Ahsoka and lux meet my new

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ahsoka and lux meet my new

"Lux, I want you to meet my master, Anakin Skywalker," she gave him a significant look. Well, he should have guessed Ahsoka had not come to see him and his "The death glares you give everyone new that you meet. Ahsoka Tano was a female Togruta Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. Ahsoka was commanded by Skywalker to join him in meeting the invasion force, Ahsoka Tano: “The queen of Shili has asked me to become the new senator. Lux did not know what to make of Ahsoka Tano and her visit to Separatist space. After the rebels defeated the Separatists, Lux became Onderon's Republic Senator. Ahsoka Meets Lux Bonteri of Onderon, where he joined a resistance movement aimed at overthrowing the planet's new king and his Separatist allies.

You have to forgive us Lux," he glanced at Anakin, who had cocked his head with crossed arms. He could not believe he had found the audacity to say that. Even Ahsoka looked surprised.

Anakin, though, laughed and clapped Obi-wan on the back. And technically he wasn't trying to test your breathing scale, Lux, but trying to figure out how he can use your existence to irritate me," he explained. The smile on his face made him all the more handsome. His eyes sparked with childish delight at a good joke. Lux felt himself start to relax. He had imagined serious faced, unyielding Jedi who did not like him. He had never imagined Jedi as real men. Even Ahsoka seemed surreal.

Lux Bonteri

As if she were not an actual living creature, but rather an unexplainable entity who did all the regular things of living creatures. Lux saw a sparkle of affection in his eyes as he turned to Obi-wan. Anakin rolled his eyes. Anyway, you might as well get used to the death glares Lux; Rex has a worse one.

And the second you don't get something right, you'll fall out of favor with Ahsoka," he nudged her playfully. I swear; walking around with them is like walking around with two bombs on my head. I wish all you rebels luck," she sighed. They reminded Lux of two brothers. Twin brothers who argued a lot. You blew up half the planet! You didn't set the bomb right! This doesn't become fun until we look back at it," Anakin yawned, not sounding worried.

Anakin grinned and pretended to study his nails. You fail to see greatness when it hits you in the face. If I didn't know how hard you'd hit me back, I might think about attempting it," Anakin said haughtily. Lux decided he liked these men. No wonder he got on so well with Ahsoka. Anakin and Obi-wan were awesome. In a flash of speed, all playfulness evaporated. The friends he had seen a second ago flashed away back into generals.

He snapped his shoulders back into authority. Anakin's eyes hardened over like ice on a pond. Ahsoka's muscles bulged and her young face was muttered over a time span of a second.

The Jedi he had been joking around with before were gone. Now they were not human. Not here to help, but to finish their mission and move on to the next warfront. Now he saw the Jedi he had expected to see when Ahsoka had arrived on his home planet all that time ago. The warriors of the Clone War. With one last sad smile at Lux, Obi-wan turned. Anakin flashed Lux one last glance before following close behind. Ahsoka did not look back, but brushed his arm as they went past.

Lux watched them go with awe, sadness and admiration. He saw under those leader-like masks they put on for the watching galaxy. He saw past the warriors of the Clone Wars. He saw past the things that called themselves Jedi but knew that they were merely soldiers for a corrupt cause. And what he saw was not what he had once seen.

Now, he saw the very light and hope for the galaxy hiding at bay to bring back the peace he had once been a part of tearing apart. He and his mother had torn the Jedi from their true selves.

He thought maybe he would have a chance to give it back. Something I thought up after I watched the first episode of the season. If you liked this one which I can't really see why you would, this isn't one of my best then check out my newest series, Jedi legends: The Dawn Of Conclusion! Remember, I'm no longer a Jedi, so I can fall in love with anyone if I so desire.

It was pretty sparse, a couple of bedrooms, a small kitchen with a table for two, a refresher and a small area with a carpet used for meditation. On a night table besides her bed, her lightsabers laid.

Lux noticed the lack of distractions such as a holo-screen or even a Dejarik table. It helps me when I meditate. But now that you're here… things could change.

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With the work I do for the Rebellion, I don't get the chance to meet many people. Lux had a feeling that he was at the right place at the right time.

