Sad relationship death stories of famous celebrities

13 Famous People Surrounded By Tragedy

Many famous actors, singers, and athletes have struggled with depression, After his death, People reported that sources spoke of his depression and . After her high-profile relationship with actor Johnny Depp ended, Ryder, then Pressure to regain her famous figure didn't help, and she was depressed for some time. Celebrity rumors are a kind of mirror, reflecting which behaviors pop society deems .. According to gay activist Larry Kramer, the famous Hollywood couple was . The story goes that the famed rapper faked his death and has been living on . Pre-Sad Michael Jordan | Eugene Garcia / Getty Images. Stars get deep about their most grueling heartbreaks. It was like a death in the family: You go through the mourning stage, then the rebellion.

The medical reports showed he was battling dementia, and suffered from severe brain damage. The sad part is that her overachieving career and success were thrown in the shadow due to her relationship with Mick Jagger.

Her extraordinary life, and her career as fashion designer took a back seat in the months after the suicide. As in many other cases on this list, depression took the best out of the designer. Junior Seau, 43 years old Photo: But his success in the sport was not enough, as Junior took his life by gunshot in his home in California. Misty Upham, 32 years old Photo: Her suicide is one of the biggest mysteries in Hollywood.

The actress went missing, and few days later, she was found at the bottom of a cliff. Her family revealed that she was battling mental health problems in the past. Ernest Hemingway, 61 years old No introduction needed here, as Hemingway is praised as one of the best novelists in the history of mankind.

sad relationship death stories of famous celebrities

However, despite all the fame and success, Hemingway suffered from a severe form of depression. He tried to cure his depression with alcohol, as he was famous for his love for booze. And in the end, he decided to end the suffering and committed suicide by shooting himself. Thompson, 67 years old Photo: His death was tragic, but one cannot ignore the fact that his note is just way too unique. That is 17 years past He will go down as the founder gonzo journalism movement.

Simone Battle, 25 years old Photo: She was part of a girl group, the G. So, she decided to take end his life in in her home in California. Vincent Van Gogh, 37 years old Photo: It is a known fact that he battled depression, which can be easily seen in his pictures. Aside from depression, Van Gogh also suffered from several disorders, including bipolar disorder, acute porphyria, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. In he put an end to his misery with a gunshot.

Christine Chubbuck, 29 years old Photo: Lee Thompson Young, 29 years old Photo: When the police came to the place, they found the dead body of the young actor that was famous for his roles in Disney movies.

Sylvia Plath, 30 years old Photo: The short story writer was unique in every sense of the word, her death included. She committed suicide by placing her head in a gas oven.

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Aaron Swartz, 26 years old Boston, MA Aaron Swartz stands in front of the Statehouse with a petition with over 20, signatures asking for a senator to be appointed by the governor until a special election takes place, Monday, August 31, Staff photo by Angela Rowlings. Swartz was an internet hacktivist, political organizer, and computer programmer. He shaped the internet era by co-developing Reddit and RSS, the latter at the age of just 14 years.

He was arrested in for computer fraud and illegal obtainment of documents. Faced with a sentence of 50 years in prison, Aaron decided to end his life. Virginia Woolf, 59 years old circa English critic, novelist and essayist Virginia Woolf — She has battled mental health problems several times in her life, but at the end, she had no strength to go through the process again.

She filled her pockets with stones, and walked into the river where she drowned herself. Mike Alfonso, 42 years old Photo: The cause for his death was not publically announced on WWE. His friends found Mike hanging in his apartment in Tampa. Tony Scott, 68 years old BTS: Tony was responsible for directing Top Gun and True Romance. There was no suicide note left behind, but his brother Ridley said that Tony was battling cancer and was losing the battle. Don Cornelius, 78 years old Photo: He hosted the show from to InCornelius underwent a brain operation, and according to his son, the TV host experienced seizures in his later life due to the operation.

The seizures were extremely painful, and weeks before the death, Don was in pain. At the end, inhe pointed a gun to his head and fired a shot.

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Michael Hutchence, 41 years old Photo: After his death, it was revealed he was obsessed with Kylie Minogue, as the pair was in a five years relationship during the 80s. For his suicide, Hutchence used a heavy dose of alcohol and drugs. Jon-Erik Hexum, 26 years old Photo: He died from shooting himself, but it was during a set for the Covers up show. His character was playing a game of Russian Roulette.

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Shooting a blank, he suffered injuries that led to his death six days after the incident. He lost control of his vehicle, which resulted with his childhood friend, Sean P. Lynch being thrown out of the vehicle and dying. After witnessing the death of his friend, Alm shot a gun in his head.

Freddie E, 22 years old Photo: This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. He texted his girlfriend earlier in the day, saying he feels like everyone is out there trying to get him.

David Foster Wallace, 46 years old Photo: After his death, Foster Wallace became an icon, a character, and for some people, and even a saint.

Dalton and Katie both suffered from cystic fibrosis and had been married for five years when he passed away from complications aged Facebook In a poignant interview before she passed away last Thursday Katie told how she had no regrets, as fate had brought her the man she loved. I wish I had just gotten in my car. I know it sucks! But you just gotta stay strong.

Days later, Katie knew she would marry Dalton. But doctors warned they should not meet each other because Dalton had a bacterial infection called Burkholderia cepacia, which is highly contagious for cystic fibrosis patients. Katie persuaded him to visit. Katie Prager died just five days after her husband Image: Katie Prager Two years later they marriedand lived in a house they bought in Kentucky filled with wedding photos and board games. We did stuff, we had fun.

sad relationship death stories of famous celebrities

It was like out of a fairy tale. Doctors warned she would not live more than a year. Her devoted husband made a public appeal. I cannot lose her. Dalton and Katie Prager on their wedding day Image: