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Be certain you want to end the relationship. Don't threaten to leave in an effort to get your partner to change. Be sure there really is a lack of love, respect. Instead of receiving a positive response, Nene ends up totally devastated .. Six months later, Gabby and Marissa were in a relationship. Pugad Baboy is a comic strip created by Filipino cartoonist Apolonio "Pol" Medina, Jr. The strip At the end of The Returnee story arc, the Tangeres lend Dagul money so he . The Tangaras are two siblings from Gingoog City that both shares a close relationship with the Sungcals, they are one of Pugad Baboy's few thin.

Even in the realm of weapons, Barbie outguns her husband. Tomas is usually portrayed with his service pistol while Barbie often has an Uzi. Recently, Barbie was pregnant and born twin boys, which Tomas wanted to reach out for his friends for names, rejecting Noli's name Carl and Marcus, names made from Karl Marx.

Paltik Paul Thomas Sabaybunotthe couple's eldest son. While his friend Utoy can be described as the "brains", he can be described as the " jester ". Quite mischievous in many ways, he often sleeps in class and is clearly much more interested in other areas, such as teasing his buck-toothed teacher, Miss Nobatos, typically comparing her face to that of a horse.

He is also fond of bribing and blackmailing his own father, usually in exchange for some pocket money or other favors. His nickname is a Filipino term that means "homemade gun. The name is probably used by the cartoonist in reference to Paltik being a smaller version of his father, Tomas, who always likes to carry big guns.

Their first names were derived after the characters from League of Legends courtesy of Paltik while their second names are a nod after Barbie's twin uncles. Igno[ edit ] Igno Benigno Ramos; not to be confused with the Sakdalista movement founder of the same name — Introduced to the series in as a bodyguard for Mao's son Jong, Igno is Tomas' cousin and an ex-convict from the actual National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa.

He claims he was incarcerated because of a Breach of Contract with his former boss, who employed him as a bodyguard. Possibly due to his being an ex-convict, he is actually more competent in survival skills than his cousin. He specializes in "improvised weapons employment", and even took a part-time job as a bounty hunter at one time in order to earn some cash. He drinks very often, but is afraid of ghosts and the supernatural. In fact, his frequent drinking caused his breath, blood and urine to become highly flammable, especially while drunk.

Igno is also extremely tough and invulnerable, able to shrug off most things that, at worst, would have destroyed a normal person's body. His name is a play on ignoramus. At the end of the Returnee, Igno starts his own high-tech greenhouse beside his kubo.

During the epilogue chapters of the "Dugo ng Shinobi" Arc, 33 years later, an aged Igno is still seen to be in good health despite his history of maintaining a very dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle. The Lamouns[ edit ] Lamon is a Tagalog verb meaning "to eat [food] in great quantities", or more loosely, "pig out", and is commonly used as a label pertaining to one's gluttony. The surname was spelled "Lamon" at first. He is also unlucky in love, especially with Tiny, who was once his girlfriend for only two seconds.

He has applied for and held many jobs over the years, but these never get off the ground. His job undertakings are described as "first-day, last-day" as he is often fired on his first day at work.

Bab is usually referred by the rest of the community as a bad example and an occasional drug addict. When a story focuses on his addiction, he is said to be "using" marijuana though one never actually sees him "using" the drug and is sometimes seen with several marijuana leaves in his possession. Bab has also gotten himself infected with gonorrhea shown in a minor arc in Pugad Baboy 19 and other sexually transmitted diseases on occasion. At the end of The Returnee story arc, the Tangeres lend Bab money so he can start his own artisanal bakery.

Jolen Joanne Elena Lamoun — Bab's much younger sister. She is more intelligent than Bab or at least more diligentand is often reminded by their mother never to follow in her brother's footsteps, despite the many realities her brother himself imparts to her.

