Traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

Personality Traits of the Very Dynamic Taurus-Gemini Cusps

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

May 19, Those born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp that is from about May 17th to These traits also give them the ability to adapt to different situations and. Feb 22, A Taurus-Gemini cusp is perhaps the most energetic and dynamic zodiac combination of all the other cusp signs. With a fantastic blend of traits. May 18, Compatibility Are you more Gemini, more Taurus, or an even blend of both? Those who fall on the cusp of these signs need to pay a bit more to create a beautiful and complex union of traits and characteristics. I'm a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow.

If you are born between the 19th and 23rd of any given month, you have a blend of traits found in the two zodiac signs. Individuals born under this cusp are ruled by the planets Mercury and the Moon. The season being late spring and early summer.

The associated elements comprise air and water. It is known as the cusp of magic, but there are few drawbacks too, like you may get upset for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or you may have a hard time hiding your feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Gemini is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, which represents travel, quick-wit, and intellect; whereas, Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon, which is associated with emotions and nourishment.

So what happens when a person is born with favoring qualities of both these signs? Let us take a look at the personality traits. Personality Traits Super Emotional They are known to be super emotional, that's why you will find them surrounded by friends and family all the time. They attach themselves to that one particular person, be it their partner or their kids, and expect them to have the same feelings towards them.

They are emotional but logical, honest people, and tend to make other people emotional as well. They can be quite demanding, and feel disappointed if their better half or family fails to be sensitive to their feelings and fulfill their desires. Excellent Cooks They are great lovers of food, and love to relish different types of food.

They are all geared up when it comes to trying out new food. This makes them amazing cooks. Don't be surprised if your spouse is an excellent cook, he might just be a Gemini-Cancer cusp. They just don't love to cook for themselves, but are happy to fix something new for their loved ones as well. This is where people start taking them for granted as they forgive and forget easily. Because of their patient nature, they get along with almost anybody. After all, patience is a virtue. Private They tend to be really private about their affairs.

Even if they are broken inside or depressed, they will still welcome you with the most beautiful smile. This way you won't suspect that there is something wrong. However, if they are willing to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, it is with utmost respect and trust in that other person. They generally do not open up to the outer world. Commitment They are very committed, once they take on some task. This rule applies to their personal lives too.

Once they fall in love with somebody, they are devoted and always strive to maintain the relationship for the rest of their lives.

So, even if the pair has a breakup, this cusp would still try to work out things between them. Demanding Because of their emotional and sensitive nature, they tend to be very demanding at times, which puts off the other person. Demanding can be in the form of asking for extra love and attention. Inspired They have the ability to find inspiration from the simplest of things.

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

They may get an idea to start a school or an NGO while fidgeting with their pen. Now, for other signs, a pen may just be a thing which is used for writing.

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

But such simple things in life inspire them to do something or start something for the upliftment of others in the society. It does not really matter if their effort is recognized or not. They are well-built physically and are quite agile. The socialites that they are, they will easily make friends thanks to their highly talkative nature! However, a Gemini Taurus cusp must also try to listen to their friends and partners rather than always doing the talking themselves!

Gemini Taurus Cusp signs are Revealed in this Expert Report

Nothing impresses your Gemini Taurus cusp partner more than hot dates and a passionate dinner. Do not let them overindulgence in food and drinks, though! Being exceptionally creative and honest, they will like their partners to maintain a long-lasting relationship in which they both live happily ever after. One thing is for certain, with your Gemini Taurus cusp, you will live life to the fullest!

Since Gemini Taurus cusps love working with new ideas, thoughts, and innovation, they will like partners who can give them enough food for thought and engage in intellectual discussions. Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility — The Definitive Guide They make loyal, responsible, and caring lovers and these are the very qualities they are looking out for in their partners.