So much that even before the second week together ended, they shared her bed for the first time, consummating their relationship. As Lux woke up, he turned to see Ahsoka's breathtaking figure, still asleep.

I didn't imagine we'd sleep together so soon. I guess she was ready for it as much as I was. Wow, last night was amazing. I had no idea we were going to enjoy each other so much. If anything, I'd say our relationship is stronger than ever. I can't imagine myself without you at this point. What do you think? We've been together for hardly 2 weeks… and we're already talking about marriage and all…" He clothed himself and couldn't help but express his intense joy by hugging her tightly.

I guess it was meant to happen. A couple of weeks later, they arranged for a private wedding with only Senator Organa as witness. They would use Alderaanian Blockade Runners to accomplish their secret missions. As they exited the meeting room, Ahsoka grabbed hold of Lux's arm.

We need to talk. That would explain why I've been feeling nauseous during this time. No matter what, our child will come to know peace. Let that be another motive to defeat the Empire.

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I'll gladly give my own life if it means that you two get to continue living. Bail's wife, Breha, helped to deliver the baby. Just one more push! Moments later, the sound of a crying baby rang through the medical bay. Breha quickly cleansed the child. From what I can see, she has inherited your lekku and montrals but has Lux's eyes. Congratulations to both of you! I didn't think it was possible for Humans and Togrutas to cross-breed! What will we name her?

ahsoka and lux meet my new

What about a middle name? It does have a nice ring to it! Mina was offered the sweetest cake they could find. After she was put to bed, Lux and Ahsoka were arguing quietly. Mina needs you, as do I. Since Tarkin made a tour of the House of Organa, it's likely that he'll recognize me… despite my growth since I last saw him. I wish there was another way, but I need to stay away from here to protect you two. If the Empire discovers that Mina is Force-Sensitive, think of what they could do with her.

I wouldn't want her to be turned into an Agent of Darkness like the one I fought on Raada a couple years ago. I'll do my very best to drop by at least once a month.

She returned the kiss. I have faith that you'll raise Mina just fine. Make sure to keep her hidden from Imperial patrols, it's all I ask. Breha kept a close eye on both. It's time to come inside, dinner is ready. Leia was a year older than Mina, yet both girls immediately became friends once Lux brought her when she was 3 years old. As expected, the dinner was marvelous. Both children were give a slice of cake once their plate was empty. As they were about to head back out, Lux had entered, looking for his daughter.

Oh, there you are! You're going to have to say goodbye to your friend Leia. Where are we going? Mina turned to her friend, disappointed. Do you really have to go back? My presence is now mandatory. And remember what your mother and I told you: You can't be by my side when Stormtroopers are patrolling around.

They can't know that I'm married and have a little girl, ok? We'll see each other again. I'm sure of it. Guess I gotta go now.

ahsoka and lux meet my new

Take care of yourself, huh? Ahsoka was gone again on one of her missions. When she returned, she looked devastated, with tear stains all over her face. Whatever horror she witnessed, she must have cried her heart out.

ahsoka and lux meet my new

Lux was the first to notice her emotional state. Come on, talk to me! Your Master became Palpatine's enforcer? I need to speak to your mother alone, please? She went upstairs, quickly glancing at her mother, now emotionally broken. Lux tried to comfort her, rubbing her back in circles. Everything that happened happens for a reason. They betrayed your trust, so you were in the right for leaving back then. We were meant to join together. If you had stayed, Mina wouldn't be here today.

I haven't known your Master for long, but he seemed emotionally unstable. I know you don't want to hear this right now, but perhaps a personal crisis of his drove him over the edge.

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And I'm confident that you aren't the cause of it. You were gone long before it happened. Would you like me to make you a cup of tea? Would that help to calm your nerves? I've never felt so depressed in my whole life. I can't stop but think that I could have prevented his fall to the Dark Side had I stayed.

I could've talked sense into him. Little point to dwell on it. Listen to me, you aren't responsible for his fall. I know it hurts, but you need to accept that it happened. If he is indeed Darth Vader, I fear he's way past the point of redemption. There was grim news. Mina walked down over to her father. You look terrible…" Lux turned to her, his throat feeling so dry. Mina fought against the urge to scream. Mom can't be dead! As he poured the water, his holo-transmitter beeped.

For a few moments, he hesitated to answer.