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david relationship with saul

After David kills Goliath, King Saul is pleased and makes David an army chief. What changes in their relationship so that Saul has murderous jealousy toward. AR Why did David find favor in God's sight despite his failings, while Saul and faith are two essential ingredients in building a strong relationship with God. Lessons from comparing the lives of Kings Saul and David.

Ish-bosheth became king of Israelat the age of forty. At David's request Abner had Michal returned to David. Ish-bosheth reigned for two years, but after the death of Abner, was killed by two of his own captains 2 Samuel 4: Armoni and Mephibosheth Saul's sons with his concubine, Rizpah were given by David along with the five sons of Merab Saul's daughter [5] to the Gibeoniteswho killed them. The only male descendant of Saul to survive was MephiboshethJonathan's lame son 2 Samuel 4: In time, he came under the protection of David 2 Samuel 9: Mephibosheth had a young son, Micah 2 Samuel 9: Saul is sent with a servant to look for his father's strayed donkeys.

Leaving his home at Gibeahthey eventually arrive at the district of Zuphat which point Saul suggests abandoning their search. Saul's servant tells him that they happen to be near the town of Ramahwhere a famous seer is located, and suggests that they should consult him first. The seer later identified by the text as Samuel offers hospitality to Saul and later anoints him in private 1 Samuel 9.

Samuel organises the people by tribe and by clan. Using the Urim and Thummim[7] he selects the tribe of Benjaminfrom within the tribe selecting the clan of Matriand from them selecting Saul.

After having been chosen as monarch, Saul returns to his home in Gibeah, along with a number of followers 1 Samuel The Ammonitesled by Nahashlay siege to Jabesh-Gilead. Under the terms of surrender, the occupants of the city are to be forced into slavery and have their right eyes removed.

Instead they send word of this to the other tribes of Israeland the tribes west of the Jordan assemble an army under Saul. Saul leads the army to victory over the Ammonites, and the people congregate at Gilgal where they acclaim Saul as king and he is crowned 1 Samuel The last of these is that Saul will be met by an ecstatic group of prophets leaving a high place and playing the lyretambourineand flutes.

Saul encounters the ecstatic prophets and joins them. Saul sends more men, but they too join the prophets. Eventually Saul himself goes, and also joins the prophets.

david relationship with saul

Military victories[ edit ] After relieving the siege of Jabesh-Gilead, Saul conducts military campaigns against the MoabitesAmmonitesEdomitesAram Rehob and the kings of Zobahthe Philistinesand the Amalekites 1 Samuel But the event showed it was a false policy; for the people were so faint and weak for want of food, that they were less able to follow and slay the Philistines than if they had stopped to take a moderate refreshment".

Saul planned a military action against the Philistines. Samuel said that he would arrive in seven days to perform the requisite rites. When a week passed with no word of Samuel, and with the Israelites growing restless, Saul prepares for battle by offering sacrifices. Samuel arrives just as Saul is finishing sacrificing and reprimands Saul for not obeying his instructions. Later Samuel instructs Saul to make war on the Amalekites and to "utterly destroy" them, [14] in fulfilment of a mandate set out Deuteronomy When the Lord your God has given you rest from all your enemies on every hand, in the land that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess, you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; do not forget.

Having forewarned the Kenites who were living among the Amalekites to leave, Saul goes to war and defeats the Amalekites. Saul kills all the men, women, children and poor quality livestock, but leaves alive the king and best livestock. When Samuel learns that Saul has not obeyed his instructions in full, he informs Saul that God has rejected him as king due to his disobedience.

david relationship with saul

As Samuel turns to go, Saul seizes hold of his garments and tears off a piece; Samuel prophecies that the kingdom will likewise be torn from Saul. Samuel then kills the Amalekite king himself. Samuel and Saul each return home and never meet again after these events 1 Samuel Samuel heads to Bethlehemostensibly to offer sacrifice and invited Jesse and his sons.

Dining together, Jesse's sons are brought one by one to Samuel, each being rejected; at last, Jesse sends for David, the youngest, who is tending sheep. When brought to Samuel, David is anointed by him in front of his other brothers. In 1 Samuel With Jesse's permission he remains at court, playing the harp as needed to calm Saul during his troubled spells.

The Philistine's champion Goliath issues a challenge for single combat, but none of the Israelite accept. David is described as a young shepherd who happens to be delivering food to his three eldest brothers in the army, and he hears Goliath's challenge.

david relationship with saul

David speaks mockingly of the Philistines to some soldiers; his speech is overheard and reported to Saul, who summons David and appoints David as his champion. David easily defeats Goliath with a single shot from a sling. At the end of the passage, Saul asks his general, Abner, who David is. Saul offered his elder daughter Merab as a wife to the now popular David, after his victory over Goliath, but David demurred. David distinguishes himself in the Philistine wars.