Full of entrepreneurial qualities, they are great at problem-solving and will appreciate someone who can respect and understand their ambitions in life, helping them strive towards their goals while being the constant pillar of support. Being extremely devoted, they shower their love and affection upon their family and loved ones. They have an innate desire to be free and this applies to their relationships as well: Consequently, partners who are over possessive might not be well-suited to these free-spirited beings.

It is extremely important for them to manage things well on their own, without having to rely on the support of someone else. They will have very high expectations from their partners, which are often unrealistic and impractical.

However, this leads to disappointments later. The ideal partner for a Gemini Taurus cusp will be one who can communicate well as the cusp is a born communicator! The two are a match made in heaven, in fact: Both Gemini and Virgo, it might be remembered, are ruled by Mercury, which makes them intelligent enough.

They will both have very vivid dreams which will be materialistic in nature. They will plan their goals well and strategize the steps needed to be taken to achieve them. Ultimately, with their exceptional chemistry, planning, and determination, they will achieve any goal they have set their eyes on.

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

The charming nature of Gemini Taurus cusp and their consequent involvements with the others can make the Virgo feel a bit insecure and hurt, though. It is important to be expressive about your feelings and not bottle up your emotions. Worry less and love each other more! The relationship derives its strength from communication. These lovers know how to communicate even in silence. Music tends to amplify their liking for each other.

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

They might also share other interests including reading. The air element is common among them both, which symbolizes thought. Both the Gemini Taurus cusp and the Gemini Cancer cusp are intelligent and passionate beings, which allows their love to bloom. It is important to be honest and faithful to each other! Taurus partners will, in particular, like the loving and passionate lovers they find in their Gemini Taurus mates.

While the relationship has great potential to succeed, it can be affected by feelings of jealousy and infidelity. Meditate often to release stresses! Made For Each Other! Virgo Libra cusps are very flexible, graceful, and thoughtful. They will always try to seek commonalities with their partners, which helps the relationship bloom.

Virgo Libra partners will bring out the perfection in the Gemini Taurus cusps while the Gemini Taurus cusps, the excellent communicators that they are, teach their partner the art of being expressive!

They make for a perfect match but like all relationships, things might not be sparkling all the time. Depression and gloominess can set in sometimes, particularly with no specific reason, so it is important to support each other. Look deeper into your relationship and develop a greater consciousness in life rather than assuming things are going great when, in fact, there is a dire need for making amendments.

traits of a gemini on the cusp taurus relationship with sagittarius

It is important for the Gemini Taurus cusp and the Virgo Libra cusp partners to strive hard to achieve consistency and understand each other well if this relationship is to succeed! This energy can be directed towards things that are helpful or it can be directed things that can just waste time. As a Gemini Taurus cusp becomes mature, he or she gets better at focusing on getting things done.

The reality of the world we live in is that you are rewarded based on what you achieve. You are never rewarded by what you intend to do. The road to hell after all is paved with good intentions. It is what you do that counts. Gemini Taurus cusp people have a very special power here. They can focus on getting things done. They have the energy to make it happen. All they need is maturity to know where to focus all that energy on.

Is Gemini and Taurus a Winning Combination? I find it difficult to say that there is a particular winner in the horoscope. With the Gemini Taurus cusp however there is a strong chance that this is a winning combination. If you play your cards right, you can emphasize the strengths of Gemini and Taurus while leaving behind their weaknesses.

There is a lot of serious weaknesses with Gemini and Taurus, but if you focus on the positive aspects, Gemini Taurus cusp can be quite a bit of a winner in all things in life.

Just like any other cusp personality, the Gemini Taurus Cusp personality starts with a long laundry list of different strengths and weaknesses of each sign that make up the cusp sign.


The downside to Gemini and Taurus combination is that you can put a lot of energy into things. However, if you put energy into the wrong kind of things, you might be called traitor, irresponsible, flaky and a bad person to have around. Your Gemini side is why. Your Gemini side freaks people out. It makes you look crazy. It makes you look irresponsible.