She is also Utoy's girlfriend and often goes out with him, though they are both only eight to nine years old. She has a speech impediment as she pronounces her k's and s's as t's. However, this only manifests itself while she is singing. Jolen or holen is the Filipino term for marbles.

She disapproves of her son and dotes on her daughter. She despises Bab's smoking vice, as this led to the death of her husband Rodrigo Lamoun, as mentioned in Pugad Baboy XI She has no qualms in hiding her disappointment of her near-useless son and states it outright, as seen in Pugad Baboy X.

In one strip, it is mentioned that he died of lung cancer while working as a rabbit farmer in Tagaytay. Hence how he is used as a scare tactic by Tita Cel whenever she catches her son smoking, to no avail. It is also mentioned in one arc by Polgas posing as Dr. Sigmund Floyd that Bab's only fear is his father. Tangere — the resident communist who is a proud member of the New People's Army. While he believes in the merits of communism and calls most of the other residents as capitalists, not only does he manage to have drinking sessions with them, but he is also very good friends with them.

Tomas, a natural enemy, is his best friend. Ironically, Medina says he and his son enjoy playing Monopoly. As time went on, his espousing of his beliefs occurred less and less frequently to the point of readers being reminded that he is of the NPA only in the most subtle of situations. As such, jokes about his Ilocano heritage and the mountain-based lifestyle that comes of being in the NPA are often cracked at his expense instead. Because of him, Tomas is able to find allies in the NPA whenever the need arises, such as in Retraining, though not always.

The Returneeupdated November 29, at Rappler. They started their own farm beside Tomas' new training facility, specializing in exotic animals. Because they still hold socialist beliefs, they also lend money to other Pugad Baby residents such as Dagul and Bab, so that their business benefits their neighbors and friends as well.

While he is aware of his father's beliefs, he hangs out with Utoy and Paltik often and attends the same school they do. Ka Beza Bezalie TangereKa Noli's wife, who appears to have an "allergic reaction to soldiers," resulting in Tomas being her target practice whenever she's around.

He often believes in business sense and earning money and he sometimes brandishes a sword on whoever earns his ire, especially those who do not pay their dues. His name is play on ma-utang, which in Tagalog, translates roughly to "one who likes to borrow money.

A friend of Tiny, his tastes and attitude are typically gay. This even caused him trouble once when he was mistaken for a pregnant woman by a horde of monsters and he did not want to admit his real gender.

His name is a play on pa-utang, which, in Tagalog, translates roughly to "Can I borrow some money? It is mentioned in one arc that he has a brother named "Jong" Ji Ong who works in Taiwan. She is the opposite of Pao in some aspects, being a lesbian and possessing a very athletic body due to her vegetarianism.

As evidenced in her exchanges with Father Marty, she's also an atheist. He resides in Taiwan and was introduced during Pugad Baboy 11 when he pay his family in the Philippines a visit. Like his father, he's a clever and cunning businessman. The Cabalfins[ edit ] Senator Cabalfin Sen. Usurpo Cabalfin — the resident member of the Philippine Senate. He is seen more playing children's games and spending people's taxes on his own indulgences rather than doing his job as a legislator.

He is created by Medina as a reflection of corrupt government officials. His personal name Usurpo is derived from the word usurp. Cabalfin once served as the prime antagonist in the Conspigracy arc. Cabalfin's only legitimate child, who is not really part of the inner circle of the other four kids.

Other characters[ edit ] Joboy Joey Boy Llabe — the resident mechanic who has a knack for cars and often likes to drive fast in fact, he is a speed maniac. His last name is the Filipino word for wrench, from the Spanish llave. Formerly the fattest resident of Pugad Baboy but due to acquiring Diabeteshis diet had reduced his weight significantly. Mario Martinezthe town Priest and Bab's priest-friend, he studied canon law at the Vatican before moving back to Pugad Baboy. Tata Mads Amado Pascala — the resident musician who once taught Tiny voice lessons and sometimes comes to Dagul to comment on his awful singing.

