Christie brinkley billy joel relationship

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christie brinkley billy joel relationship

Elle Macpherson Weighs in on the Overlap Between Billy Joel's Relationship With Her and Christie Brinkley. By Rachel McRady‍ AM PDT. Christie Brinkley spoke exclusively with Us Weekly about daughter Alexa Ray Joel's upcoming wedding — find out more. Christie Brinkley is an American model, actress and businesswoman. Brinkley gained . Brinkley illustrated the cover art for Billy Joel's triple platinum album River reported that John Mellencamp was in a new relationship with Brinkley.

He had an epiphany: Never much into drugs, he self-medicated with booze and cigarettes. After much agonizing back-and-forth, he got together with Weber, who had shrewd business sense and agreed to manage him. They married in September She brought her brother, Frank, into the fold, and Joel felt deep unease.

christie brinkley billy joel relationship

Inthey filed for divorce, but Joel hoped to reconcile. While in the hospital, doped up on pain pills and contemplating what future he might have as a musician, Weber came to visit, contract in hand.

Christie Brinkley Opens Up About Ex-Husband Billy Joel and New Boyfriend John Mellencamp

Joel recalls her asking him to sign everything he had over to her. Frank outwitted Joel by filing for bankruptcy, and inJoel settled out of court. He found a piano bar and began playing; a few moments later, to his wonderment, Elle Macpherson, then just 19, and Christie Brinkley, 28, were standing at either side of the year-old — along with an undiscovered Whitney Houston.

His doorman, a struggling actor named Nick Turturro, would rank all the women Billy brought home.

Elle Macpherson Says Billy Joel 'Ousted' Her from Apartment for Future Wife Christie Brinkley

Brinkley was the only one to get 10 fingers twice. She left, Macpherson stayed, but Joel was in love with Brinkley.

christie brinkley billy joel relationship

They conceived their daughter, Alexa Ray, on their wedding night. The breaking point came in By the end of that year, they knew the marriage was over — and it marked the last year Joel would issue a new album. He was touring with Elton John, and one night had an onstage meltdown at the Garden, randomly shouting out famous battle sites: Their relationship has never really recovered.

christie brinkley billy joel relationship

Between andJoel had three car accidents on Long Island, once smashing into a house. He checked into rehab but never bought into it.

christie brinkley billy joel relationship

Joel was 55, Lee 23 — just four years older than his daughter, Alexa. Brinkley illustrated the cover art for Billy Joel 's triple platinum album River of Dreams.

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For this, Rolling Stone awarded her the honor of "Best album cover of the year". The two met at Studio 54 in New York City at a party promoting a calendar in which Brinkley appeared. Joel, 35, and Brinkley, 31, took their vows in a private ceremony attended by family members and friends, including Paul Simon and the Stray Cats. The two remain friends to this day.

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Brinkley and Taubman met in when a mutual friend introduced them. He proposed to her in Mayalthough she and Billy Joel were still married. She married Taubman on December 22,in Telluride, Coloradonear the area where they were both in a helicopter crash on April 1, The marriage ended in with one child, Jack Paris Taubman. Cook and Brinkley first met in when he was modeling; their paths also crossed a few times after that. They were later reintroduced by a mutual friend, NBC 's Jill Rappaport, and announced their engagement in August They married on September 21, at a ranch in Bridgehampton, New York.

Brinkley was 42 and Cook They had nearly guests at their wedding, including Billy Joel.