Movies with relationship conflicts

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movies with relationship conflicts

Whether you're single, in a new relationship, divorced, or something in between, there's a perfect movie to watch during every stage of your. 7 movies about mother-daughter relationships that are less than ideal this Mothers' Day. And what says tradition more than a Hallmark Christmas movie. night, effectively ending my actual relationship in the actual city I live in, sounds . the Parents, the primary conflict comes from the fact that he is literally Santa.

Like if you see this movie in a theatre, everyone will lose it in a very physical way, it's that good. Flowers stars both Leslie Graham and Kiernan Shipka, two women who just naturally seem like they would have the mother-daughter chemistry of some animal that eats its young.

Anyways, mom locks daughter and her siblings in an attic and then two of the kids KISS? Listen, it's really good.

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Precious Precious is a hard movie to watch, but knowing that it introduced sweetheart Gabourey Sidebe into the world makes it a little easier.

A hard look at a long-abused teen and her devastating family circumstances, it's a portrait of a part of America a lot of people would rather not acknowledge.

But it's honest and unflinching above all else. Carrie The original only. She's telekinetic, it's a whole thing. More than that, though, her mom won't let her do anything. Super religious, super constrictive, Carrie is forced to sew her own clothes in patterns that she hates, left horribly uninformed about things like her own body, and generally kept home under her mother's iron fist. It's a relationship at least one Catholic school girl in every class can relate to.

Streaming on Hulu and Epix Thirteen Thirteen follows the fall down the rabbit hole of 13 year old Tracy, an honors-student-turned-wild-child all because of what? Oh yeah, her mom.

movies with relationship conflicts

He explains that they needed to pretend that they were married back then so they could stay together in guest lodgings. The fissure does not immediately grow larger. Geoff has a hard time letting go of this newly resurrected relationship and seems to need to process its loss all over again. Kate feels increasingly unsure of how she measures up against the deep feelings Geoff seems to have had, and may still have, for Katya.

At times Geoff seems as locked into the earlier relationship with Katya as she is locked timelessly in the pure ice of the glacier. At one point, he reflects: Kate reacts with hurt and anger. Then, later the next day, while Geoff is out, Kate does her own round of attic rummaging and finds a series of slide images of Katya. She projects the slides onto a sheet.

All Time 15 Greatest Movies on Relationships

In this wonderfully composed shot, we see the slides of Katya on the reverse side of the sheet, while at the same time, we see Kate watching them. What is so valuable about this film is how it achieves a subtle exploration of what distinguishes mature love from earlier romantic love. Yet, this contrast is by no means simplistic. It is both layered and entangled by the expectations and jealousies common to young love that resurface during this time-warping event for both Geoff and Kate.

Much of the information we would like to have as viewers in order to understand the long-held relationship of Geoff and Kate is not provided for us verbally. Instead, there are numerous and subtle facial expressions and subtle body language communications that are open to interpretation. Consequently, to really get at the core of this film, you will probably want to see it more than once. The layered ambiguity inherent in the film is a pleasure to watch and will move most viewers into some deep discussion about and perhaps personal reflection on issues lying deep within the core of mature relationships—issues like the romantic self-generated expectations inherent in young love contrasted with the ability of mature love to move into something that develops a life of its own in tandem with the individuality retained by each partner.

Le Weekend Another way to dramatically explore the character of an older spousal relationship is to locate the conflict within the relationship itself.

movies with relationship conflicts

The film brings the viewer into the lives of a British couple as they take a trip to Paris to mark their 30th wedding anniversary. Le Weekend is similar to 45 Years in this way, showing us an older couple moving back and forth between expressions of connection and disconnection, except that Le Weekend is filled with fast moving repartee, whereas 45 Years presents a pace of dialogue that is slower and more deliberate.

In my earlier review of Le Weekend I noted: There are moments of maturity in their relationship that co-exist alongside moments of adolescent-like behavior. As we swirl along with them through the streets and restaurants of Paris, we are kept as much off balance in our sizing up of the relationship as they are in living it…Le Weekend raises several multilayered questions and issues for discussion…What role does a natural maturation process aging play in shaping the dynamic of a marital relationship?

Vanden Bosch, b Amour and Still Mine Another way that movies often dramatically frame the look at long-lived coupledom is with an external threat to the relationship that comes by way of a health care crisis.

Two recent examples of this are Amourreviewed in this journal Vanden Bosch,and Still Minealso reviewed in this journal Vanden Bosch, a.