Iran china relationship with vietnam

China Finding Vietnam a Demanding Business Partner

iran china relationship with vietnam

The risk of a military confrontation between China and Vietnam is rising. Although the two countries have enjoyed close party-to-party ties for decades, since. its support for North Vietnam and the Viet Cong in Indochina, its ill-fated military . Russia has traditionally had cordial relations with China's rival and another . Russo-Iranian economic ties started to expand soon after the. HANOI (Viet Nam News/ANN) - Though bilateral trade rose 41 per cent to US $ million last year, this figure is still far below the potential of.

China–Vietnam relations

If the Vietnamese Government also provides similar conditions, bilateral trade will increase, he said. Ngan pointed out similarities between the two countries, such as that Iran is a populous Middle Eastern country while Vietnam is a populous nation in Southeast Asia. The two should therefore prioritise the trading of goods that each side specialises in, and speed up the settlement of payment hurdles.

She said the fields of information technology and telecommunications hold major co-operation potential. Vietnam wants to make bilateral partnerships in these spheres, and use them to make a breakthrough in bilateral ties, thereby stimulating co-operation in other fields. His current visit is also aimed at hearing the opinions of Vietnamese businesses interested in investing in Iran so as to remove obstacles and strengthen partnerships.

As well as investment and trade, Iran is ready to provide scholarships for Vietnamese students to study the Persian language and other subjects. They are also keen to continue exchanging university lecturers, and step up cultural and tourism cooperation through organising exhibitions, film screenings and other cultural events.

She said that the two sides should further bring into play their parliamentary friendship groups to enhance co-operation between the two parliaments. Regional and international issues of shared concern were also discussed during the talks. They found it difficult to recognise either the Gorbachev-era Soviet Union or the new Russia as integral parts of Asia. Was Russia really an Asian country, people would ask.

iran china relationship with vietnam

The Japanese coined an interesting term when referring to the Russian Far East; an enclave of European culture on Asian territory. The feeling was mutual — people in the Russian Far East also saw Asia as distant. When I explained, they took it as a joke. Those days are long gone. For modern citizens of the Russian Far East, Asia is really close. Indeed, increasingly they see themselves as Asians. It has also become one of the most active creators or co-creators of new Asian cooperation platforms.

Intogether with China and the newly independent Central Asian states, it established the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, aimed at building trust in military matters, and fighting terrorism and drug trafficking. Members of the organisation now intend to cooperate in a much wider range of fields, including trade, investment, energy and culture. In the long term, they have even pledged to establish a free-trade area. Many Asian countries are now keen to work with it, and possibly even join, including India.

iran china relationship with vietnam

There are several reasons why Russia is now putting so much energy into establishing itself as a regional player. Secondly, the Donald Trump factor is at work. Finally, contrary to its deteriorating relations with Western powers, Russia has good, stable, and, more often than not, successful relations with all Asian countries, including those that are at odds with one another, such as China and Indiaor India and Pakistan, or South and North Korea. That gives it an important diplomatic advantage.

It remains per cent pragmatic to achieve its geopolitical and economic goals. This, however, does not prevent it from deepening ties with Asian nations that are friendly to the West.

In awarding the order, President Xi Jinping emphasised Putin had visited China more than any other leader of a world power — 19 times.

iran china relationship with vietnam

Construction of a new gas pipeline to China is to be completed by the end of this year, and from DecemberGazprom will supply CNPC China National Petroleum Corporation with 38 billion cubic metres of natural gas annually for 30 years. The two governments have launched a joint investment fund, which recently established a 1.

On the diplomatic front, Moscow and Beijing now coordinate their position on major international issues and work in tandem at the United Nations Security Council. Defence cooperation is also on the rise. In the words of Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu, Vostok resembles Zapad 81, a comprehensive drill the Soviet Union held with its Warsaw Pact allies inbut is greater in scale.

iran china relationship with vietnam

Vostok is the Russian word for east, zapad is west. Moscow and Beijing appear to be well on the way to a defence alliance. The intensifying defence ties rile the US. The idea was most explicitly articulated by the then-prime minister, veteran diplomat and scholar Yevgeny Primakov, who called for a triangular relationship. As an advocate of a multipolar world order, he saw the triangle as a way to offset the global influence of America in particular and the West in general.

Vietnam, Iran step up trade ties with hope for 2 bln USD value | Cooperation

The first meeting was held in ; the 15th, last year. Very cautiously, Moscow is trying to act as a buffer for tensions between Beijing and New Delhi. Though RIC meetings do not deliver sensational outcomes, they create an atmosphere for productive Sino-Indian dialogue and for seeking common approaches to international issues.

Russia is now encouraging Beijing and New Delhi to raise their voices against trade protectionism and to speak out against what foreign minister Sergey Lavrov calls the erosion of global order and rising role of force. The government in Hanoi also warns against taking out preferential loans from China for infrastructure development. It has cautioned as well against Chinese development aid. Still, the Vietnamese are allowing a surge of private business with China as it benefits their country, experts say.

In one sign of that trend, Chinese companies are setting up factories in Vietnam to dodge the Sino-U. In a separate development, companies along the border from October can settle deals in Chinese yuan per popular demand as trade increases, the Viet Nam News reported in August. Tough business partner Deals that quickly help Vietnamese without the risk of giving China any control of their economy will work, while others will face a backlash, analysts expect.