Relationship between photography and text

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relationship between photography and text

Examining the relationship between image and text requires three inter- connected levels of analysis: 1. the conceptual level, and equally the choice of a starting. Verity, Barbara () The relationship between text and image in documentary photography. Masters thesis, Concordia University. word-image relationship in the silent movies, where the words either is also a typical relationship between literary texts and the visual arts.

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I read a very interesting article by Marie Anna Lee about the relationship between text and visual or rather the contradiction between text and visual. It talks about the text in a manner which may confuse the viewer about its meaning but when juxtaposed with a visual makes total sense. The context becomes crucial in the marriage of the two. Interestingly, textual context along with a visual also leaves the viewer to understand its message on their own or in other words such an art would be open to diverse and varied interpretations by its audience.

What becomes important in this is the combination of the two — text and visual both — stand alone, neither of them might make sense but what becomes crucial is the effect of both combined. What is it that they are creating together.

Here, we must understand that neither the visual nor the text is more important. Consider YouTube, Netflix or Spotify.

relationship between photography and text

They are successful services that use the web to deliver media to users in well designed and intuitive interfaces. The media that they deliver are on the web. You can watch a video online or listen to a piece of music online, but the stories these services contain are isolated inside a file type.

The relationship between text and image in documentary photography

The stories we are telling are telling rely upon integrating multiple file types and formats that work in concert to deliver a story as a web-native experience. For example, in Life After Deathour story about the aftermath of Ebola in Barkedu, Liberia, we combined photography, text, ambient audio and audio quotes into a single slide.

The goal of including audio quotes in this story is to minimize the distance between the user and people of Liberia whose story we are telling.

We wanted users to hear the emotion in voices of the villagers of Barkedu.

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If this were a story told purely in audio, we would have needed to hear the voice of an interpreter in lieu of the subject. After the team has a shared understanding of user needs and editorial goals for a story, we work through an iterative process of refinement to validate or refute assumptions about our approach to the story.

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Assumptions are challenged through both qualitative methods like usability tests and quantitative analysis of our web analytics. While our assumptions are often wrong, I believe that an attitude of putting users first is the most important principle we follow. As a template, it is agnostic about the form or presentation of a story.

I prefer to think of it as a set of building blocks that make getting a project started more efficient. This explains the amount of words and pages in a novel. This does not mean that photos are an easier channel of communication to use than words.

Both words and photos are powerful in their own ways but words, in and of themselves, exudes a sense of mystique and depth unseen in other forms of communication channels.

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This also explains why most of the products in the publishing industry are still word-intensive, such as novels and academic journals. Photography books are available but their numbers have yet to surpass that of text-intensive books.

relationship between photography and text

There are also more flexible in the ways that words are structured and these variations give the writers greater control over the strength of their words. The greater the repertoire writers have with their words, the greater their freedom in influencing their readers.

However, it is in the face of time constraints such as not having enough time to pen and shape our thoughts into words or when the readers do not have time to read that words faces its greatest challenge as a channel for self-expression. This is where photography comes into the picture. Equipped with a unique ability to evoke emotions in viewers without any use of words, photos has the advantage of making impressions with speed. This explains the use of cover photos for magazines of various categories such as entertainment, sports and lifestyle.

relationship between photography and text

This is a technique commonly employed by various newspapers and magazines but more often than not, news magazines use this technique more often than the rest. Hence, a communication medium other than images is required to fill in the details.