When you meet someone special youll know anointed

Your Anointing and How to Use It

when you meet someone special youll know anointed

when you meet someone, special, you'll know, your heart will beat more rapidly and you'll smile for no reason. Every time I see you my heart beats faster and I. You become known, just like Joseph became known, by the God often allows betrayal to take place in the leader's life to see if he will wash. Use these four ways to know if you're hearing God's voice. Enjoy the “And you will seek for Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Some people say, Well, God just doesn't talk to me. But, here . The Power of the Anointing CD Series Special Offer You'll know exactly what to say.

You become known, just like Joseph became known, by the adversity you have gone through.

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It is a marketplace call. Gunnar said, "Os, this is where you are currently. As you begin to press into Jesus with all your heart, he will guide you to this next destination spiritually speaking. You have probably made some mistakes during your process, but what you need to remember is your call is greater than the mistakes you have made. You have a marketplace call upon your life.

when you meet someone special youll know anointed

Yes, you probably have made some mistakes along the way. But what you need to realize is the call is bigger than your mistakes. Gunnar would become my spiritual father in the marketplace for the next 22 years. That day I walked into his hotel room as a shamed and defeated Christian businessman, but I walked out with an understanding that I was in a process of a call to the marketplace. That day Gunnar became my spiritual mentor and father.

Now, twenty-five years later, I have spoken and ministered to men and women in the marketplace in 26 countries and written 18 books, including a daily devotional that is read in more than a hundred nations www.

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God turned my Valley of Achor trouble into a door of hope for me and for many others Hosea 2: Since that time, I have discovered there are six unique stages that "Josephs" will go through to fulfill their assignment as a Joseph.

I have reviewed these in detail in my new book, The Joseph Calling, being released this month.

So Just Anoint This in Your Hands and Wrinkles and You'll See What Happen!!

These six stages can be seen in almost every major leader God has used in the Bible and even modern-day Christian leaders. Here is a brief overview of the six stages "Josephs" go through in order to understand, navigate, and fulfill their purpose in life: There is usually a crisis in the life of the leader that ushers them into their larger story.

The Character Development Stage.

when you meet someone special youll know anointed

Like Joseph and David, there was a season of character development to remove pride from the leader's life. God often isolates the leader to turn his mess into a message and make him a messenger. God often allows betrayal to take place in the leader's life to see if he will wash the feet of his "Judas".

God uses their adversity to make them a problem-solver in culture. Joseph had the 12 tribes. He uses networks to accomplish his assignment. Every Joseph will go through these six stages in order to fulfill the call of God on his or her life.

when you meet someone special youll know anointed

Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders and author of 18 books. To read the first chapter free and download a free week Joseph Calling Bible study, visit thejosephcalling.

when you meet someone special youll know anointed

Much like a car's engine eventually won't run very well without motor oil; trying to do life without the anointing will leave us with some issues. Every one of us has a calling on our life. But not everyone does what they are called to do in life. Many times, people get distracted by other pursuits…get overwhelmed by a task that feels too big to handle…or they may even get caught up in trying to do what someone else is called to do.

And if we're not living in God's will for our lives, we'll end up being anxious, sad and miserable. Whatever the reason is for getting off track, lack of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is most likely at the root of it.

He is the One who leads each person to the work they are called to do. And He also supplies the anointing, or power, to do it. So, it is in our best interest to seek and cultivate our own personal, intimate relationship with God first and foremost. Because it's through a personal relationship with Him that He will, by His Holy Spirit, lead and guide each of us according to His purpose and plan for our lives.

And He will anoint, or enable us, to do what He has called each of us to do with our lives. God's presence — His love and grace — is what we really need to be fulfilled and have His power in our lives. But know that in this time, there is a lot going on. While we take the time to cultivate our relationship with God…simply loving Him and being loved by Him…we become consecrated to Him. To be consecrated means to be set apart, or separated, for a purpose. It is a time for receiving discipline, guidance, wisdom and direction from the Lord.

It's a personal time… between you and God…a time for you to learn His true character and how to trust His way and wait on His timing. You will also learn how to make yourself available as He is ready to use you.

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The Holy Spirit decides when and how to use His vessels.