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LIGHT MY FIRE. FIRST AID KIT I AM THE FIRE FIRE AND THE FLOOD . SINCE I MET YOU BABY . FIRE MEET GASOLINE. SIA. In honor of Mother's Day, decided to take a closer look at the many moms Sia often calls on famous folks like Shia LeBeouf, Dance Moms' Maddie The supermodel and actor appear in “Fire Meet Gasoline – By Heidi Klum”. Asia. Heat Of The Moment. Asking Alexandria. A Prophecy. Aslan. Crazy World Maddie & Tae. Girl In A Country Fire Meet Gasoline.

Dynamism was the name of the game as Charli worked the DJ desk, the stage and even at one point the crowd itself as she jumped down into the pit and balanced against the barrier to high five the sea of hands that surrounded her, the fans loving every second of the opportunity to get that much closer to their idol. There was no denying that Charli absolutely brought it home for the New Zealand crowd and most certainly made some new fans along the way.

With a huge smile plastered across her face she bid the crowd farewell as the fans cheered, more than overjoyed with her set. As black curtains were drawn across the front of the stage and clipped together in the middle, the stadium floodlights came to life, ensuring that there was enough light for patrons to make their way to the toilets, food and other amenities before settling in for the main act of the night.

Earlier in the day, as fans had begun to line up outside the gates there were even trays of water being taken around to ensure that many of the younger fans remained hydrated. Always nice to see when a venue thinks about the little things!

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When booked out by acts such as Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, all available seating is allocated; tonight the entirety of the upper grand stands were closed off with only the lower being utilized. The GA section of the field was split into two, with the front section being VIP and allowing fans the chance to line up against the front barrier that much closer to the stage.

As the clock counted down to 9pm, the scheduled time that Sia was supposed to appear, fans became restless, small groups chanting her name over and over again. All of a sudden the floodlights were extinguished and the stadium plunged into darkness, fans shrieking at the excitement of Sia being only moments away. It would be prudent at this point to mention that the stage itself was flanked by two large big screens, which are mainly for the benefit of the people towards the back of the stadium and those who are more vertically challenged when it comes to seeing the stage.

Throughout the night the camera work had been outstanding, however as the curtains were drawn back to reveal Sia standing before everyone the screens remained black. As the embodiment of the art of dance itself, Maddie Ziegler leapt and bounded across the stage and around the stock still Sia, every move communicating a part of the story to the audience.

However the footage on the screens had a curiously more polished look to them, with close ups that would have been almost impossible to capture live. And that was when it dawned on many of the fans that the on screen footage was actually pre-recorded.

Any true fan of the Australian songstress Sia knows that she has always directed the focus away from herself and into the music, the lyrics and emotive aspect of her voice conveying all that she wishes it to, while her videos and live performances featuring her dancers express such topics as love, loss and pain with their limbs and exaggerated movements. After moving off to the very back left corner of the stage, Sia remained almost motionless for the rest of the night, two hands gripping the microphone stand she almost looked like a forgotten toy in the back of the closet; her simple knee length white cotton dress topped with her trademark black and blonde wig and finished with a giant white bow.

Sia, Auckland NZ, 2017

While the on stage performers kept in perfect time with the videos being played on screen, one could not help but feel some sympathy for the people at the back of the venue who by this point must have been wondering why they paid to come and watch music videos. There is absolutely no faulting the celluloid visuals, each one is a visceral work of art and features well-known actors such as Paul Dano, Kristen Wiig, comedian Tig Notaro and even fellow Australian Ben Mendelsohn.

But when the performers on stage are reflecting exactly the same moves it felt as if they were being robbed of sharing their gift and skills with the entire audience, rather than just those in the first few rows who had an unimpeded view of them.

For most of the video the two look more like animals making hostile gestures at one another, even lunging and attacking one another through dance.

He backs off and lowers himself to the ground. Maddie slips back in, climbs atop his back, and all is peaceful as the two even get a little silly. Shia is distraught eventually dying as he is pressed against the bars.

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Maddie finds herself trying to pull him out, but unable. We get to see a man and woman walk from one room of a fancy home to another and star dancing.

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I like the wardrobe. I like the setting. I like the way that the paintings show the dancers dancing then fill up with their original paintings. I like the Fight Club style popping up and disappearing in a moment of people in front of the windows.

The video begins with a woman who kind of looks like what a modern day ninja would look were they into some underground music. She keeps doing this self eye exam here and the camera shows the shift in perception. This keeps happening throughout the video. The rest of the video features shots of Marksman himself as well as tells the story of this women trying to outrun a horde.

This is all a rouse, though, as she gets what she wants in the end.