Swim Team is the perfect way to start competitive swimming at any age! Sign Up; Parent Volunteer Sign Up; Swim Meet Entries, Scoring, and Results. He aasd the unian member- ^ dtip is scheduled to meet Mon* Premier Be — rU mM (AP) John D Hits RacWo-TV Probe Objective Good Results Biased A- Ship's CliOSED SATURDAY UES AIDE salonjardin.infoa LN CONCRETE SWIM- ahlR P.M. RICHMOND taka irade Plweic •□eMr GR9S3M| or (1R 5fl«. As a result of a complicated proceeding that began several years ago, the FCC has .. ultimately - by the results your team accomplishes while you are at the helm, . Day National Bloody Mary Day Polar Swim Day THE TALK RADO REVOLUTON He has held PD posts at two stations in Richmond, WVGO and WRXL.

Terms of the cqui- with sources of funding. Richrd Mrsten sys the globl opertion will require bnd of pproximtely 60 MHz, but the portion imed t the U. Bnkruptcy Court in Mdison, WI. He refused to nme the bidders, sying "it ws confidentil offer.


As result, he's considering hiring medi broker nd finncil counselor s prt of his reorgniztion pln. Despite criticism tht Tk overpid for mny of the properties, the entrepreneur told creditors his compny relied on professionl dvice from Morgn Stnley when buying them.

You've got people with lot of money who re sying, 'Hey, these prices re lot lower thn we ever thought they'd be,' so they're stepping in.

Brodcsters re still witing for prices to go lower - nd they're missing opportunities," LRue commented. We knew Chicgo ws trditionl mrket, nd we lwys expected to fce slow building process. But given current economic conditions, we decided to ccept this offer when it ws brought to us," Summit Exec.

The ction ffects brodcsters ntionwide, especilly those locted ner Cndin border res nd certin "fully spced" sttions. Sttions re prohibited from boosting power if it would increse public RF rdition exposure or result in signl overlps.


The rep boutique's ssets will form the nucleus of new, wholly owned Estmn Rdio Boston sles office t the Sttler Office Building. However, our regionl reputtion - coupled with the vst mrketing nd reserch resources the Ktz Rdio Group nd Estmn Rdio hve to offer - mkes for the perfect mrrige," commented former KBP owner Peter Kdetsky. For dditionl info, see Newsbrekers Pge Sunshine Vlley Brodcsting Inc.

Becuse on tht dy their sense of thn for others. The Moment of Truth pece nd security ws finlly restored s both sttions be- cme the newest members of the Legcy Brodcsting fmily. Now let's hope tht resolu- tion cn be quickly reched in the Middle Est nd tht our brve fighting men nd women will be home with their fmilies very soon. Sixteenth Floor, Snt Monic Blvd. Ann Winegrdner is selling her stock interest in the licensee, Lowell Communictions L. Bruce Houston of Cecil L. No csh considertion for Dvid Winegrdner, who hs shred ownership of The stock redemption will be pid through mixture of csh nd promissory notes.

The buyer grees to ssume outstnding bnk debts of undetermined present vlue. Steve Hrdy nd Steven Cohen. The compny is heded by President Dougls Hwley. The compny is the generl prtner of Kennedy Brodcsting Ltd. This sttion is drk. Bunyrd is the Chirmn of Olympi Rdio Networks.

An investors group with W. Four W Brodcsting Inc. Tresury Secretry Nichols Brdy is sking for your help. And it's gret opportunity to get our industry moving gin.

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Brdy - who's been complining tht excessive regultion is killing credit vilbility - clled in the ntion's top bnking regultors lst week nd sked them to lighten up. Brdy sid the Bush dministrtion is soliciting specific exmples from businesses of unfir lon rejections, nd he needs them to mke his cse. We've decided to tke him up on his offer, nd we're sking for your input.

wglo swim meet results richmond

He ccused Rusk of mking "wild "The sttion reloction is, in reli- nd unfounded chrges" ginst ty, Houston move -in. Incidentlly, ll 33 prticipnts pssed, bringing the totl number of CRMCs to we pln to publish excerpts from some of them but we won't jeoprdize confidentil business informtion. We'll hnd- deliver copies of every letter to Tresury Secretry Brdy. FCC to pprove its construction permit by Mrch 31 to keep its business pln on trck. Afrispce Chirmn Noh Smr sys the Commission should ct becuse no one filed n objection to his ppliction.

The only negtive comments concerned specific frequency bnds, nd Afrispce sid it ws willing to ccept ny bnd dopted t the WARC. He sys filure to win quick FCC pprovl could cost Afrispce its competitive dvntge "s opposed to Europe or the rest of the world.

During the first qurter ofthe compny violted debt -income rtios in lending greements when the compny didn't meet revenue projections. Compny officils sid the bnkruptcy filing will hve little impct on the dy -to-dy opertions of the vrious properties. No lyoffs or stff reductions re expected.

GARTH BROOKS. GARTH: IRELAND & BACK (NBC) Viewed b-y over 15 million people; approaching

Now it cn do the sme for yours. This exciting new tune -in cmpign will unerth "welth" of new listeners- nd hve them scrmbling for the phone dy fter dy. Suitble for ny formt. Designed to rech nd deliver your untpped udience, highlight your sttion's music nd hve some fun doing it. Also, tlk to us bout our 3 -D logo ID pckge. We'll customize your sttion's look for long ply- ing success t resonble price.

Both Schuon and Leshay will be based in Los Angeles. Trauma Records, has named music industry veteran Craig Lambert Sr. Exclusive interview with Craig Lambert and Rob Kahane: Regency bought Restless in February.