Upon David's return from battle, the women praise him in song: Saul has slain his thousands and David his tens of thousands [17] implying that David is the greater warrior. Saul fears David's growing popularity and henceforth views him as a rival to the throne. Saul's son Jonathan and David become close friends. Jonathan recognizes David as the rightful king, and "made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.

On two occasions, Saul threw a spear at David as he played the harp for Saul. David becomes increasingly successful and Saul becomes increasingly resentful.

david relationship with saul

This was the love of David and Jonathan. This argues that the relationship between the two, although strong and close, is ultimately a platonic friendship. The covenant that is made is political, and not erotic; while any intimacy is a case of male bonding and homosociality. Neither of the men is described as having problems in their heterosexual married life.

David and Jonathan

David had an abundance of wives and concubines as well as an adulterous affair with Bathshebaand apparently suffered impotence only as an old man, while Jonathan had a five-year-old son at his death. Emotional and even physical closeness of two males did not seem to concern the editors of the story, nor was such a relationship prohibited by Leviticus.

The story has also frequently been used as a coded reference to homoerotic relations when the mention was socially discouraged or even punished. Jonathan cherished David, Achilles loved Patroclus. David had mourned for Jonathan. This was first pioneered by Tom Horner, [19] then adopted by John Boswell. Jonathan and David cared deeply about each other in a way that was arguably stronger and more intimate than a platonic friendship.

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David's praise in 2 Samuel 1: Throughout the passages, David and Jonathan consistently affirm and reaffirm their love and devotion to one another, and Jonathan is willing to betray his father, family, wealth, and traditions for David. That there is more than mere homosociality in the dealings of David and Jonathan is asserted by two recent studies: Ackerman explains this as a case of liminal, viz.

david relationship with saul

In response to his victory over Goliath, " Jonathan loved him as his own soul. This seems to show Saul's response to David as parallel with Jonathan's response.

Jonathan helps David Escape from Saul

Saul's possessiveness towards David was surely an indication of how closely he felt towards him 1. That he wouldn't allow him to return to his father's house suggests that Saul wanted to have David as his adopted son. His delight that David was in love with Michal was a strange mixture of motivations; genuine joy at having David as his son-in-law, and also glee that perhaps David would die whilst raising that strange dowry.

David was " pleased" to be Saul's son in law, as Saul too was " pleased" at the prospect David loved Saul, his daughters and his son Jonathan; and later David was to marry Saul's wives. These wives were given into David's bosom 2 Sam. Even while Saul was alive there was probably some attraction chemistry going on between David and those women.

This may well be reflected in Saul's fury with Jonathan: This hints at least two things: There can be few men who do not have at least some attraction to the father and family of their wife. David really loved Saul's daughter, indeed the prospect of marrying her may have been a large motivator behind his zeal in fighting Goliath and the Philistines Saul was not a totally unspiritual man; there are many hints that he had a spiritual side.

It's rare indeed that a totally unspiritual person can love a highly spiritual person like David. And yet this fine relationship ended in an intense love-hate affair. So many of the Psalms contain references to Saul's smear campaign against David Ps. This frequency of reference in itself indicates the weight with which this tragedy rested upon David's mind. So, it's taken us a long time to establish two points, hopefully now without any doubt: David and Saul had a highly complex relationship, pointing forward to the complexity of relationship between Christ and Israel.

These are some of many hints that there was a complex acceptance-rejection relationship between Israel and Christ. Saul and David likewise had a mutual love and respect for each other.

After all Saul had done to David, David's grief at his death in 2 Sam.

Saul and David

David taught all Israel to regularly sing that song of grief for Saul 2 Sam. Saul's sons and family were also involved in the anti-David campaign. The Spirit Of Christ How to love the unlovely, to live without bitterness, to not be a psychological victim of our past experiences, is absolutely vital for the true child of God.

In David and above all the Lord Jesus we see this achieved so supremely. Yet his gracious love for Saul was a stronger and the more dominant part of his character. Can we say that as a community, it seems we are in sore need of capturing this spirit, of knowing the mind of Christ in this. We seem far, far away from it, as individuals and ecclesias.

We wallow in our pasts, the bitterness born of others' unkindness stalks the generations, somehow we fail to break out of it. The world around us are trapped, utterly trapped, by their backgrounds, by their experiences, they treat their children as they were treated by parents, by teachers, by a morally crooked society; and their children do the same.

Many of us seem trapped in the same way. But we needn't be, there is a Gospel of freedom from all this, of a truly new creation.

So let's consider how David, and the Lord Jesus, achieved what they did. Firstly, let's get it clear that neither of them turned a blind eye to the hatred they were being shown, they didn't just pretend they hadn't seen. So many of the Psalms contain imprecations against those who were seeking David's soul- not just his physical life, but seeking to destroy his very being e. These imprecations expose the evil of Saul, and asks God to condemn him.