Describe the relationship between legal hunting and poaching of rhinos

What is the relationship between legal hunting and poaching

She insisted that the legal international trade in live rhino and the There is an extremely close link between legal hunting and poaching, which the minister is Yet this view fails to explain why species preservation is good in itself. to elephants in which recognises the relationship between the. A proposed moratorium on rhino hunting could increase poaching, says the Professional Hunters' Association of SA. I have a question, they say, the ban of legal hunting of Rhino's will increase poaching of Rhinos for the horns. Between tourists who feel almighty by shooting at big game and Asians. A contact between armed poachers, who resisted arrest, and rangers in uMkhuze describing Kaziranga as “the park that shoots people to protect rhinos”. . The law in many countries does not assign long prison sentences to wildlife crime. . Why kill a poacher and at the same time allow Rhino Professional Hunting.

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