His name is a play on tamad "lazy" due to the seemingly easy-going lifestyle of musicians and other people in the field of creative arts; though his appearances in the strip have decreased over the years, he does not appear to be truly lazy. Doc Sebo Miguel Sebo, MD — the resident physician who specializes in circumcisionbut is generally shown to be weak and incompetent in anything else in his profession.

In early strips, he prescribes only one kind of medicine — aspirin. Sebo is Tagalog for congealed fat or solidified lard. She often rages at Paltik for his jokes and actions, particularly when he refers to her as a horse, and takes too many doses of aspirin because of him and any other shenanigans her other students cause.

Her name is a play on the Spanish term novatos, meaning "new race horse. Dagul happens to be one those disgruntled motorists. He is created by Medina based on the Filipinos' general view on policemen as corrupt. In Tagalog, mandurugas means "one who cheats".

Recurring minor characters[ edit ] There are also recurring characters in the strip, including: Cabalfin's accountant; Attorney Adriano first name never mentionedthe fiscal; Doctor Rosa, a dentist who scares her patient with a dental pliers whenever she gets agitated or teased by the characters; "Principal Schwarzenegger" Arnold Palaciothe ugly school principal who is as exasperated as Miss Nobatos when it comes to seeing Paltik in his office; Nadir Hamid Mohammad, Kules's employer and is the subject of many smelly jokes as part of the Filipino stereotypical view that Arabs are foul-smelling; Jacques Vousvoulez, Dagul's French employer and the head chef of the hotel where Dagul works.

His name is a French stylization of "bubuli", the Filipino word for skink.

It was revealed by Debbie that his wife's name is Fifi; Rosanna last name not mentioneda buxom local mestizawho as part of a running gag, is a frequent victim of coconut thieves often Bab, Tomas and Igno but not before being viewed naked by these thieves through her window. Her character is based on the Filipina Sexy Actress, Rosanna Roces ; Frostee a play on the word prostitute, of which she isthe sexy Japayuki a female Filipino worker in Japan ; Mang Igme full name never mentioneda fishball vendor who believes that the fishball industry is the solution to the poverty in the Philippines; Brando, Tiny's current boyfriend, being a chef from Malate has unfortunately earned him the ire of the very much paranoid Mang Dagul, who feels the former will replace him as the family's chef.

However, Dagul seems to have grown a little more comfortable with him as he no longer seems to hold anything against him sometimes; The Los Kosas Muntinlupas, a trio of fellow ex-inmates and Igno's supposed friends. Wakali who is bald and has a mole on his nose, Lino who is the skinny one, and Don who has a shaved head and moustache. Though they have appeared on previous book covers and have a cameo appearance in Benigno Ramos: Originating from Pampanga, he has since moved to Manila and occasionally returns to aid Polgas in other battles, such as in The Bourne Ambrosity; and others.

Amir Saeed — Mandana's partner and subordinate. It was revealed by Polgas that he is British-Pakistani. His surname, however, was not revealed. Only seen in some few strips in various book compilations.

Her name was revealed in Pugad Baboy 24, page 2. She despises loud noises and unruly behavior inside the Pugad Baboy Library. Penny - the newest character of Pugad Baboy and she was introduced on the strip on Decemberdubbed as a small female person and she was a cashier in Bab's Bakeshop, she's previously worked with Pao in a Beauty Hair Salon, she's also Bab's secretary, accountant and saleswoman in the bakeshop.

Osep — the delivery and errand boy of Bab's Bakeshop. An impatient and short-tempered PWD with Poliomyelitis.

Ken — a deaf PWD who works as a waiter for the restaurant of the Sungcals. An outstanding Nurse despite having Down syndrome.

Despite being blind, she had a very keen sense of smell and revealed to be a psychic. Severo Morales — the resident bitter old man. Judgmental and cares a lot of being politically correct. His favorite pastime is visiting popular websites looking for comments that can offend him in order to have an excuse to enter an argument. Nash — Coleen's Dwarf friend. Initially, he was dismissed as a figment of Coleen's imagination until Annie, revealing to have a Third Eye confirmed his existence.

