30 days relationship

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30 days relationship

With all of life demands it's hard to keep building and growing in our relationships but these simple ways make it easy. Bring the fireworks back to your relationship! Think you and your partner can accomplish all 30 days? While they say it only takes 21 days to. Being in a relationship is just like going on a roller coaster - it's full of highs and 30 days minimalism challenge the Minimalist Quotes, Minimalist Definition.

I do journaling challenges, writing challenges, yoga and fitness challenges… Well, this time I wanted to go through one with my partner. As I always do, I found some relationship challenges online. But somehow, they seem not to go the whole way through, at least from my perspective.

So, inspired by rituals with my boyfriend and adding some new, I came up with this challenge for us. We are starting on this Monday. Are you going to join us? The basic rule is to follow through. This challenge becomes the number one priority in my relationship and I plan my days according to the challenge. Will we be brave enough? A minutes walk Monday Easy, right? We will talk to each other. And we will try to skip talking about our jobs or our household.

Cooking together Tuesday Most important: We will relax, chat and make it a free-style-dance. Massage Wednesday We should spend 1 30 minutes each or 2 60 minutes each hours in this activity. This is one of our favorite rituals so we know the steps: There should be no distractions. We turn the phones off. We have a shower, breathe together and relax. We pick a cozy spot in our home and make the room warm.

I like to dim the lights and put some relaxing music on. I make my own mix with some coconut oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil. My partner lays naked on the prepared surface and I put some comfy clothes on. I let my intuition guide me.

30 days relationship

When the time is up, we change the places. Naked cuddling Thursday This is one of my favorites! This is how we do it: We lay in our bed. Then we repeat step 7. We love this ritual and it gave a new dimension to our intimate life.

We were inspired by a great article on naked cuddling by Monica Carless: Naked cuddling does wonder for your relationship, but also your health. Reduces cortisol the stress hormone 2. As the author of the article says: In the beginning, it seemed impossible to write !

30 days relationship

Then I thought of all the small things he does, for me, for himself, for the world. I thought about all the beautiful parts of his body. About all the memories I have of him. I just kept on writing. Now I will repeat it, together with my partner.

"30 days" Unexpected love Inspired by Marcelo Santos..

And we will just start writing. Interview night Sunday Oh, this is a fun one! This is also something we do now and then and it always makes us laugh a lot. We always prepare the questions. I like to get inspired by some movie-stars or any other influential people interviews.

We agree on the number of questions usually Once I interview my partner, we change the roles. When preparing the questions, I like to make it funny but also go deep with some questions. I answer from my heart.

30 Days, 30 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Partner

Afterward, we discuss the interviews and share what are the new insights we have about each other. We will try to do it before bed and follow-up with the naked cuddling! Getting drunk Tuesday Drinking on a Tuesday evening? The plan is to go to sleep late, break the rules and start the next day with a hungover. We are going to do the inter-mitten fasting since we went through it before. Here is how I like to do it.

I have a lunch around 1 pm and a dinner at 6 pm. This is my last meal for today. My next one is the next day at 1 pm. Date night Thursday We did our fasting! Either way, we dress up, plan our evening, have a nice dinner and a pleasant conversation. I guess it would. But hey, this is a challenge, not the Kindergarten!

Ultimate 30 Days Challenge for a Powerful Relationship

No one died from a little exercise. Usually, we do a minutes jogging and then a minutes fast walk. Home practice with a YouTube video. Yoga with Adrienefor some yoga-time. When we want something more challenging, Boho beautiful has some great yoga and pilates workouts I like to do. This is one of ours: I always try to get a lunch or dinner invitation, so we have a free meal and a cooking-free day!

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But we do bring a dessert or a bottle of wine with us always. Tell a secret Sunday We like to sit down, maybe after lunch-time and just go with it. I tell my partner something I never told him. Then my partner tells me his secret.

I stay open, listen actively, give him space and time. We discuss it afterward. Guess today is a good day for some new secrets. We close our laptops, turn-off our phones, sometimes we even turn off the Internet in our home. We have the evening for ourselves without scrolling, googling, videos, articles, phone calls. The world never ended without us so far. Hey, and we made it halfway. A photo shoot Tuesday Another one that me and my boyfriend loooove!

We prepare our outfits, do our hair and make-up, set the scene. And do the stuff they, um, like. You know; that thing.

30 days relationship

This likely involves farming the kids out instead of setting up obstacles and hoping they don't figure out how to unlock the door. Perform a chore that your partner does but hates and get it done without mentioning it. Warm up and clear off their car in the morning. Reminisce and find out each other's best gifts ever as kids. Have a date night in, buy ingredients for a zillion appetizers, rent a fun movie you will both like, and have a nice evening in when the kids go to bed. Email an early fun photo of the two of you to your partner.

Give the gift of listening and ask about their day. Do all things heavenly possible to give them your undivided attention.

30 days relationship

Anything chocolate is going to be good. Make cookies, because cookies. June Cleaver him one night, or be a modern-day Ward Cleaver for her.

The Love Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Ways To Increase The Love In Your Relationship

Have the house clean, the roast in the oven, and the pearls on. Don't worry, all can be back to normal tomorrow. Crack out that dusty massage oil you have in the back of the bathroom cupboard; it's massage night!

Write a love letter and stick it in their computer bag.

30 days relationship

Seductive emoji's are now available if that helps. This one word can mean a lot, try using it and introducing it regularly into your conversations. Compliment your partner in the spur of the moment.