3 of swords tarot relationship questions

Three of Swords Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

3 of swords tarot relationship questions

The Three of Swords tarot is the card for heartbreak, conflict, tears, and . Some questions that the Three of Swords tarot wants you to ask. As you might imagine the Three of Swords symbolizes the wounded heart. Every human being experiences betrayals, cruelty, unkindness, and. Tarot card meanings and interpretation for The Three of Swords in general know the facts so can now do something about the issues at hand.

Your partner may have betrayed or hurt you in the past and you are continuing to focus on this and feel unable to forgive them. If that is the case, you need to ask yourself if there is any point in continuing the relationship.

Your relationship will not be able to grow while you are holding onto past indiscretions. You need to figure out if you can draw a line under the past and move forward together. If you are single, the Three of Swords reversed can indicate healing from a breakup, separation or divorce. It can also be an indicate that you are coming out of a period of feeling lonely and isolated and are feeling much more optimistic about your future relationship prospects.

Alternatively, the Three of Swords reversed can indicate an extreme level of holding onto sorrow after a bitter breakup, divorce or loss of a loved one.

Tarot Card Meanings: 3 of Swords

There is no doubt that what you have been through has devastated you. At the same time, holding onto the pain is not going to make you feel better. You may need to consider seeking help from a healer or professional counsellor to help you start the healing process. You may be feeling much more upbeat and your work environment may be much more positive and happy.

Perhaps the person who was causing the stress has left the company. Communication has improved and there is an atmosphere of reconciliation, compromise and forgiveness. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card in reverse can signify an already difficult work situation getting worse. Lots of previous upheaval and the bad feeling that has caused is made worse by people being unwilling to let go of negativity or choosing to hold grudges rather than draw a line under things and move forward in a productive way.

In a financial context, the Three of Swords reversed can indicate that you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a period of financial difficulty. You may be coming to a compromise with lenders to pay back a debt or they may agree some level of debt forgiveness. You may be reaching out for support or help with your financial problems and you should be feeling much more positive when it appears in your Tarot spread.

The Three of Swords Tarot Card

Alternatively, this card can indicate a severe level of wallowing in a financial loss. You may have lost a job you loved or lost your home or financial status due to the recession. This card suggests that you are still holding onto the memories of what once was, unwilling to accept where you are today.

You need to accept your situation and begin to take real steps to improve it, rather than wallowing in self-pity.

Three of Swords Tarot Card and its Meaning

In a health Tarot reading, the Three of Swords reversed can signify a return to health after a period of ill-health, surgery or disorders. You should be feeling much more optimistic about your chances of recovering or healing. Alternatively, this card in reverse may be telling you that anxiety levels are playing a major part in any health problems you are experiencing.

3 of swords tarot relationship questions

Do not allow your fear to overwhelm you, seek professional help if you need to. Recent events or losses left you feeling bereft and sorrowful but you have come through that and are finally healing the pain.

Alternatively, it can indicate that you are holding on to your sorrow, unwilling or unable to let go of the grief you feel.

When we are consumed by grief and pain we often close ourselves off to the messages our spirit guides are sending us. From there, things will get easier. Just take it one step at a time. The Three of Swords tarot can also point to a love triangle.

3 of swords tarot relationship questions

It can also be with circumstances or other people in your lives. It can be your demanding jobs, your friends, and even your families. Sometimes, the Three of Swords tarot does not always mean grief and suffering. That things will get better if you wait a while. That this is just temporary. When the Three of Swords tarot is reversed, it indicates a time for healing.

3 of swords tarot relationship questions

You are finally seeing positive changes in your relationship. The pain is slowly lifting and you can finally smile again. You are seeing a happy ending, after all. Three of Swords and Money When it comes to money and finance, the Three of Swords tarot does not bode well. It actually indicates some discouraging news.

3 of swords tarot relationship questions

When the money problem is too overwhelming, start small and focus on the smaller tasks. Clear off debts that you can settle right now, and work towards the bigger ones as you go along. Save more and spend less. Think of ways to augment your income. Mainly because this card is a sort of wake-up call for you to take a closer look at your relationships. It urges you to examine who in your life can break your heart. What you can take care of now, do it.

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Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions Every Tarot reading sets cards out in locations representing your past, your present and your future.

The meaning of each card is different depending on where it lands in your reading. If the Three of Swords happens to land in the past position of your Tarot reading, you can look back on a foundation of sadness that may have led to your current situation. Many people still recovering from heartbreaking loss see the Three of Swords land here even years after the passing of what was. The card here reminds us that the emptiness lingers.

Often, people in prison find this card here to remind them that their cruelty to another person in the past is inextricably linked to their present incarceration. But you do not need a jail to imprison you for some of the deeds out of your past that were insensitive and have come to bury you in guilt. The present position is a somber place for this card to land. Seeing the Three of Swords appear here as confirmation of your current heartache is not the worst thing.

What does it mean to see this card when you are feeling stable and emotionally satisfied? The Three of Swords indicates that you may be oblivious to the cruelty you are inflicting on someone. Your life may be going great but perhaps you have no comprehension that playing your loud music late in the night is ruining the health and well-being of a neighbor.

You are obliviously accruing much bad karma and the Three of Swords is demanding that you take a deep personal inventory of all aspects of your daily behavior that could be causing pain to others directly from your unintentional actions. The future position is not where you want to see the Three of Swords. The best-case scenario of this card appearing in the future position is that your reading serves as a wake up call to analyze your relationships.

You can work to ensure that nobody is capable of delivering heartbreak to you. You can scrutinize some possible cruelty toward someone regardless of your intent and mitigate it now before it does any karmic damage.