Pablo — the local Shinobi and later Samurai vigilante that protects the Pugad Baboy's indigenous settlement, 'Manggahan' from evil elements.

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Other minor characters in the strips serve as antagonists to the residents. Villains of Pugad Baboy On the other hand, the Pugad Baboy gang are often aided by friends and acquaintances they meet during these escapades. See each article of the story arcs for info on these allies. Prominent personalities, both local and foreign, have also made cameo appearances in Pugad Baboy. Medina drew many of the above minor characters for the covers of some compilations, but these did not appear in the selected strips.

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Some of these appeared either earlier in the comic strip's run such as Father Marty while others were just mere extras such as the Los Kosas Muntinlupas, Igno's former fellow inmates in Bilibid Prison. Many of these were only given official names in "character guide" supplements in compilations such as the inmates and the school principal, mostly hitherto unnamed. These names are then carried over to future strips. Stylistic elements[ edit ] British English words are prevalent in the strip like -ise words and Medina uses these kinds of words in his own write-ups.

Age[ edit ] The characters are typically ageless, and their actual ages are usually vague. The few characters whose present ages are stated are Dagul 48and the kids 8 or 9.

The entire Dimaanos also opposed the friendship and forced them to separate, although they did not. On the evening of the day the Dimaano parents Delfin and Adel had an argument that left Rosalie in the middle, Rosalie visited Angelito at the beach and told him what had happened. A heavy rainstorm cuts their walk home frong the hangout, forcing them to take shelter in an abandoned hut. There, Angelito confesses his love for her once more and the two had sexual intercourse.

Sometime later, Rosalie discovers that she was pregnant but she and Angelito continue to hide her pregnancy. The Dimaano family also discovers this after finding a pregnancy test kit in the laundry, wherein of the Dimaano sisters, Rhona Sue Ramirezis mistakenly identified as the owner. Pinang becomes outraged of Rosalie's pregnancy after Angelito confides to her about the incident. They head to the Dimaano household to for a proper resolution but instead of a peaceful talk, the dealing goes horribly violent wherein Angelito is met with severe beatings by Delfin and Rolan.

The ordeal ends when Rosalie defends Angelito just as Rolan is about to trash a rock at Angelito's head while barangay policemen arrive in response to the commotion.

Pinang forbids him to communicate with Rosalie after they arrive home. The next morning, Delfin orders Rosalie not go to school but Adel insists that Rosalie continues schooling and finish her studies as she is the running valedictorian, to which Delfin reluctantly agrees on the condition she never meets Angelito.

At school, news of the previous night's incident at the Dimaano household spreads. Rosalie and Angelito take their respective examinations. After the examinations, the adviser of Angelito's section advises Rolan not to do any more wrong as it would compromise the situation not only of his family but also Rosalie's.

As Angelito tries to sort things out with Rosalie, his two friends, Boyet and Spongky Felix Rocowarn him of Rolan's anger and that Rex has been closely monitoring Rolan himself since the previous night's ordeal. Meanwhile, a confrontation between Rolan and a group of jocks talking about Rosalie's pregnancy erupts into a fight instigated by the former, causing Rex and an assistant principal to intervene; the latter ordering Rosalie to take Rolan home due to his trouble-making attitudes.

During Angelito's road to recovery and after a slight altercation with Rolan, he learns that Rosalie's family is planning to move out of town. With the growing conflict between the Santoses and Dimaanos, Angelito and Rosalie eloped in a rural area. Their landlady, Aling Belen, served as a mother figure to them as they coped with early parenting. There, Angelito begins his search for a job and manages to get one at a local piggery. Despite his hard work at the piggery, his earnings were insufficient for his new family.

