Ironhead timing off in relationship

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ironhead timing off in relationship

Reply to Bill's Post: I did that, even took the intake pushrod cover off so I could tell if I was at the top of compression vs. top of exhaust stroke and. Timing is something that none of us can seem to get quite right with relationships. We meet the person of our dreams the month before they leave to go study. Sportster XL · Sportster XL One of the most common errors when selecting cams is to over cam the engine. . Opening the exhaust valve to early decreases torque by bleeding off cylinder pressure from the combustion . The relationship between intake and exhaust is ground into the cam and can't be altered by.

Best to get the "dial back" type. If you have very well insulated spark plug wires the timing light may not sense the signal thru the wire. If this is the case then open the gap on the spark plug to or more. Reset it to your normal gap [ points or electronic] when done with this procedure. If the inductive pickup clip gets hot it may not work.

I wrap mine in a shop towel while it is attached to the spark plug wire.

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The arrow is not necessarily correct. You will need a piece of rubber oil line hose about 1 inch long.

ironhead timing off in relationship

Press one end up against the side of a stone grinding wheel [or whatever] to make sure it is perfectly flat. Best is to use a dial back timing light to check or set timing.

Rear wheel off the ground, shift to 2nd gear, rotate wheel until it clicks, repeat until you get to top gear. Now by rotating the rear wheel you are rotating the engine. Almost impossible with the plugs in; very difficult in lower gears. You want the front cyl to be at TDC.

ironhead timing off in relationship

You can see in thru the spark plug hole, especially with a flash light; Helps to have a good wingspan, or an extra person. With the piston at precisely TDC look in thru the timing hole.

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You should see a drilled dot or a line. That is your front cylinder TDC mark. Once you know for certain what the TDC mark looks like you can check the timing. Procedure, Checking The Timing Begin with the engine at operating temperature. However, the part number A stayed the same for new style oil control ring as was for the old one. The right crankcase had a fillet added at the base of the countershaft low gear boss starting with engine no.

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The slip fit connector used previously was suggested for emergency use only. Duckworth chains retained the slip fit connector. Deluxe Equipment Group options: This new hose was sold in 25' lengths only and suggested to be resistant to ozone cracks. It was recommended to replace the old type hoses in questionable service when brought in with the new type hose material. This new rubber hose material was originally used only on mid Electra Glides equipped with Tillotson Carbs.

The lighter oils greatly improved the ease of kick starting a motorcycle. A safety defect was issued adding a spark plug cable guide to all XLCH models on the carb manifold lower mounting stud to keep the plug wires from coming in conflict with the throttle lever cable. From September 20, through the model season, a Rim, Tire and Tube Flap was installed on the rear wheel only which replaces the standard rim strip.

The engine case was redesigned to allow for the new starter. New single 12V battery replaced the dual 6V ones.

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The XLH swing arm was lengthened accordingly. The long frame has the seat post tubes set 1. HD faces a financial crisis. If the dealer had the bike an extended period of time, they were instructed to drain the oil again and tag it as empty.

All late Electra Glide and Sportster models received an upgrade on the "Tillotson" carbs incorporating a ball check valve in the accelerator pump passage of the plastic cover. This was to provide a positive seal against air bleeding back from the venturi into the fuel chamber. The notch for inserting the cable is now in the side of the new anchor pin instead of at the bottom. The cable ferrule slides into the open slot in the anchor pin with the slot facing toward the inside of the lever. Peanut tank was an option.