How did tiger woods and steve williams meet

how did tiger woods and steve williams meet

Steve Williams says that Tiger Woods will never break Jack Nicklaus' Steve Williams says when the scandal came out, it was the most difficult. These are the caddies used by Tiger Woods over the year, including the current one and several fill-ins. Plus, how much does Tiger's caddie. Steve Williams, MNZM (born 29 December ) is a New Zealander who has served as a caddie for several top professional golfers, most recently with Adam Scott. Williams is best known for having served as Tiger Woods' caddie from to Woods was the top-ranked golfer in the world for much of Williams' tenure as During this time, he met Greg Norman, and in became Norman's.

Absolutely no truth to it. Don't speak to anybody. What did Tiger do with himself to get rid of the stress that built up in his life? He loved the gym work and, before he got injured, the Navy Seals training. I figured that addiction to the gym was where he got rid of many of his frustrations. And when I say addiction, I mean just that: When you live so intensely in the public eye, you surely have to have something else away from the spotlight that gives you pleasure — and it turns out I was wrong about the gym.

The one question I'm now regularly landed with is: How could you not know about Tiger's multitude of mistresses? It's a valid question — it's one I would ask myself if a scandal of Tiger-like proportions happened to another caddy's boss. How could I spend so much time with him and not have an inkling this was going on?

The answer, in a roundabout way, is that Elin didn't know either.

Tiger Woods interview on Steve Williams

Only a handful of his oldest buddies actually had any idea this was going on. I didn't know because Tiger didn't dare tell me. We had such a strong bond and working relationship that there was no way he could let me in on what was happening — he knew my values and that I would have zero tolerance for that kind of behaviour.

I would have told him straight away that I condemned that kind of activity and, unless he stopped, there would be no conversation — that would be the end of us. On top of that, Kirsty and Elin had become close friends and Tiger would have been aware of that as well.

When [Tiger's manager] Mark Steinberg sent me that text following the Australian Masters, I had no idea what to expect.

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When I first got back to New Zealand, there was nothing going on. The story being chased by the National Enquirer about an alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel — who had been with him in Melbourne — was still developing.

Steinberg's warning to say nothing wasn't a problem because no one was asking. That all changed once Tiger slow-crashed his SUV into the fire hydrant just outside his house on Thanksgiving night.

how did tiger woods and steve williams meet

He was fleeing an angry Elin, while dosed up on sleeping tablets, after she discovered he had been cheating on her. Before long, my phone wouldn't stop ringing. I distinctly remember what I was doing when I heard he'd been involved in an accident — I was in a paddock slashing the grass and listening to the radio through headphones.

I knew only what everyone else knew at that stage: Any story involving Tiger got blown out of proportion, so I was happy to wait for more details. When later reports said there were no serious injuries, I relaxed and waited to hear from him.

Tiger and I had been regular communicators and I figured he would contact me soon enough. A few days later, in late November, he emailed to say that he was in a spot of bother and would be in touch. I didn't hear from him again for four months.

how did tiger woods and steve williams meet

Every other bugger was calling me, though. The media were incredibly disrespectful with constant calls asking for information. There was no let-up. I got frustrated over that period — the media feeding frenzy was relentless. It seemed like each new day broke with another story about Tiger and in response to these daily revelations someone would want me to comment.

I was angry at him for what he'd done — especially what he'd done to Elin — but regardless of the morality of the matter, he was still a friend in trouble and I was going to stick by him.

how did tiger woods and steve williams meet

I did that even though people were accusing me of being an enabler, an accomplice, saying I was lying when I stated clearly that I knew nothing about this. For months on end, my life was absolutely miserable. People in my local community would front up to me at the shops and call me a liar to my face, and ask, 'What are you doing with him? I was sitting on the roof of my car with Jett beside me, holding the trophy — and all I could hear were boos. Jett turned to me and asked, 'Why are these people booing you Dad?

Even when Jett returned to school at the end of the summer he'd come home and ask, 'Why do people say you're bad? I repeatedly asked for Tiger's management to release a statement that would clear me of any involvement in this lurid news. They simply wouldn't do it because there were others in his group who knew exactly what was going on, and management felt they couldn't single out one person as innocent.

Angry, frustrated and hung out to dry, I was also in limbo about when I would next work.

how did tiger woods and steve williams meet

Tiger had taken an indefinite break from golf and I had no idea when he'd be back — or if I'd be working for him again. Quitting wasn't an option as I felt incredibly loyal to Tiger — this was the toughest time of his life and I wasn't going to ditch him. The uncertainty came from the total lack of communication from Tiger's team. Williams had caddied for Adam Scott in the U.

Open and Open Championship. After 13 years of loyal service needless to say this came as a shock. Given the circumstances of the past 18 months working through Tiger's scandal, a new coach and with it a major swing change and Tiger battling through injuries I am very disappointed to end our very successful partnership at this time. I have had the opportunity to work of late for Australian Adam Scott and will now caddy for him on a permanent basis. Having started my caddying career with Australian great Peter Thompson and working for Greg Norman in the '80s I am excited about the future working for another Australian.

It was Scott's first major championship and the first time that an Australian golfer had won the Masters. In SeptemberWilliams announced that he would no longer be working in his part-time role with Scott, saying Scott wanted to go back to having a full-time caddie from the start of onwards.

According to British newspaper The Guardian he said, "I wouldn't call Mickelson a great player, 'cause I hate the prick".

Steve Williams' new book shows no love lost for Tiger Woods

He pays me no respect at all and hence I don't pay him any respect. It's no secret we don't get along either. You said he fired you on the phone, he said he fired you in person. Why would Tiger lie? I have my take on how it unfolded and he has his take on how it unfolded and that's how I will leave it.

Steve Williams on holding any grudges with Tiger after the firing. Williams replies, "I just felt the timing was a little unusual. Steve Williams talks about the satisfaction of winning the tournament while caddying for Adam Scott at Firestone and acknowledges the comments he made after the win suggested he still had animosity towards Tiger.

Williams also speaks about Tiger Woods congratulating him after the win: I really respected that Steve Williams talks about how intimidating Tiger Woods was on the course when he was playing at his peak, but says things are not the same anymore: Steve Williams talks about what it was like to work with Tiger Woods and says his determination is top notch: You know the desire and the will to win.

I have never come across anybody that just hates to lose. I mean running second is just ain't an option.

Steve Williams (caddie)

He just didn't like that. Steve Williams explains why he hung up on Tiger Woods and recalls some of their fondest memories together. Steve Williams explains what he has done with people's cameras to help Tiger Woods.