Ladoja akala relationship questions

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ladoja akala relationship questions

Ladoja Panel Indicts Akala, Adedoja: by mowapa(m): am On Mar 27, and the presidency + party + Masses wont talk because of personal relationship and politics. There are some questions to be asked about all these-- 1. Did the . It 'll be suicidal for Ladoja to challenge me – Gov Alao Akala . If he were to be alive I would not be having all these problems. you and the former governor of the State, Alhaji Lam Adesina had a good relationship. ends Ladoja, ADC group rift &#; Punch Newspapers topics/sex-relationship/">Sex &#;.

The ones who have been talking in the newspapers. They have been talking in the papers. Can you stay for 30minutes at the polling booth? What you are after is to make sure your stories are published in the Vanguard Newspaper. You see, we elite, including me are in minority. What type of elite are you.

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You come down to the level of those people that you want to rule over. How has it been like without Adedibu your political backbone in the last one year?

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I did not contest with Adedibu. He had been a leader of our party. But he installed you. He did not install me. God installed me through PDP. He was instrumental to how you became the governor. He was a leader of our party. A lot of people were instrumental to my being here but he was one of our leaders in the party.

I gave him that honour because he was a known man and he was old in the game of politics. We were associates and he was more experienced than I when it comes to the issue of politics. I missed him because there are lots of knotty political issues he would have helped me unravel. Those issues are now being done by me.

ladoja akala relationship questions

If he were to be alive I would not be having all these problems. When I was contesting elections, I was banking on so many things. I was not expecting to win but I did not want to score zero. The forces that wer e against me then were so many that all I was looking for was my 25 per cent. But you know you cannot discountenance Ibadan. And now that there is no garrison commander. Are you aspiring to be the new garrison commander here even though you are not from here?

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I cannot be a garrison commander. We cannot have that kind of thing again. Even being a policeman? That was an era that has passed. And that era cannot come again.

ladoja akala relationship questions

How are you relating with other PDP leaders in the state? They are relating well with me. Our relationship is very cordial. They are very good. You are talking as if you are the chairman of the party. We heard that the party is polarized. May be it is you. It is you the media. The PDP is one in the State.

The problems we are having are the people who thought PDP would collapse. But, instead of it to collapse, it is waxing stronger and stronger everyday. Now, they want to come back to the PDP and they want to have the same position they had when they left the party. How is that possible?

If the party had lost in the Statethey would have said it was because they were not there. They were not there and we won. If they want to come back now, they would have to go back to their wards and join the party.

We will recognize them. We know where they are coming from and what position to give them and we will even decide whether we need them or not because some people are political liabilities. You have no right to exclude anybody. Yes, I have no right to exclude any member of the party. But, I know the type of job we can give to a fellow. We will know the capabilities of everyone.

Look, the point is we know those who are politically irrelevant and we know those who are electorally relevant.

Nigeria: I Swear, I Didn't Betray My Boss, Says Akala

If you have to combine those two qualities together, we will have those who are strong politically. So, if you know you are not strong, you would have to attach yourself to a strong man so that you will be recognized.

Let me tell you how I became the governor of Oyo Stateit will interest you. When they saw the quality in me that this man can hold Ogbomoso very well, they called me to come and become the Deputy Governor.

ladoja akala relationship questions

I wanted to go for a local government chairman. That was what I did.

ladoja akala relationship questions

They knew what I was worth politically. So, anybody you see me working with, we are just associates. I was able to carve a niche for myself not that I was just picked. All the people in Ibadanare they all Ibadan indigenes? If he was that strong as he believes, why did he come back to the PDP? We have always been in the PDP. We are not cowards. Why should a tenant come and send away the landlord? It is not possible.

ladoja akala relationship questions

He was optimistic that the crisis would soon be resolved in due time. There was crisis during the local government congress across the state and the factional congress held last weekend was expected. It is marriage of convenience among different greedy people and nothing good will come out of it. Some of the individuals that make up the party prefer a one man show and the same thing was witnessed during their time at the helms of affairs in the state.

Ladoja did not attend I led Oyo state's delegation, I faced the attackI was beaten up, I came back home without my glasses.

What is the meaning of betrayal, I swear I did not hold meeting with anybody for the purpose of removing my boss or making me a governorIf they have a choice one of them would have been here now? My experience as a Police officer helped me to escape otherwise I would have been killed. On the day of impeachment they were looking for me I was afraid to come out because of my experience of Dec 2, they had to use a very good friend of mine who is a member of House of Representative to get me from hiding, on my way to Ibadan that day I had to pass through Osun state first before coming to Ibadan out of fear.

Politics is about interest, don't be surprised if we find ourselves in the same political camp again in the future. According to him, having a leader or a godfather is a normal phenomenon in politics. As governor, you have to be tactful and be focussed. As for me I have a good relationship with Alhaji Adedibu, he is my political mentor and leader and I can assure you that he has not been making any unnecessary demand from me I dont know what you mean by settlement but I can manage anybody because of my trainning of giving unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's " Akala also denied that he is a puppet governor under the control of Adedibu saying that the strongman of Ibandan politics dies not interfere in how he runs his government.