I join with the rest of the company in welcoming them aboard. For five years prior to that, he was Sr. Dinetz will serve as "an advisor to Hicks, Muse with respect to its investments in media - related industries. The announcement im- Di netz mediately caused industry tongues to wag with all sorts of speculation about reasons Dinetz may have departed from the helm of one of America's fastest - growing radio groups.

The technology is the latest method to help radio execs more quickly determine whether programming, changes in programming, or even perhaps individual songs are affecting audience levels. MobilTrak is being rolled out by Tapscan, more commonly known as the company that - among other things - crunches Arbitron data for sales departments.

wglo swim meet results richmond

Tapscan acquired this technology from a company calledtrend Data, which made a failed attempt to roll it out themselves a few years ago. Using layman's terms, MobilTrak works using the principle that all radios "leak" RF in the same frequency to which they are tuned.

A sensor otherwise known as an Electronic Measurement Unit, or EMUwhich can be as far away from traffic as 0 feet, can "listen" to these RF emissions and record its findings. The EMU can only lock onto one signal at a time and waits for that radio to pass out of range before it listens for another signal. This prevents it from accidentally recording the same car twice. Once a day's worth of listening occasions are processed, they are available to subscribers the next day via the web.

See Page Same- dayarbitrends: He joined Warner Bros. Most Added at Mainstream Radio! Adds Out of the Box including: Soundtrack coming April 4th! Huge media campaign starts April th! Based in New York, he reports to Exec. Continung our salute to those people who advanced their careers by running an ad in our Opportunities section, here is our list of folks from the '0s: Revenue Still Peaking In Mountains For the fourth consecutive year, the Mountain region has led the nation in radio revenue growth, accorcing to a Duncan'sAmerican Radio analysis.

The top- ranked performance of the Denver -Boulder market. The former Capitol Records Exec.

2010 Fall WGLO Men 13-14 200 Breast B-Finals

Gold - stuck will oversee daily operations in finance. Testifying before the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Kennard said deregulation has created a heavy workload at the commission.

Kennard said the first months of the Telecommunications Act "have produced important, tangible results," adding that the elimination of radio ownership limits has "dramatically increased the volume of radio sales applications. The orbiters, expected to be in full service by the yearare expected to deliver 0 channels of varied musical, news, and talk programming with exceptional, CD -like quality.

This is a milestone, and it is exciting. This is the big-time.

wglo swim meet results richmond

Who will own the digital future of broadcasting? The suit was filed in New York U. It alleges that Cardascia and Strathmore Equity failed to disclose to listeners that some guests paid to appear on his show and have their company's stock promoted. The suit said that at least 00 companies appeared on the show between Jan. Barone said the host "always complied with the statute" and has been more specific in issuing a disclaimer since December. SFX Reaches Settlement Of Suits The company agreed yesterday not to amend its original merger agreement with Capstar in two class action lawsuits filed against it and its directors.

In the suits, the plaintiffs said the price to be paid as a result of the merger is unfair and that SFX had "breached its fiduciary duties: SFX continues to deny the charges.

The settlement awaits approval by the court. It will be held in Spanish and English and will include discussions on Arbitron's Maximiser ' application, local market consumer data, discussing seasonal books, at -work listening habits, and HDHAs High Density Hispanic Areas.

The all -day event will be held at the Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami. The company adopted the name of: Story appears on the next page. Check it out in our Management. Read how the company used clearly defined goals to become a major industry force.

Cyndee Maxwell speaks to LeGrett about his rise through the ranks. After saying yes, he's then asked to name the hound from a set of choices. Watching TV accounts for: EnterJust Plain Mark and Zippy. The stations needed someone to go on remotes and hand out prizes, so he became "Zippy the Happy Prize Guy: You've won a jumbo Buzz and Woody plush set, plus you've qualified for a trip for you and your family to a real -life dude ranch in Grandby, CO!

A few minutes later the music continues: So goes a typical broadcast day on the children's network, which celebrated its third anniversary on Nov.

Radio Disney began in on four test stations. Given his radio industry knowledge and brand - de C astro building expertise, he is uniquely qualified to duplicate this success on the nternet at AMFMi. Last week, on the final day of the congressional session, Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Oxley introduced the "Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of," a bill that would prohibit the FCC from establishing rules authorizing the operation of new low - power FM radio stations.

The bill - which also states that "any low -power radio licenses issued pursuant to such rules before such date shall be void" - would also to wipe out any LPFM service established by the FCC while Congress is in recess. Andre Recke and Qadree El -Amin z. Director in September '. But coming up with a final price was not so easy. From the beginning the sale of Sinclair's St. Louis properties to Emmis was not a deal Sinclair entered into willingly. Former Sinclair top executive Barry s.

He then sold his right to purchase those stations to Emmis for what the two sides called a "nominal" fee. Baker's contract with Sinclair called for Sinclair and Emmis to work out a "fair- market value" for the St.

Louis stations, something that was easier said than done. First, Sinclair hinted in a press release that it would challenge the sale of the stations in court. Only days after the announcement of the Baker deal with Emmis, Sinclair said it was "evaluating the validity" of Baker's designation of Emmis as a buyer. Sinclair, however, never brought that up again.

They report to Market Exec. Fromme, an avid hiker, was found in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. He had been reported missing a few Rick F days earlier.

wglo swim meet results richmond

He then entered the radio industry as a station specialist for Blair Broadcasting in New York. He also worked for Westinghouse in Dallas and for nterep. His ashes were scattered on the trail on Friday. He first met Fromme in through Fromme's role at Blair.

He was a perpetual student, studying all kinds of disciplines. He also worked with CASA, a children's rights organization.