When is rivpoly supplementary form ending a relationship

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when is rivpoly supplementary form ending a relationship

Please, go and look at the records, every company privatised in Nigeria ends up That is how important the country regards mother-child relationship. INTO NATIONAL DUIPLOMA PROGRAMME Supplementary Admission Forms are now can from time to time check status their applications at salonjardin.info 6. Some so –called well -educated men ended their marriage unions on . * UNIUYO Post UTME supplementary screening yest result / released *RIVPOLY sales of ND 1 admission form / announced. It was rejected by the judge, who directed him to file a formal application to that effect. . “At the end of the day, members resolved to work together in harmony and allow He further commended the cordial relationship existing between the Emmanuel, Level Mass Comm., RIVPOLY From Uchechukwu Amanze.

Neither allegation is applicable to me. Jonathan ostensibly received My faith requires me to support the weak. Therefore, I will always support the minority against the tyranny of the majority. We cannot be reliant on South-South oil in Nigeria and then treat one of their sons as if he is an impostor for being president of the country.

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The fact of the matter is that this presidential election was the result of a vicious and malicious gang-up of the majority ethnic groups against the minorities. Since the civil war, the Igbos of the South-East have been treated as if they are a minority ethnic group in Nigeria when in fact they are one of the majorities. Inthe Igbo gave Goodluck Jonathan a decisive 5 million votes.

The task of INEC in was to ensure that did not recur. INEC ensured that, far more disproportionately and relative to other geopolitical zones, millions of South-East voters disappeared between andin order to provide a smooth passage for a Northern presidential candidate; which turned out to be Buhari.

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The first strategy of INEC in this regard was to create 29, additional polling units, allocating 21, of these to the North and only 8, to the South. However, widespread outcry over this proposal forced INEC to jettison it despite protracted resistance by Jega. This was bogus and lopsided; skewed most especially against the South-East where only 7. Compare this with the war-torn North-East: But the most outrageous were the figures of the North-West. On Election Day, news of a bomb blast in Enugu served to discourage people from coming out to vote in the South-East.

In addition, there was widespread late voter accreditation and voting in the South-East as well as the South-South. One reason for this was the massive failure of the card-readers in these zones, highly suggestive that they were programmed to fail there.

Quite incredibly, the card-reader failed to recognise even the president. It took President Jonathan 35 minutes to get accredited; but within five hours, we are meant to believe that 2. In the middle of the election, INEC changed from card-reader to manual accreditation.

when is rivpoly supplementary form ending a relationship

This suddenly brought into play the huge voter registrations in the North-West. Abracadabra The total effect of these machinations is that over 2.

When is rivpoly supplementary form ending relationship

Inthis figure shrank to 28 million. The votes of the South-West remained virtually constant. But compare this with what happened in the South-East. That is a drastic drop of 2. While Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Jigawa and Bauchi were posting their traditional humongous figures; Imo, Anambra and Abia were posting relatively disappointing figures.

when is rivpoly supplementary form ending a relationship

Jigawa used to be a part of Kano, when Kano was said to be bigger than Lagos. In the election, the votes of Jigawa and Kano combined was double that of Lagos.

Jigawa and Kano had 3. While the internally displaced Northerners in the North-East could vote, internally displaced Igbos from the North could not. Till now, the wave of agitation for self-determination by ethnic nationalities is sweeping across the world.

The Basque people in Spain are agitating for state-hood. Recently, the Scottish people conducted a referendum to determine their continued stay in Great Britain. Sadly, those agitating for the political emancipation of Scotland failed to achieve their goal. The reasons behind the eruption of ethnic feelings and chauvinism in some countries which give rise to clamour for statehoods by ethnic nations are legion. Political domination of a minor ethnic group by bigger ones can lead to agitation for political sovereignty by the minor ethnic group.

Ethnic hatred is the reason why nation-states in Africa descend into violent conflicts. Liberia, Sierra-Leone, Rwanda and others were ravaged by wars in the past.

In Kenya, they are conscious of their ethnic origins; so, the kikuyu, Luo, and some other ethnic groups in Kenya do battle fiercely for the control of political power at the centre. Back home, in Nigeria, since the inception of Nigeria, ethnic nationalities that make up the country have been making attempts to secede from Nigeria.

During the colonial era, the Egbe Omo Oduduwa, a Yoruba Cultural Cum political group, declared their intention to leave the Nigeria union. The Hausa-Fulani people, who lay claim to being the sole and eternal custodian of political power in Nigeria, stated unequivocally in their nine point programme that they would like to secede from Nigeria.

Isaac Adaka Boro, the Ijaw nationlist, declared the Niger-delta republic, which was short-lived. The clamour by the diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria to leave the Nigerian federation has not died down even with the dawn of civilian administration in the country. Now, some terrorist groups with divisive ideologies have sprung in Nigeria.

The Niger-delta militants would kidnap expatriate oil workers to express their grouse about the despoliation and degradation of their waters, eco-system, and soil through oil exploration by foreign oil companies. But, now in Nigeria, it is the Boko Haram insurgency in the north that is threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria as one country.

when is rivpoly supplementary form ending a relationship

Those displaced by the insurgency have sought refuge in neigbouring countries. The urgent and speedy containment of the murderous group has become a desideratum since the activities of the group have the capacity of plunging Nigeria into a civil war. While the north is on the boil, and has been turned to a sea of blood, the Indigenous People Of Biafraa separatist group, has been staging peaceful protests in the south-east for the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

The clamour for the independence of the Biafran state has gained momentum and currency with the speeches read on Radio Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu.

The Pro-Biafra agitator was arrested upon his return to Nigeria. His arrest and detention triggered the protests, which paralyzed economic activities in the south-east for some days. The federal government fought the secessionists for thirty months. The lives and properties destroyed in the gratuitous civil war cannot be quantified.