Eventually, he and Rosalie decided to return home after their son's birth. Both their families supported them financially and emotionally but the Dimaanos still expressed disapproval of Angelito although Adel tries hard to approve of and understand his hardships.

Rosalie returns to school to complete her unfinished term of last year of basic education. Rolan however, still continues his vendetta for Angelito by trying to harm Tere while drunk with plans to murder her. Tere hides in a storeroom of a house wherein a heavily intoxicated Rolan inadvertently sets the place on fire after stumbling on furniture.

Fortunately, Spongky manages to rescue Tere from the burning building. After Rolan tries to harm Angelito and Junjun as he gets home, he is arrested and charged with arson and then imprisoned. Later on, Cecil, a relative of the Dimaanos who works and lives in the United States, visits the family and meet up Angelito and his son.

Rosalie's parents agreed that Cecil adopt the child. What Angelito did was to bring the child to Manila and initially, Rosalie was supposed to be with them but she chose to stay with her family and focus on finishing basic education instead, especially when her father Delfin suffers a near-fatal heat attack. As time went on, she tried to find Angelito and Junjun but failed because Pinang hindered her. After Rosalie finishes her basic education, she and her family move to Manila for college.

In Manila, after nearly losing Junjun to street people, Angelito finds safety with two new friends, one of them being Mervin Jason Francisco. Through these two friends, Angelito manages to get a job as a carpenter at an under-construction building and befriends his employer, a foreman.

While at work, the foreman also helps take care of and nurse Junjun. The circumstances would be difficult for Angelito since he would be raising Junjun alone. Angelito never stopped looking for Rosalie since he still loved her. Despite the difficulties, Angelito was able to fulfill his responsibilities as a father with the help of Jenny Ambrosio Kaye Abadwho was also a single parent with a daughter named Maymay, whom Junjun became a playmate of and best friend.

Junjun even called Jenny as "Naynay Jenny" to mean that she was like a second mother to him since she cared for him as well. Angelito and Junjun rented a house while Jenny and Maymay lived in a separate house. Pinang moves to Manila and reunites with Angelito.

After five years, Rosalie and Angelito reunite. However this time, Rosalie, now an education graduate and successful flight attendant while also being an Licensure Examination for Teachers topnotcher, acted indifferently towards Angelito due to her new boyfriend, womanizing airline pilot Andrew Posadas Tom Rodriguez. During the wedding anniversary of the Dimaano couple, Andrew reunites the family with a newly-released Rolan. After a tearful reunion, Andrew and his mother Helen help Rolan find a job wherein the latter manages to get an entry job in a mall stockroom from which he was later fired after being unjustly accused of theft later revealed to be Spongky's doing.

Rosalie brings Junjun to the Dimaano household wherein she introduces him. Although the Dimaano's enjoy a bonding with Junjun, Rolan isn't pleased to see him, especially when he lashes out at Junjun when the latter asks him for a bond. A heavily traumatized Junjun declares that he would not want to visit the household anymore. When Angelito and Rosalie attempt to reconcile their love, Rolan catches them in the act and a brawl ensues between him and Angelito wherein the former threatens the latter with death.

After the fight, Rolan reveals to the Dimaanos of his five-year suffering since his transfer to New Bilibid Prison. Rosalie then forced herself to believe that she did not care for Angelito and only wanted to be with Junjun.

She asked Angelito to let her take care of Junjun with the latter not allowing her. As a result, Andrew urged her to file a custody case in court. Angelito had to prove to the court that he was capable of raising the Junjun alone. Unfortunately, the court grants Junjun's custody to Rosalie and Angelito can do nothing but to let the child live with his mother.

He then focused on his relationship with Jenny despite still being in love with Rosalie. Junjun found it hard to understand the family setup because he wanted to be with both parents. At first Rosalie thought that her son would adopt to the situation, thinking that she got what she wanted by taking Junjun back, but later decided to return him to Angelito after realizing the boy's pain of being away from his father.