What to eat right before a swim meet

3 Highly Recommended Pre-Race Meals for Swimmers

what to eat right before a swim meet

When you're getting ready for a swim meet, it can be easy to get caught up in the Make sure that you have a very light meal before you head off to the pool. Beyond dealing with the pre-race nerves, and making sure that our For some swimmers, meets are a shining example of when good dietary habits go down. The research is very compelling that eating well on days of practice is just as important as eating well right before a swim meet. A balanced diet rich in fruits.

Getting ready for the next day. Making sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to recover and repair while it is sleeping is critical. Try something that ideally is loaded with nutrients, like proteins ideally whey and caseinvitamins and minerals but is lower on the calorie side.

A good example is a nutritional shake or a glass of whole milk.

what to eat right before a swim meet

Definitely avoid having any of these as your pre-race meals. They will only upset your stomach and derail your performance in the pool. Besides giving you a short-lived energy spike, constantly having high sugar has shown to create a host of other health problems. If you need additional energy, get it from food. Stay away from these drinks.

what to eat right before a swim meet

Save the high fiber for another day. Race day is not the time to try new foods and experiment. Stick to what your system is used.

Now that you have some ideas of pre-race meals for swimmers, and foods to watch out for, start planning your nutrition for a winning performance!

Good Carbs to Eat Before a Swim Meet

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what to eat right before a swim meet

Your digestive system breaks down complex carbohydrates more slowly so your energy levels stay stable throughout the competition. Foods containing complex carbs include whole grain breads and pasta, oatmeal and sweet potatoes and yams. Timing and Selections Eat breakfast four hours before your meet if you can.

5 Race Day Nutrition Tips for Swimmers

Eating breakfast is important, preferably four hours before you swim in a race. Slow-cooked oatmeal cereals with low fat yogurt or eggs with whole grain toast provide some protein along with complex carbohydrates to help fuel your energy needs.

Avoid white flour bagels or pastries such as croissants or donuts. Snacks consisting of lower-sugar fruits such as blueberries or nuts tide you over during the competition.

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Considerations Carbo loading can be counterproductive. Large portions of starches and sugars might result in cramps and sluggish performance.

what to eat right before a swim meet

You rely on long-term nutrition as well as training for good performance at swim meets.